You KNOW that you’ve had enough of diet’s that don’t work for you or losing the same amount time and time again, so that now you can now focus your time properly and start having fun and have the food and weight thing as a thing of the past.

Rest assured that the weight and the reasons it’s there will soon be resolved and the good times are going to come.

There are invisible influencers that change your body that atre far more effective than changing your diet or forcing yourself to move more.
Knowing what these are and how to alter these for yourself will allow you to access parts of you that have never been reached before and why altering nutrition is not working for you.

These invisible elements have a stronger effect on the body than the food you eat or the exercise you take. I’ll be sharing 5 of these powerful elements on a 5 sessions Master Class and challenge with assignments. I will be challenging you to see the invisible influencers on your body.

Soon, very soon you will see you can have peace with food and Feed your Soul

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Yvette van Schreven Very interesting 5 session with a lot of eye openers. Love that I can now communicate with my body. Also how important the mind set is in regards to the energy used/needed. A very good and useful start how to create a body from thin air. Thank you Fiona.

Let me guess

You’ve become obsessing with food, your body and the way you look and feel
You would rather never have to worry about that as its taking up so much time and energy
You constantly seek a diet that will work for you and feel like you have lost the same weight over and over for the last decade.
You’ve spent years trying out the latest scientific proof that sounds convincing only for it not to work on you
You have spent thousands on formula’s you have seen work for others from nutrition to supplements but these promises failed you

You, lovely lady, are stuck in a battle with yourself and your body, on a treadmill going nowhere except the feeling that you are slowly losing the plot and have an everyday struggle with the mirror and you are not only confused angry but OVER IT!

Because when you view yourself through the eyes of your current analytical mental state and through the lens of your disappointed physical personality, it can only be painful. In order to create a whole new experience physically we need to engage the soul and acknowledge the spirit and pull away from our constantly over thinking mind and move beyond the body.

Sarah Blayney This has been a challenging week in many ways but it has enabled me to look honestly at my body and say what I really want. It has encouraged me to be truthful and to look deeply inside of myself to listen to my body & soul. I have a renewed sense of what is achievable and a new direction to focus on. Thank you so much Fiona it’s been inspirational and a little mind blowing but hugely positive too. Onwards I go looking at life in a different way 😍😊😘 xxx

How about this instead?

Oodles of energy that lasts all day
An Inner happy glow that radiates through every part of your life
A life free from body hate
A loving guilt free relationship with food
New confidence and rock solid self love
Create a body that you are proud of without diets or exercise regimes
Create the relationships you desire the most

This is feeding your SOUL, helping you to master your mind, connect with your body and soul and invite in fun, pleasure and peace with food and your body and reconnect with your soul as a powerful woman getting what she wants.

I share and go through in detail the 5 invisible but POWERFUL elements that create your body as she is and how you can turn that around 180°.
For the ladies who want feed back put your assignments in the face book group Women Winning The World, Weight, Wealth and Worth and I will adjust your thinking and show you the deeper meanings and assist your breakthrough with the biggest element that is creating you as you are today…

Go here to access the Master Classes for life. How to create a new body out of thin air

Lana Hempsall Hi Fiona, it’s been really good fun and as I said, you play the best games 🙂. This last week brought me closer to who I really am and the value I add … and that it’s perfectly OK and necessary to remind people who benefit from my energy that what they receive is unique and priceless. No more throwing Perl’s to swines, lol!

Julie Ward Really enjoyed the challenges. Given me greater insight into how our minds affect everything. Appreciating the depth and passion of Fiona’s knowledge too 🙏🙏

Creating out of thin air – the details for 5 days

Here is how we remade and re program your internal situation.
a) how to regain a conscious feeling of safety to accomplish one task at a time, that turns off certain damaging chemicals and hormones being released in the face of panic.
b) internal gauge and knowing of what it felt like to receive the wisest insight and overviews to change her internal perspective of each situation, this turns on the perfect chemicals and hormones needed to have access and use the previously stored fat.
c) how to create a new character for herself that feels she has everything under control and which dramatically lowered and had a neutralising effect on any wayward chemical and hormones being released
d) how to alter her fuel intake and physical fuel burning system to match her daily required energy levels, so that she had the energy to last into the evening and dissolved any need for fight and flight
is going to piss some of you off but I don’t care because there are people here that need to hear it more.

Go here to access the Master Classes for life. How to create a new body out of thin air

Ingrid Meijerink If you want to solve the basic of your problem, why you can not stop eating that chocolate, cookie or deliscious food….try her workshop. You learn how to control your cravings! 💝‼️💝‼️💝

Niccola Willis Brilliant 5 days…jam packed with lots of useful information and useful exercises to help connect to the inner you/me. It was a lot of fun too. You are a great teacher. Soooo many women would benefit from all your wisdom. ⭐

I look forward to meeting you and creating your new body with you over 5 Master Class Sessions. 180° turnaround



Feeding your SOUL so you never need to feed your FACE