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Peace with Food is a support and coaching program to see why you are reaching for food and holding onto excess weight.

We will work through this…. during 5 weeks you will learn how to eat again and start a love affair with food, lose weight without dieting

Together with me, we will go behind what is causing your body to be holding onto weight and triggering your eating habits, so that you too can have a body you feel proud of and find a real peace with your food.

You deserve to have a love affair with food, and feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels at peace, having fun being the woman you fantasise about being, I’ll show you how…..

Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer Extraordinaire

“I found doing this Peace With Food was a total Mind Body Spirit experience, whilst doing my own style of detox at home. I released so much in just 1 month that I never knew I was even holding onto, physically or mentally. When I got stuck, stressed and wanted to give up, I asked for support and I found it. That was what made the huge impact on me physically. I had struggled to figure out what I was doing wrong before, having been on and off diets until I was so confused about what I should eat and not to eat. This was the final price in my puzzle.

I followed this ‘Peace with Food’ with Fiona and I know that if I had been left to my own devises I would have easily missed out days, cheated and given up. I am so happy that I have done and know now, that I have got what it takes.”

Lyndsey Brown. Edinburgh – 5 kg down, then another 5 kg and still dropping.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what it takes and get the support you need, and ask for help”

Rachel Maloney, London.

I am so excited to announce this ‘Peace with Food’ course. During a period of 5 weeks, where you can wipe the slate clean, and learn how to eat again, whilst being supported by a powerful program and mastering the techniques that help you to find out that food can and is your friend.

Most women that I speak to already believe they know exactly what they have to do to lose weight. That is to reduce their intake and move more, and that there will be no gain without pain.

However most women find the real challenge to:

  1. Know what to eat
  2. How to stop eating when they are not hungry but stressed
  3. Dedicate the time to do the stuff that really matters, every day, week and month

Imagine enjoying a love affair with food, being able to enjoy a meal out with friends without feeling self-conscious or feeling judged how many times you’ve reached for extra cheese or desert?

And the true pleasure of eating really delicious food, without any after effects of digestive discomfort from guilt, shame or embarrassment?

Let’s face it we have been taught that there is only one way to reach peace and confidence in the body and that is to diet.

But if you’ve (like me) tried every diet out there and your still struggling, or feel you are in a worse off situation and all these diets have done is made you confused, gain weight and hate food, then its time to see that sticking to a diet has never made that long term difference to how you can feel in your body.

Starting a diet when there is something else going on behind the scenes that makes you use food and is causing you stress, is a bit like putting a plaster over a broken arm. It is utterly useless unless you deal with the actual situation.

And THAT’S what we need to do when it comes to food.

Unless you can get to the root cause of your emotional eating and obsession with food, and find your peace, then every food craving and obsession will just keep haunting you and taunting you, time and time again and keep you stuck in that unhealthy pattern.

Breaking the cycle of stress and self sabotage, with the ‘peace with food’ program is a way to deal with your compulsive eating and food obsessions in a way that actually LASTS.

Let me guess 

  • Your obsessed food and with how you look
  • You have hopped from one diet to another and you’re still losing the same amount of weight each time and never reaching the vision you have of the woman you really want to become. You’re in a LOOP.
  • You start your day confused about what to eat for breakfast
  • You grab lunch and hope that the calories contained will be burnt off with all your stress and rushing around
  • You come home frazzled with no time or the will to chop and marinate vegetables for that healthy meal you promised yourself
  • You munch on a desert and have a glass of wine because you deserve something after your day
  • You go to bed feeling guilty and catch sight of your self in the mirror, and promise you’ll start seriously tomorrow, or you’ll never be ready for when Mr Right shows up.
  • You then lay in bed exhausted but wide awake hating yourself, because all your clothes are all too tight, you feel like a frump.

You my lovely lady, are sadly trapped in a war with your body. It’s not your fault. Every diet is created to fail by an industry selling to well targeted women. Restricting food and giving you more rules than you could realistically ever follow, whilst they have you trapped believing this is the only way to ever lose weight.

I know your confused and tired of all the effort and seeing no rewards.

The kind of peace you seek is not reserved for those with the perfect body. It is possible for you too. You only need to discover how.

If I can do it so can you .

What do I get?

I’ve helped dozens of women, worldwide, to create a true sense of peace with food and their body, And the best part is that when you create peace with food, you create peace and a new freedom in EVERY area of your life. The positive overflow has a knock on effect and spills over into your relationships, your family, your career, you have a new found happiness and LOVE for everything about life.

When you break free, you can finally start to become the woman you were always meant to be.

You’ll get:

  • You will learn the 1 technique that takes 5 minutes to do that turned my and 100’S of women’s relationship with food and body around 180°
  • You will be supported as you discover what your particular triggers are to emotional eating and using food
  • You will get 5 weeks of practices and techniques via video that support you to find peace with food that you can use again and again
  • You’ll get support from me in a weekly group where you can have your questions answered
  • You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where I can give you individual support.
  • You’ll have a community of Ladies seeking ‘Peace with Food’ to support you.
  • You’ll have meditations to open you up to new possibilities with food mentally and physically
  • You’ll get stress busting tools to support you get to what is blocking you and stopping you
  • You’ll get motivation and encouragement to see the changes as they are happening
  • You will significantly reduce the NO 1 contributor to your over eating – stress
  • You will be aware when you are about to be triggered to over eat
  • You will know without a doubt how to create and keep your perfect body
  • You will know without a doubt what it feels like to be in your perfect body
  • You will like if not love your reflection in the mirror
  • You will love your food without judgment or guilt
  • You will feel you have a clean slate and have kicked started your weight loss
  • You will not need to count calories or weight yourself
  • You will know what to do in the quiet evening when your alone and are prone to over eat
  • You’ll know what to eat and what suits you best without someone having to tell you
  • Your ready to break the cycles and see what is causing the habitial eating
  • Your ready to commit to a new way of eating and a process that will actually work for long term results rather than the quick fix
  • You are ready to put yourself 1st, 2nd and 3rd and experience the peace and freedom you have always fantasized about and craved
  • You will enjoy so much more about your life

Say ‘Yes’ and give up all the feelings of struggle once and for all.

Ever since I started to use this process I have allowed myself to thoroughly enjoy my food and my body, and I want the very same for you – it is your divine right to have a feeling of freedom and utter peace in your body.

The value of this tool is literally immeasurable, all I can say is that it CHANGES LIVES.”

I use this method too every day and continue to see and feel the benefit of it, It is also the very first technique I coach to all of my clients.

As with all of the tools and techniques I use it is progressive, and evolves with you, and that is exactly why having my ongoing support for 5 weeks will enable you to master the technique fully for yourself, and allow you to take it forward into the rest of your life.

Testimonials for the Peace with Food course.

Here is what Women have said who participated on the Peace with Food program…..

Angela: I saw this week clearly for the first time, when I was triggered to over eat chocolate in the evening, and I was using this food to fill a gap and a need when I feel bored or frustrated.

I did what you suggested and pushed the food away and listened to what I was saying to myself, and I saw it all stemmed back to when I was a girl……Clearing this has changed my craving for chocolate in the evening when I am alone. It was very familiar pattern that I couldn’t seem to get past! . Amazing to have had your personal support. I have no cravings anymore. Thank you so much.

Sheila:  I have become very aware of my emotions that live in my gut, and that I can see that I have regularly muffled their voices. As a result of giving myself time to listen. The other day I was about the reach for a bag of crisps at the witching hour of 5pm, a time where I would often need food to put me on until dinner. To my surprise- I heard loud and clear ‘don’t eat that’ – when I listened further it was preferable to have an empty stomach to hear what I was truly hungry for – what I actually needed was a rest, so that’s what I did and felt so much clearer as a result. Wonderful clarity Thank you so much.

Bernadette: This week I saw clearly that I have in the past used food for energy – doing shift work and needing to power through, finish a long to do list and reach all of my daily expectations. This is such an old pattern that I have now become conscious and aware of. I would snack and still have a full dinner feeling I needed the energy as I was so tired. Amazing! I love this Peace with Food and what it is bringing me to see.

Melanie: I’ve had an amazing week! My bloating has reduced significantly- yay!! My digestion has really improved and I’m not holding on to thoughts or emotions in the way that I have done habitually!! Double hurray!, I held a lot of stuff for my parents, and I can now see this from another angle and I am digested everything far better mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel so much better in my body I cannot thank you enough. Wow I feel so different.

Ruby: I saw this week where my personal boundaries have been weak in the past allowing all sorts of unhelpful stuff to come throughout to me. This is where I wobbled emotionally in the past and wobbled physically. I’m clearer now on what’s mine and what’s not and what I will and wont accept and take on. What a relief! I have felt so much happier, and freeer in my body as a result. A whole new layer of self care. Thanks so much for opening me up in this remarkable way!!

Pauline: I actually DID have a revelation this weekend – and it was huge: my weight has plateau-ed again despite the good food and exercise because I have discovered that it doesn’t feel safe being thin again. It was a HUGE revelation. Then following your advise I have identified two reasons why my body may think it’s unsafe to be thin, and I’ve been talking lovingly to it explaining why it’s safe and there’s no need to worry. I noticed a shift, and my digestion has shown me how much I was holding onto. I feel so much lighter and freer. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

Shirley: I’ve had a revelation this weekend! Since starting PWF(peace with Food) with you Fiona, it’s been getting easier and easier to get to that place of peace and hearing what’s going on in my body. The yes / no has been very helpful. Digestion really improving alot and elimination much more regular and easier too ( sorry for the detail!)…..coming home to my body and feeling peace wherever I am helps enormously.. It feels very good though to have an opportunity to create a new pattern of positive behaviour in me, so that I don’t suffer as a result. I am able to make new choice of how to feel and that frees me up form choosing food or wine as a treat when I feel bad. Wow Thanks! <3

Anne: I am definitely in a different place, and more able to tune in. I’ve had alot of emotions that had been ignored or certainly not enough air time come up to be released. A few what if’s came up for me this week. I’m much kinder to myself than I have ever been, and so much more patient. Thank you so much for doing this program, such a huge relief had flowed over me the past weeks, my belly has relaxed and melted away and I feel a new energy rising from within me

Patricia: I saw your post about weight being connected to waiting…..that definitely resonated. Since being a Mum I’ve pushed all of my own needs to the back of the queue, it’s now high time I put my own needs first, no more weighting for me! I’ve had glimpses of myself feeling lighter, freer, able to be me with no apology or need to put duty first. Joy, happiness, freedom to be ourselves is our birthright, feels like this peace with food has shown me a way back to myself in a profound way.

How do I get it?

Using this technique correctly, you will quickly and effortlessly enjoy more happiness, freedom and find fulfilment and, of course, ‘Peace with Food’ and in your body!

This programme is a self study course with my on line support, for those women who want to truly master this technique because, once you have mastered it, your body will thank you by responding to your gentle commands if you continue to use it in the way that I coach.


If so then please do BOTH of the following:

  1. Make your payment below &

  1. Send a join request to ‘Peace with Food and in your Body’ and I will approve you.


The investment is less than £1 a day, and less than the

price of your favorite coffee, per day!


> Investment will be £188.00 for this course in the future,

so do snap this up! <<

I cannot wait to work with you and for you to fast-track your Peace with food and your Body! x x x


There is nothing wrong with YOU or YOUR BODY!

Fiona Robertson, Age 52

Have you ever wondered if you had something wrong with you that stops you from feeling good in your body, losing weight and not emotionally eating? I Did…

IT’S OK, You’re not missing some special DNA strand that makes some women skinny and you not, that makes them happy and you not, or that keeps you from losing weight or living the happier contented fulfilled life that you want. That’s exactly what I thought and considered when I couldn’t lose weight or feel content in my body. I was in enormous pain. I got super skinny for a while and then it all came back. I got obsessed with raw food and detoxing, basically starving myself, I ate only foods I thought were ‘healthy’, and became boring to be around. Finally, my metabolism hit rock bottom and I did too.

Then the weight started to climb on and on and I couldn’t figure what was going down! It was a nightmare.

I first became conscious of my body at 12 years old and thought that starvation was the only route, that is still the hardest habit to break and it was my body and soul who were screaming at me and totally desperate to get my attention – to find peace with my body and the food I ate.

At a low point I started to meditate, You see I knew, as I always had that there was far more going on here than food in and food out. I sought out my soul to find the real reason I was suffering, and I re connected with my body and she spoke back to me. I went on my internal journey from being the Detox Diva obsessed about healthy food, to healing my emotions, the self judgments, the secret eating binges, the cravings, over thinking and chronic starvation, exhaustion and fear of food and my body. I have totally re-invented myself and my body along with my spirit’s support.

Your not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body, and that is to learn and practice Peace with your Body’ and go onto learn the ‘Four Pillars’ that create your body for weight loss.

You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels at peace and to embody your own soulful, fun and fulfilled self asa  woman, I’ll show you how…..[/vc_column_text][mk_button corner_style=”full_rounded” size=”x-large” url=”” align=”center” fullwidth=”true” bg_color=”#f2b8ef”]Peace With Food[/mk_button][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1516455417265{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]TESTIMONIALS

A seriously awesome experience. I never knew there was so much I was missing. This taught me in just 5 short weeks the complete and thorough process I am still happily using today, the rituals that work for me, how to feel what I want to eat, when I’m hungry, how to honor my body with what she needs. How to nourish myself on every level and why it is so important. This is life supporting and I have just had my best year ever, body, business and relationship wise.

I cannot explain how I feel now compared with when I started this journey. Its remarkable and as Fiona always insists, it has guided me to know how it feels to be in my body and how everything is attracted by the undercurrent of my feelings. We align the body and go way further than I ever knew I could. Fiona helped me master that I could feel safe and relaxed in my body in every situation which turned around my relationship with food and my body.

Don’t hesitate, ask for help and start to clear what you are holding onto.

C. Kirby

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