Dragons reading into your business and feeding back the blocks resistances they find.

What if in 5 minutes you could hear what your business was telling you, discover your resistance and where you hold yourself back?

Are you ready to claim the Dragons power to create your business in the way you know it is meant to be, and be guided towards the outcomes you dream of.

Your business is a conscious living breathing entity that has a will of its own and ready to show you the next steps.

I read your business I see into it and hear the directions it wants to go I feel the energy from you and discover the resistance and blocks you put in place. I See you

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             I see people starting and stopping all the time

Hopping from one strategy to the next and nothings working?     These are usually the people looking for the quick fixes – the truth is you need to have all of your energy, mind and spirit working together as a team to get the guidance towards the success that is waiting for you. 

There is no such thing as a quick fix, so stop looking and have an honest chat with yourself. Are you really looking to building a successful spiritual business that works for you?

 If the answer is yes – read on as I can help you

Be prepared to be guided 

Being spiritual means we receive numerous insights and ideas from our guides. We also have the urge to help people and it can often come at the price of not helping ourselves first.  

The urge to serve more people can be our desire, however the reality is most heart led souls get overwhelmed, question their self belief and feel they don’t know enough.

To receive all of the steps that traditionally mean success for your busiess and you, you would need to pay thousands to several different coaches and courses.  Receiving guidance cuts through and points you in the right direction, like a short straight path.

I have taken many people through these steps and now its your turn!!!

Are you ready?

Manifest With The Dragons is the meeting place for humans and Dragons to re unite

5 minute Business Reading With The Dragons

Have you felt that moment of stirring, tugging, and  awakening? You know that it’s a calling from you very soul, calling you forwards in a way that you can’t even articulate or capture it.

These are moments that are bigger than you when you think “What the FLIP do I do with this now? What do I do first? How do I respond to this when I can’t define it”.

You and your business need a boost, a connection so that you can receive the guidance that is there for you.

Until then I will be your guide. We will discuss where you need to grow and where you need to put your energy and attention to focus on your growth.

You are about to get rare accurate insider information

Book your 5 minute Dragon Business Reading and feel the Dragon energy

Book in for your Dragon Business Reading now!

Who Is Fiona?

Fiona is a Channel and receives downloads from the Dragons Spiritual Guides. As a psychic medium she asks the Dragons for insider scoops on the businesses she is connected to, and is shown the vision source has for them in detailed readings. The true purpose and the difference these clients are here to make to the world her as her clientele list full of business owners getting the insider scoop as she channels her own dragons to help develop and give activations to support, guide & activate those looking to connect to their bigger purpose and the Dragon Spirit Guides. Having struggled to find spiritual support with her own business and with her gifts, she has dedicated her time to creating Manifest With The Dragons & The Dragon Portal – online platforms to provide lifetime training to those wishing to explore their natural gifts, how to operate in higher frequency & with spirituality reliably calling in the Dragons for our out of this world assistance with our businesses . 



She also works closely with multiple six figure female entrepreneurs using her gift to uncover where they can grow, prosper, and develop in every area of their lives, not just business.  Fiona also provides training on how to incorporate the spiritual practices alongside strategy, as you market your business with spirit and this is where her clients rocket fuel and become incredibly powerful. 

Fiona’s mission is to change the way you operate in your life, know how to access the Dragons power for yourself and create your own reality following the Dragons guidance that you get. Bringing the Spiritual Dragon Guides into the main stream. It is her purpose to activate as many gifted souls to connect, share & step into becoming wealthy multiple 6 figure entrepreneurs on purpose and aligned to the bigger picture as lightworkers.



My Client Margot a powerful spiritual artist now channels and down loads guidance from where her clients are and what to charge. It all comes so easily.

My Client Misti knew her mission however got guided to play a much bigger game on a much bigger stage.

My client Celyn was guided to create powerful packages when shed been relying on charging for her time and making ends met went to a thriving business

My client Kirstie passionate about nutrition for resolving mental health issues got guidance that made her business as easy as pie.

My Client Anna connected to fairies and is building an incredible business and community as she is serving Families


My client Geraldine moved away from relying on her two part time businesses and got guidance that is so easy for her, she can do it standing on her head, and had offers of help to create this business from so many people skilled in areas she was not.


My client Jennifer said  “Thank you Fiona and to the dragons for allowing my business to speak to me in such a way that really helps me see the path ahead so that I can inch my way up. This will give me a really great opportunity to look into different facets in order to expose the work I do. This is so amazing I’m in tears. I am so grateful to all of you.”

I myself I was guided to write specific books, and guided to the exact title content and ho wto call in the perfect publisher. Guided to create the Dragon cards and receuved the message to where to find the artist. I  was guided to the store front I needed to merchandise the Dragons into the main stream.

My Client Leanne had a reading and was guided to a much bigger picture for her business.  havig seen and felt this bigger view she was all guns blazing to make this happen for herself and to honour her business.


The next in a merry line up of business women to receive accurate guidance of their bigger purpose and just how to let that land and articulate that.

What will you discover about yourself and your what your business wants to tell you

Manifest With The Dragons

You will receive a process of opening to your own guidance whilst being expertly guided by the Dragons for 12 weeks. You will move quickly towards your purpose and what you are here to usher in and that bigger than you.

You will receive a Concise Dragon Reading giving you the Vision Source has for you, with guidance & opportunities from the Dragon spiritual team. You will be shown now how to connect your mind, body and spirit with this as the most powerful energy to tap into.

We will have you energised, your self belief risen & ready to hold your clients & what is waiting for you.

This will stop the same cycle and stories of money repeating itself over & over – you will receive wealth with ease and know exactly what you are here to do and how to do it.

In this, we connect you to the best offer ( from guidance) for you and your client – we build this offer together to ensure the transformation is met.

Get prepared to receive guidance for yourself

🌟 Key Features for Manifest With The Dragons:

  • Dragon Guidance: Discover a unique and direct approach to guidance from the mighty Dragons. If you’ve found traditional spiritual guides too fluffy or wishy-washy, the Dragons offer bold, no-nonsense direct and straight forward instructions that resonate with your inner strength.
  • Hands-On Training: Over the next 12 weeks, learn practical techniques to articulate your desires, call upon the Dragons for assistance, and pivot your mindset to filter out chaos. Break free from underestimation, step into your true power, and manifest your desires with confidence.
  • Private Support Group: Join a dedicated freindly Facebook community & group for personalized support and guidance from both myself as the instructor and the channel of the Dragons. Meet every other week for mentorship dep dive sessions throughout the 12 week course. Q & A and channeled guidance
  • Flexible Learning: Access training modules at your leisure in a private members’ area. The course is designed to fit into your schedule, ensuring you can absorb the teachings at your own pace.
  • Private Dragon Business Reading: Taking a look into your business world. On entry you will receive The Vision Source has for you at your fullest potential with a 1 to1 feedback
  • Meet the Business Team of Dragons: Speciafically heralded in to assist with the transition of you as you operate in a 5D business. Giving you very specific guidance. Looking at subconscious blocks, you and your purpose, the truest value of you and your business, and where you are headed with your very conscious 5D business

Ready to listen to your own Dragon Guidance?