Feeling fearful that you could break down or lose it in public and being out of control?


Imagine if you could put an end to your:

  • Feeling fit to burst at any moment
  • Feelings of being out of emotionally control
  • Feel you are on the verge of a burn out
  • Freezing when it is your turn to speak and messing up
  • Fearful that you could break down or lose it in public
  • Physical tension, trembling and stress symptoms
  • Feelings of complete exhaustion
  • Nervous and continued unhealthy habits
  • Feeling mildly depressed, fed up and about to give up
  • Feel guilty if your not BUSY or doing something useful
  • Self-sabotage behavior that is stopping you move forwards

Women seem to only know one way to stop their emotions rising up and getting out of control – by avoiding them, which is the same as denying them.

If you are a woman who keeps herself unrealistically busy, over caring for others, has difficulty saying NO, can’t ask for help and feels isolated or guilty for her constant nagging and complaining and gets upset over the slightest things, you are most likely exhausted and have suppressed emotions that are seeking an outlet.

Women often end up using food or alcohol to relax, or shopping for things that please her but the moment does not last for long.

A woman with too much to deal with on the inside will do her utmost to look as though everything is fine and that you’re coping so well. But the amount of energy it takes to keep these energy’s of your emotions in check and controlled is having you experience all of your energy disappearing no matter how well you sleep. These trapped and stored emotions are stopping you from getting you what you really desire and have access to more than enough energy to last all day and into the night

Suppressed emotions such as anger, hurt, fear, sadness, guilt and shame over the days, weeks, months and years add up, and it influences your Body, your Business ability and all of your Beloved relationships.

You’ve tried to change, but nice, be helpful, bite your tongue, harmonize, keep everyone else happy, but your exhausted, and you’ve seen and done it all backwards and it has all backfired anyway.

No one has explained this critical link to your before, that will change EVERYTHING.

Your brain is hard-wired to stay on familiar territory, repeating stories and thoughts of being hurt, angry, resentful and bitter. 

Your energy is trapped and holding onto a familiar energetic state, that could be turned around 180° in just a few weeks.

Your vibration has become stuck and your normal level everyday frequency without you even knowing it.

The good news is that your brain can start to be re-wired.

Your energy can easily be shifted to release

And Your vibration can quickly rise above your normal levels to become more loving and radiant and receive more towards you of what you want with just 15 minutes a day practices over 12 weeks with us. F&F

Right now, when you are in certain situations or you see a certain person, your normal habitual way of responding in your brain lights up and the message from your brain is so strong, that it’s very difficult to see things or act from a different perspective.  

Your energy attracts the same for you again and again it is stuck on auto-repeat.

And your vibration drops down into the lower vibrations of depression, resentment and anger and it takes so much effort and is exhausting to bring yourself back up again.

In 12 weeks, we will start to see you re-wired in this part of your brain and you will feel a rapid reduction in the need to hold onto that energy that comes from decades of suppressed anger. You will feel remarkably be calmer, in control and get your message out there and heard.

You instead will feel energetic, joyful and free to draw more towards you of what you want and can clearly ask for.

Proven by neuroscience, these foundational practices will help you to:

  •  Reduce your need to stay busy and overthink constantly
  •  Feel calmer in amongst the drama’s of others
  •  Make healthier eating choices without even trying
  •  Reduce physical symptoms & hormones related to stress
  •  Feel genuine compassion for your arch-nemesis
  •  Make your own enjoyment a priority

Get The Neruroscience-Based Foundational Practices To…

Reduce Your Feelings of Being Out of Control

WITHOUT Needing A Moment Of Effort …or Feeling you are having to force yourself through painful emotional situations when you just want to run for the door

I’m Ready to Rewire my brain and raise my energy….


Fiona-Robertson-Body-Renewer-Body Whisperer-White-dress

Hi, I’m Fiona Robertson

*I am a trained nutritional and NLP coach, Reiki Master and qualified specialist in altering the way you feel your energy flow in your body and work with women from around the world.

* I have taught 1,000’s of women globally effective practices to reduce their overthinking mind and uncontrollable feelings of being out of control to live with ease and feel free from emotional drama’s and exhaustion.

*I have been where you’ve been, and I tried all sorts of processes and programs but still ended up feeling out of control, near to tears on so many occasions and running for the door, overeating and feeling depressed and unable to really enjoy life.

*I have spend years perfecting these foundation practices that release the energy from being held in our cellular structure and repeating the unhealthy avoidance habits that have changed women’s lives for the better

*I have chosen to live in France, raise my boys in the ways of energy and the possibilities of creating what we wan, by altering thoughts and feelings. I am proud to be a role model for my family and the ladies I meet from around the world so that they can have their way with the world.

  • Hello I am Fiona Clark
  • My fascination with the world of Alternative
    Therapy as a means of helping people overcome
    their physical and emotional blocks and
    imbalances has led to a fulfilling 25-year career
    helping my clients to triumph over whatever
    problems they may be facing and equipping them
    to move forward with their lives independently.
  • As a Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Solution Focused &
    EFT Practitioner, who never stops studying
    balancing and mindset changing techniques to pass on to my clients, I
    specialize in helping you find your ‘Zen Zone’ so you have the courage to
    be yourself and reconnect to your ‘Zenergy’.
  • I am also a qualified Reflexologist, and Theta Healer and have studied
    Faster EFT, Flower Essences, Reike, Sekhem and Crystal Healing

After 12 weeks you will see that you can express yourself clearly, set clear boundaries, get your message across, ask for what you want and get it delivered, be heard and respected and your anger will be dramatically reduced so that you feel so much more serene,

Can attract in more of what you want towards you

And have sheer new confidence in yourself in all situations


  •  This Foundational Course to get in control of you and who you came here to be is a different approach to what you’ve tried before that’s proven by neuroscience
  •  You will start to re-wire your brain with just 15 minutes a day practice over 12 weeks.
  •  You will reduce your need to feel emotionally out of control and make healthier choices for yourself without even trying
  •  You will be supported, inspired and encouraged in a private Facebook community for you to get the best outcome
  •  Within 12 Weeks, you will feel more in control and calm around situations, people, choices, and excited and hopeful about becoming the best version of you in the future.
  • We will give you the specific practices but cannot do them for you, so this is the next best thing to us being by your side and to hold you accountable to do the practices and take the actions that need to be done each week, so that YOU can progress and have the liberty you seek.
  • You will be asked to complete homework and feedback to us each Friday without fail with a task that will be marked.
  • We will make ourselves available to clear any specific blockages (energetic, mental and emotional) that you recognize that come up during the course and are struggling to release, with on our optional extra 1 to 1 sessions priced at £62.00 per hour (valued at £250.00) quantity unlimited.

 Less Than 05 Spots Left…

Who The Course is For?

It’s for women who have spent years struggling with the constant ups and downs of feeling out of control, and not able to reach their goals, success and dreams, because of emotional blocks. Everything can look great about your life to the outside world but inside you know you are FAR from fulfilled or satisfied.

Feeling exhausted from controlling and suppressing hurt, anger and sadness from abuse, trauma, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, being abandoned, shocked, and stressed out and in the despair cycle, only to have ended up attracting in more of the same over and over again, and so making poor choices with food, drink, relationships, finances and dealing with stubborn physical symptoms.

No matter what affected you and caused the traumatic stress and emotional damage that is held in your cellular memory for you, it is resolvable and you can move forward with greater ease.

It’s for you as a women who yearns for sustainable transformation and change and not another quick fix. You want to break your own cycles and energy and unhealthy habits so that you can feel calm, have clarity, enjoy more confidence in yourself and hopeful about your own future.

How It Works

Right now, when you are in certain situations or you see a certain person a centre in your brain lights up and the message from your brain is so strong, that it’s very difficult to respond in a way that is calm, clear or helpful.

You feel it has overwhelmed you and your entire energy changes and you feel out of control.

In 12 weeks, we will start to re-wire your brain, your predominant thoughts, energy and feelings as well as your vibration so that you can be recalibrated, re-newed and download new programs that fit with who you want to become next.

What’s Involved?

We start on a Tuesday 28 January 19.00 GMT and 20.00 CET , but you can join from anywhere in the world. 

For a small investment of your time, in just 1 hour a week (on specified day and time) we will present to you the details of the foundational practices that take less that 15 minutes a day to do over these next 12 weeks, so that you can and will start to change your relationship with yourself, your energy and your emotions in a way that you never thought was possible. You will not only like yourself more, but come to love who you are and how you show up and get your message across.

You will feel inspired and supported in our private, beautiful community of women just like you. 

We are here to support you become a liberated, strong and powerfully confident woman

 I’m Ready To Re-wire My Brain and raise my Energy

 As of Today Less Than 05 Spots Left…

Need help? Contact Support: fiona@fionarobertson.co

Come home to a new feeling of Serene and being in control of yourself in every situation.

Price £368.00 until 30 January 2020

available on a payment plan of £198.00 x 2

From 1st February 2020 Price is £862.00


  •  E Book work-book and full course materials, meditations and access to training video’s for life. You will start to rewire your brain re program your energy and down load a new vibration 12 weeks (VALUE £888)
  •  Facebook Private Community.  You will have be participating in the 12 week course with ladies just like you. This support and feeling like you’re not alone is invaluable.(VALUE £197) 
  •  Support & Accountability from Psychologist, Nutritionalist & Coach.  You have direct access to Fiona Robertson and Fiona Clark and a 12 week course to answer your questions and feel supported as you start to change your relationship with yourself (VALUE £997)
  •  Reflection Call.   After you complete the 12 week course, Fiona and Fiona will facilitate a reflection call, providing you with key lessons and the mistakes women make, based on our years of specialising in the area of energy, self development, making and sustaining permanent change, so that you can avoid them  (VALUE £597)
  •  FREE BONUS. I can’t give too much away, but when you complete the challenge successfully, We Fiona’s unlocks a special bonus that you won’t want to miss!! The bonus alone is worth x2 the amount of what you are investing in this challenge (VALUE £1,185)

  • Total Value = £3,864.00
  • Optional extra. You can book an extra private 1 to 1 call with us to clear a troublesome stubborn energy that you feel there is a resistance to releasing . Extra £62.00 (VALUE £250.00)

We look forward to meeting you very soon, and honor you for taking this next step to freedom to be who you came here to be..

Fiona & Fiona