Are you tuning into your body’s unique needs?


I have been very luck to have been able to help many woman recently to tune into what their body is actually telling them.
I was asked recently; “Can I still get the benefits  from a detox if I have chronic constipation? If so, how? I have tried everything for constipation – liquid diet, raw food including some fermented foods, etc. and nothing works. So unless I find a miracle technique, Am I stuck with it ? I do hope a detox works.”
Constipation is a major problem for many, especially for woman, if you are shift workers and if you have certain worries or fears, or an attitude that can keep you hanging on to things and people and situations long after they have proved not to be of any use to you anymore.
With this lady we eliminated many of the diet choices that could have helped her physically, however there was a recurring theme that she was not able to let go of.  She was not aware of  her habit of hanging on to the old memories, and the pain of a lost situations and circumstances that were causing her to be fearful about moving forward.
Once we enabled her to become aware and conscious of her mental habits, to actually hear the words she was saying, she began to have a new perspective that started to work very well for her. She eased up on herself and saw the light at the end of the tunnel for her future.
We managed to change her outlook and raise her vibrations so much so, that she became a lighter person mentally and the constipation eased up until she could happily experience a daily movement and keep that regular.
In my 15 years of experience coaching, facilitating and helping people to detox, I have seen that there is never just one route to get them feeling better again. To feeling vibrant and confident in their own skin. It is a path with mental and physical sign posts and our bodies are telling us every day by what she attracts in, via pains, inconveniences and negative heavy thoughts. Our Body has all the resources and all the Wisdom to help and heal itself, it just needs reminding and lifting up so it can see the bigger higher picture.
It takes a sensitive ear and heart to be able to dig out and reveal the hidden treasures and what they are telling us.

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