Body Image, there are 2 ways to go about this.

When I say this I mean there are two ways to approach your body image issues, the hard effort, restriction, limitation, rules and trail and error way or the easier route that takes some practice and change of perception as its up side down to your normal education about your body.

So…. How can we stop blaming your body for the weight gain. Hating your reflection, and losing the weight you are currently holding on to. Either you can choose route

1. You can exercise like mad and reduce your food until your eating just grapes for a week. With this method your possibly going to faint at the office and get the runs. Both very embarrassing and actually you wont lose any weight for very long and lose a lot of street cred. And sadly, also as soon as you stop this ridiculous regime you will feel like you deserve a treat, and as hard as you try you will not be able to stop yourself as your body is screaming and wont stop, like a petulant child until you give her what she wants.

2. Take the easy route and get your body on board for once in your life, and get out of your thinking head about how to approach this body that wont comply with your repeated wish to lose weight.

Do you want to know what is sabotaging all your hard work, best efforts and time and money invested in this? YOU and only you.

To take the easier route you will be learning how to Align and connect up your Mind and Body towards the same goal.
Did you know that your thoughts and emotions directly affect ALL of your body functions, INCLUDING YOUR DIGESTION AND METABOLISM. Both your mind and body work together effectively to help you create the results you most concentrate on. That’s why you can slave away at the gym six days a week, eat raw vegetables and lean cuisine for months and months and still not experience the physical changes you desire… at least, not on a permanent basis.

It is totally possible to have a body that you love and appreciate and a healthy vitality that is present every day. When you understand the link between the mind and the body and how they work together.

That’s my role and gift, I can guide you to tune in and get your body and mind on board and aligned to create the body you’ve been seeking.

I help you to be reassured and change your concentration and inner sabotaging voice directed and so hatefully at yourself. I help you to feel what it would feel like to be in a body that is new, fresh and unfamiliar to you today, but that you can move into day by day.

The ego that keeps you trapped in the energy of  “Lets talk about me” ,”I have to tell you how much I hate myself right now”, “Let me remind you and me that I used to be beautiful”

When you are liberated from this torrent of self hate and actually experience what its like to feel what it would be like to live in a body you love, You have planted a very special seed that will not die. She keeps growing and asking to be treated kindly, respected and honoured, When you can truly feel honoured to be living in your body you will begin to morph into the body you wanted. It literally changes, drops the layers of protection and garbage you’ve been carrying on the inside and gets streamlined. You feel attracted to more and more of what suits you and movement becomes a thrill and your food becomes exciting again.

For all this to happen you need to be willing to take a step outside the box. To swing upside down for a while, and relish in the adventure of living from your heart and soul again.

Are you curious, intrigued or feel excited? Let me know This week I am offering a Free consultation so you can plant your seed and experience a shift in your cellular structure to be on a secure paths towards a body that you can be proud of and feel honoured to be in.

When your ready for this, I am giving you the time to have a consultation with me for Free, and asking you to fill in a few vital and well tuned questions to make sure you really, really want it, as it’s a really precious gift.

The only thing is, My time is somewhat limited, So I have created as many slots within one week for theses sessions as I can, these gift spots are highly sought after, and are going to be snapped up fast. And to get your slot you’ll need to apply right away.

In this personal call you will:
* Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from actually reaching your weight goals and are keeping you stuck.
* Create a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to have a body you honor, so it’s easy and a pleasure to be in your body.
*Identify the one simple step you can take immediately to get you into action.


1.      On Monday 19 September 2016

I’ll send you the special invitation. All you need to do is open the email, hit reply and answer a few simple questions. That’s it!

2. There is a deadline for confirming to me that you will be collecting your Gift session

Deadline Wednesday 21 September 2016.

So best you hit reply right away, when you see the invitation from me.

3. I’ll let you know by this time next week if you get one of my special GIFT sessions.
I hope you do! There’s only one way to find out for sure and that’s to apply right away when the email arrives from me to you.
So watch for my GIFT of this free call in an invitation and I’ll talk to you soon!

I believe YOU can have a body you can honor.

Fiona Robertson
The Body Re-newer


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