NEW INTENSIVE COURSE – How to Feed your SOUL, so that you can STOP feeding your face.

***Intensive 8 Week group course starts in Early July 2020***.

FEEDING YOUR SOUL – Finally revealed the system that is proven to assist you greatly to stop overthinking & work hand in hand with your Soul, so that you can lose weight, create a body you love and maintain a great relationship with food, with yourself, develop self-worth – that also grows your ability to build Finances and great Partnerships and supporting Relationship in record time.

Breakthrough the myths that have you stuck in a body you long to escape.

Create a body you can enjoy and feel the freedom you desire with food, the love, energy and vitality you deserve, while learning to nourish yourself by feeding your soul.

This course has produced miracles, all because it integrates the secret ways the body transforms and creates itself and no one else is sharing – except us!

The ultimate reinvention for any woman who really wants to heal her body and find tune her ability to create herself in the next phase of her life.

As a woman winning and having her way with the world.

**Let me guess**

You’ve become obsessing with food, your body and the way you look and feel

You would rather never have to worry about that as its taking up so much time and energy

You constantly seek a diet that will work for you and feel like you have lost the same weight over and over for the last decade.

You’ve spend years trying out the latest scientific proof that sounds convincing only for it not to work on you

You have spend thousands on formula’s you have seen work for others from nutrition to supplements but these promises failed you

You, lovely lady are stuck in a battle with yourself and your body, on a treadmill going no where except feeling that you are slowly losing the plot and have an every day struggle with the mirror and you are not only confused angry but OVER IT!

Because when you view yourself through the eyes of your current analytical mental state and through the lens of your disappointed physical personality, it can only be painful. In order to create a whole new experience physically we need to engage the soul and acknowledge the spirit and pull away from our constantly over thinking mind and move beyond the body.

**How about this instead?**

Oodles of energy that lasts all day

An Inner happy glow that radiates through every part of your life

A life free from body hate

A loving guild free relationship with food

New confidence and rock solid self love

Create a body that you are proud of without diets or exercise regimes

Create the relationships you desire the most

This is feeding your SOUL, helping you to master your mind, connect with your body and soul and invite in fun, pleasure and peace with food and your body and reconnect with your soul as a powerful woman getting what she wants.

**Creating out of thin air – the details**

The FEED YOUR SOUL is a ground breaking intensive course by me, Fiona Robertson, dedicated to teach you how to feed your soul so that you never need to feed your face ever again.

We integrate and reconnect you to your own creative ability and the bonus to that is achieving the weight loss you dreamed of, so that you can stand at any buffet table and feel peaceful, knowing exactly what you would love to eat and not feel deprived or that you are missing out. This is the pathway to your soul and will have you radiating your confidence like a warm glowing light in a dark room.

The myths of eat less move more and no pain no gain are out! And the delicious experiences are in.

This course goes way beyond body transformation, as you cannot change one part of you without changing the whole.

When you change enough of the little pictures

You change the big picture.

Not only have my clients lost considerable weight, but turned around bothersome relationships 180°, had an increase in finances, attracted partners for pleasure, found better business doors opening, received better opportunities, Sold houses, got promotions & job offers, healed marriages and resolved things going pear shaped with family members adults and kids alike.

That’s incredible right?

Now you can too!

First things first you must embrace this BIG BOLD TRUTH.

There is nothing wrong with your body!

You are not missing some nutrient or missing a DNA strand that thin people take or produce naturally.

That’s what I was believing when I felt that my body was misbehaving, everything that used to work just stopped working for me. I lost some and gained some back and got obsessive about food until I was practically eating nothing and my metabolism hit rock bottom and I did too. Near depressed and angry all of the time with myself mostly, I was snappy and exhausted and hated my reflection.

I was at this lowest point when I met my soul because I was asking for help to see what I was doing so wrong, that was making me feel so unhappy.

I started tuning in and asking what my body and soul wanted and it was never about the food, that was just a diversion a cover up from what really fed my soul.

I went through many stages of healing and undoing so many of my beliefs and myths about food and how the body worked.

The more I fed my soul the less I obsessed about food I was discovering I was already satisfied and felt full.

I loved myself, felt more confident and started to notice that I was creating from the inside what I wanted on the outside. Something I loved.

Your body heals when you heal.

Your weight is a symptom and is linked to you self worth. The more shame, heartache and worry pr anger you carry eventually this takes up residence in you and becomes a belief of your identity and becomes a dense energy that creates that very vibrational energetic form in the body.

The antidote ……Feed your Soul.

*The truth here is that when love is present and evolves then you evolve, You heal and your body heals

*Your money grows as you grow in self value

*Once you STOP chasing the perfect diet and running after the solution and making yourself sad, you will see that the solution is right at your fingertips and you can start creating all of this and so much more

I am going to show you how…

**Some of the benefits to be expected **

• Discover how to eat for pleasure and beauty, making you happy, youthful, sassy and slender

• Why the foods you’re eating are wrong for your unique body, and what you should be eating to lose the weight and keep it off

• The biggest saboteur of your weight loss efforts and how to beat it

• How to shift your body shape without constant exercise

• Why food deprivation is never the answer and what makes you store FAT

• How to forge a deep connection to your inner spirit and higher wisdom

• The proven methods to eating for true body and soul satisfaction

• Discover the one thing you must do if you want to release weight and body image struggles while relishing in a nourishing experience with food and nutrition

• The reason you aren’t seeing the results you want and how to make changes now

To join in you will need to get in fast as the last time I did this the places disappeared in days.

I have limited spaces available as the intensity of the course and the results achieved take deep understanding of the participants.

The course starts at the beginning of JUNE 2020

**Price £1,888.00**

From NOW until 31 June £888.00

SAY ‘IM IN….’ and I will arrange your 1st call to establish your exact goal and how that can be reached.

Wishing you a happy healthy soul fulfilled body.