Its time to increase your impact, influence with your energetic intentions, and breakthrough into the next magical phase of your business and life


You know that you’ve created magic for yourself and had glimpses of your inner magic and manifested something on purpose that was a crazy good result,  but your screaming “What am I doing wrong now? 

And you want a consistent way of getteing what you want and need most in all other areas of your life too. You know its possible just how would be nice.



I am obsessed with helping clients and freinds create breakthroughs and create all of their dreams and desires, breakthrough their habits of thoughts and feelings and catch 22 energy, so that they can work, rest and play on their own schedule and say “Life just got easier and easier”

            ” Life Just Got Easier. “

You can do and say this too in EVERY area of yor life and business and its especially easy when you apply your own inner Magic.

We are about to pull out the BIG GUNS and see you get some consistency with how you create magic for yoursemlf from now on. meaning youre’ about to say  “I created that” More and more often and see that you magic ability ois your new normal.

All of you who attend LIVE will also be the first to hear and experience some specvial energetic shifts in th eafter party where you will be showered in the Frequency of the LOVE from the Dragons, which you are going to absolutely love. As well as get a massive credit towards enering into the Dragon Portal for the best selling ‘A Cource In Practical Magic’

If Levereging up your magic inside you is calling you and you have something you want to do or recieve and it just isnt working, then you are in for a BIG surprise.

I can’t wait to share this magic with you and have you experience the freedom from your woes that wont be coming back any time soon. You will have one or two less things to worry about because you are far too precious to be riddled with worry a moment longer.

I was feeling strongly called to teach an in depth masterclass on this LIVE where I can breakdown in detail and answer any questions and there will be a reply afterwards as well

After this 4 day Masterclass and Love Shower after party you will have been immersed in who you are truily meant to be.

You will see and feel that there can be no more holding you back, no more pplaying small and its time to own and claim your pwer and the BIG visions you have seen and the visions source has for you.



Imagine if you could:

Attract new opportunities

Define what you do and are here for

Be guided every step of the way

Get consistent at creating magic

Move off the well trodden path that soul sucking

Create relationships that fill your heart to bursting

Resolve conflcts in relationshhips

Refresh you rrelationship with your body and not see it as behaving badly

Have the finances to pay for trips and gifts for your family and loved ones

Show up in you rbusiness in a whomle new way and make the impact and influence others



The Experience For Soul Led Women, Entrepreneurs Creating A Truly Beautiful Relationship With Yourself And Your Inner Self, (which is defined as your soul) All So That You Consitantly Leverage Your Inner Magic For Every Area Of Your Life.