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Release, Reset and Reconnect to your Body

The Lighter Side of being a Woman

You’ll never know how much weight you’re carrying until you feel that you’ve  let it all go.


I may not know you personally yet, but I know there is something you are CRAVING that brings you here.

You have a strong hope and a desire, and I have come to know that everything you dream of IS available for you too!

A light, agile body you feel proud of, and a lighter, easier and relaxed relationship with yourself and your food.

I am here in full support of you, as you release, re-set and re-connect with your body.

Fiona Robertson

XWhat I offer

Hello you wonderful woman….. I know that you are here because you simply want to feel lighter and lose weight.

You want to see yourself getting slimmer, feeling lighter and in truth allowing your self to feel attractive, and look damn hot in a Bikini and lacy French lingerie. Which for some may feel like a step too far, but hell why not.

Your feel that there is more to this than just food restriction, and you’re ready to learn a new way to approach your relationship with food and your body as a whole, and commit to doing a simple practice that IGNITES you as the lighter woman who has her way with the world, and lives the shit out of her life. This woman has released her old baggage, that was weighing her down, and has reset herself from the inside, now feels lighter and has strongly reconnected to her body.  She believes she can create and attract in the life as well as the intimate loving connection with a partner she longs for.

The trouble is you are working around the clock, on the go from dawn to dusk, growing a family and a business, being the good responsible capable woman, mother, daughter, auntie and sister to the whole world, as well as running your own household and struggling to keep all of these magnificent balls up in the air. So trusting you can create this lighter sexier woman out of thin air, is I can see a quantum leap to take – I know because I’ve been there.

Let me tell you, it is not only possible, its doable and in a short space of time.

Who are You

So whether you are a mother with a thriving business and family to care for and are counting the days to the next beach holiday, but would rather not be counting every calorie and restricting your intake of all the foods you love, to reach the body you feel proud of by the pool.

Or the divorced woman turning down invitations to parties, who feels more slummy than yummy, and does not want all the effort of starting over again with another new diet, or another new partner and relationship.

Or the woman at the end of her career who finds herself in a dead end relationship (which is the same as no relationship) and simply wants to look good, feel chic and relaxed and still be sexy and alluring and stay that way.

All of these woman want to ultimately experience the feeling of lightness and being alive in her body. One that is strong, healthy and lets her play and have all the fun she wants, without the yo-yo effect and constantly watching what she eats for the rest of her life.

I can help. I am here to support you as you release, reset and re connect with your body – to experience the LIGHTER side of being a Woman.


Woman Desiring a LIGHTER Life

Weight Loss for the MIND BODY & SOUL

“Release what is blocking and stopping you once and for all from losing weight”

Reset your understanding of how to strengthen the body from the inside out.

Reconnect to your body, listen to what she needs, wants and is lacking the most.

Release the key emotions and mindsets that are the cause of your physical symptoms.

Reset your stress levels, when they have set off the chain reaction that has your body gaining and holding into stubborn weight.

Reconnect to a body that you feel utterly ALIVE in.

6 Weeks to IGNITION: is a process to re calibrate your very foundations

PRICE 1,800.00 (For 6 weeks foundations)

655.00 X 3 Installments

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Woman Living the LIGHTER Life

Inner Strength and Energetic Breakthrough

“Dive into becoming the woman who lives the S#*T out of her life, and molds her body and her environment with ease”

Develop an easy inner strength and become the woman you always intended to be.

Be a woman who expresses herself with ease, be seen, heard and respected by colleges, family and advisories alike.

Trusts the whispers from your intuition, reconnect to your body and embrace the lighter side of life.

Develop your supportive mindset and have a full range of emotional expression to guide you.

12 weeks to EMBODY:  profound energetic and physical transformation

PRICE 2,950.00  (For 12 Weeks Embodyment)

999.00 X 3 Installments

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Who am I?

I am Fiona Robertson, I am a Body Whisperer and the Body Re-Newer. Creator of the ‘Release, Reset, and Reconnect to your Body’ a 6 month Energetic Weight Breakthrough program placing you as a Woman on the Lighter side. I am an intuitive health coach for women in their 40’s and 50’s, and I provide bespoke programs for woman who want to get into the very best shape of their lives, without ever stepping into the Gym or being on endless diets.

As a 40 something woman going after my dream career, choosing to live here in Biarritz, France, and running healthy Detox and Raw Food Retreats. I had 2 small boys to care for, as well as a household, several pets, a large garden and 2 Apartments to manage. I found myself engrossed in my daily work and family needs and their dramas, and I felt so, so far away from meeting any of my own needs. I now know that I was in survival mode. I soon found myself bigger than I had ever been – not having the time or spare money to put towards a personal coach and trainer. I made a decision that turned my life around – I would uncover the real reason that I had gained and held onto so much weight, and why I was craving to secretly eat, scoff and binge. Despite being surrounded by the healthiest food on the planet and partaking in all the long hikes I took my clients on into the mountains, actively running around after my young children and leading yoga classes. On the outside I looked like I had everything – but inside I was EMPTY and felt like I was barely just surviving.

I wanted to be slimmer, fitter and have more energy, But I had however 1 big proviso, that I would never become a gym bunny or follow a strict diet ever again. But I would uncover the real reason my body had put on so much weight and despite all my efforts it was not shifting the weight I carried.

5 years on and I am in the best physical shape ever, I have lost 2 stone (128lbs), I feel lighter all round (physically, but also mentally and emotionally too ) and l have maintained my energy and weight goal over the last 3 years, without depriving myself of foods I love or being on any diet, going anywhere near a gym, spin class or treadmill. So by now I know a thing or two about what it takes to set goals, and achieve them without the need for any fancy kit.

So I know you can too….. make this breakthrough and embody this happy, LIGHTER free self that you seek.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner]


Woman On the LIGHTER side

Mastery is a 6 months process: where you will be Igniting, embodying and living as your Wiser Lighter Sexier Woman, day in & day out and liberating the LIGHT woman as she always intended to be.

A woman who knows what she desires and how to go onto create it.

She is playful, FUN, and feels ALIVE.

Her intuition is heightened and she is excellent at keeping to her boundaries expressing what she wants and needs, and feels in control when she could be triggered. Her relationships are enhanced and enriched. Communication is clear, heard and respected. Life is all together more vibrant as you attract to you what you really wanted and needed all along.

PRICE 5,200.00 (For 6 months of Mastery)

1,890.00 X 3 Installments

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Woman Designing her Life

School of being a Woman who creates Life

“Designing life the way you want it to be”

Creating a life that is worth living, with all the trappings, career, wardrobe, family, travels, romance and partnership

Become the woman you always admired and

12 Month DESIGN.  Profound energetic and life and physical transformation


2,200.00 X 6 Installments

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A woman needs to feel the pleasure in her body, to identify what she desires the most, and to have fun no matter where she is and what she is doing.

If this is stifled and squashed she will become resentful, angry, bitter and hateful towards herself first and foremost. The weight of her world will pile up on her bones, and inside she feels as if she is dying a very slow and sure death, like a trapped bird.


Dear Fiona, I want to thank you for helping me change my life.  When we started our journey with a detox retreat in the summer of 2014 a big part of me believed I would never be able to have a great relationship with food, that I would never truly be OK with myself and therefore would have to stay on my own, with all my ‘secrets’. Through our many enlightening conversations, you have taught me to embrace pleasure, fun and attract in what I love.  It may sound a little crazy but now I sit a table and taste every mouthful of the food I have chosen, prepared and am so grateful to have this experience.  I now wonder at how amazing food is and how beautiful my body is.  (I remember my floods of tears when I first touched and connected to my body) Food is my friend, and a whole new world has opened up for me. If you had asked me a year ago to choose one word to describe my body, it would have been ‘disgusting’, ask me now and I’d happily shout my body is ‘sensuous’!

Thank you for your guidance, persistence and love, and calling me back when I used all my avoidance tactics, because I do get that it takes ‘love for people’ to support them through life changing transitions.  I’m eternally grateful to you, love Louise, xx. Oxford 2014

Dearest Fiona, This has been the most amazing journey and I thought it was to be just about food and my body, but WOW. I want to say that the year since my ‘total body reset’ coaching with you I have had the best year of my life. I feel lighter and brighter which was my initial aim, but I have discovered real freedom and how to express myself, I feel safe to travel the globe with my walking boots and I have even flirted across several continents and it feels great to be considered attractive again. I am in awe of my life and how I walk as this woman and appreciate every single day and the colours and joy she brings to me. Nothing is an effort anymore.

Thank you for your time and consistency and keeping me on track when I wanted to stop because this was a new way for me. Thank you for the laughs and your complete faith in my.

Pamela. Paris. 2016