Simple is Best, Easy is Right -5 steps to getting what you want and setting intentions for yourself that you’d love to bring to fruition this year

Life is complicated enough without making it more so. Do you agree? So we’ve made it simple but extremely powerful, effective and doable.

Keeping it SIMPLE, finding the EASIER solutions and making it altogether more FUN is our aim, when we set up magical ways to get your dreams to come true for you and STOP you from standing in your own way.

Setting intentions is the first step to committing to a new pathway of success for your dreams and when fantasizes become your reality

We have simplified the process into 5 steps with a powerful process for you to know exactly what you want and to experience YOURSELF receiving what you want.

  • Decide it.
  • See it
  • Feel it
  • Believe it
  • Receive it

5 Steps with magical practices that alter the ways things land in your lap

I am ready to rewire my brain, raise my energy and see my intentions for myself brought into fruition

SIMPLE – The Magical effortless way. When you follow these simple 5 steps in the order that we lay them out will get you what you want and your INTENTIONS DELIVERED in a few short fun weeks.

Not the work harder, spend more time or need to use more effort and remember lots of facts to force it to come to you.

We have put together a tried and tested 12 week programme to take you through the complete 5 steps, that turns around the way you tackle things 180°. Because we see so many women struggling exactly as we did and it’s a real shame because the solutions are right at your fingertips yet you can’t access it or see it.

It’s not your fault

You have never been shown or experienced the full extent and depths of these techniques or how to use them with their most powerful effect before.

This will enable you to live from your truth and BEing the best person you came here to be.

Many women have the misconception that can’t do this, as they don’t know how powerful they are, and put up doubts and fears that they are far too busy already and there is not a minute spare to add in additional tasks even ‘practicing the magic’ onto your already jammed packed day and To-Do List.

But what if we told you that there is a better easier way to get what you want, that you can find it simple and fun to do as you go about your normal day.

Are you ready to make something wonderful happen for yourself, something that you have waited for what seems like forever and see it happen over the next 12 weeks?

Your business, body and all of your beloved relationships can be better than they are today, they just need up-leveling or creating in a new and different way, so that you can have the experience you wanted. START HERE with a crystal clear decision that you are willing, courageous to see that things will change for the better.

12 weeks of simple steps that make an incredible impact on how you are receiving what you want out of life.

Over 12 weeks, we will start to see you re-wired in this elusive part of the brain, and you will feel a new energy surge through you as you put into practice the techniques you can do anywhere and as you go through your day.


  •  This Foundational Course will see you in control of you, your mind and energy and start to receive what you always intended
  •  You will start to re-wire your brain with just 15 minutes a day practice over 12 weeks.
  •  You will reduce your need to feel emotionally out of control and make healthier choices for yourself and communicate better without even trying
  •  You will be supported, inspired and encouraged in a private Facebook community for you to get the best outcome
  •  Within 12 Weeks, you will feel more in control and calm around situations, people, choices, and excited and hopeful about becoming the best version of you in the future.
  • We will give you the specific practices but cannot do them for you, so this is the next best thing to us being by your side and to hold you accountable to do the practices and take the actions that need to be done each week, so that YOU can progress and have the liberty you seek.
  • You will be asked to complete homework and feedback to us each Friday without fail with a task that will be marked.
  • We will make ourselves available to clear any specific blockages (energetic, mental and emotional) that you recognize that come up during the course and are struggling to release, with on our optional extra 1 to 1 sessions priced at £62.00 per hour (valued at £250.00) quantity unlimited.

I am ready to rewire my brain, raise my energy and see my intentions for myself brought into fruition

What’s Involved?

We start on a Tuesday 28 January 19.00 GMT and 20.00 CET , but you can join from anywhere in the world. 

For a small investment of your time, in just 1 hour a week (on specified day and time) we will present to you the details of the foundational practices that take less that 15 minutes a day to do over these next 12 weeks, so that you can and will start to change your relationship with yourself, your energy and your emotions in a way that you never thought was possible. You will not only like yourself more, but come to love who you are and how you show up and get your message across.

You will feel inspired and supported in our private, beautiful community of women just like you. 

We are here to support you become a liberated, strong and powerfully confident woman

I am ready to rewire my brain, raise my energy and see my intentions for myself brought into fruition

Need help? Contact Support:

Price £368.00 until 30 January 2020

available on a payment plan of £198.00 x 2

From 1st February 2020 Price is £897.00


  •  E Work-book and full course materials, meditations and access to training video’s for life. You will start to rewire your brain re program your energy and down load a new vibration 12 weeks (VALUE £888)
  •  Facebook Private Community.  You will have be participating in the 12 week course with ladies just like you. This support and feeling like you’re not alone is invaluable.(VALUE £197) 
  •  Support & Accountability from Psychologist, Energy Healer, Nutritionalist & Coach.  You have direct access to Fiona Robertson and Fiona Clark and a 12 week course to answer your questions and feel supported as you start to change your relationship with yourself (VALUE £997)
  •  Reflection Call.   After you complete the 12 week course, Fiona and Fiona will facilitate a reflection call, providing you with key lessons and the mistakes women make, based on our years of specialising in the area of energy, self development, making and sustaining permanent change, so that you can avoid them  (VALUE £597)
  •  FREE BONUS. I can’t give too much away, but when you sign up to the course, We Fiona’s unlocks a special bonus that you won’t want to miss!! The bonus alone is worth x 2 the amount of what you are investing in this challenge (VALUE £1,185)

  • Total Value = £3,864.00
  • Optional extra. You can book an extra private 1 to 1 call with us to clear a troublesome stubborn energy that you feel there is a resistance to releasing . Extra £62.00 (VALUE £250.00)

We look forward to meeting you very soon, and honor you for taking this next step to freedom to be who you came here to be.