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Feel free to contact me

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Body Code an Introductory Course to finding your Hidden Triggers to Compulsive eating and food and drink cravings.


In a recent published psychologies magazine, they gave statistics to prove that; 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women over 40 are oblivious to the mental and emotional TRIGGERS that have them overeating, and with no control over cravings or night time binge eating patterns.

This 7 Day Challenge is here to detox your mind and support you to see clearly your triggers, that get you to your root cause as to why you are over eating. So you can release them and be free from using food as a crutch, making you eat more than you need to, which is creating serious health and weight problems for you.

Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer Extraordinaire

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“I found doing this Body Code Mind and Body Detox, I started to discover how to detox my mind, find my triggers and reach my root cause of why my body was craving food, and why I gave in and felt so out of control and found evenings the hardest to stop eating.

I would never have described myself as a disordered eater but I see I was using food as a crutch all along. Once I completed the Body Code – Mind and Body Detox, which was delivered in such an easy to follow way, I was free to understand and recognize when I was triggered. The stress test was such a helpful tool and will stay with me forever. This was a turning point for me, with such insightful and easy to comprehend information. Following this Body Code – Mind and Body Detox has made a huge impact on me physically as well as emotionally. I had struggled to figure out what I was doing wrong before, having been on and off diets until I was so confused about what I should eat and what not to eat. I never saw before the amount I was eating and now I know what I was really hungry for all along. This was the biggest piece in my puzzle by far.” 

I followed this ‘Body Code’ then asked to dive deeper and get support with Fiona by my side to detox my mind and body and hold me accountable, as I know that if I had been left to my own devices I would have easily sabotaged myself and messed it up, cheated and given up as usual. I am so happy that I have done and I know now, that I have got what it takes.”

Marie Rogers. Glasgow – 2 dress sizes down, and still maintaining.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what it takes and get the support you need, and ask for help”

Rachel Maloney, London.

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I am so excited to announce this Body Code – 7 Day mind and body Detox to see you discover your TRIGGERS. Which has every chance of setting you free from compulsive and disporederd eating, however that is showing up for you.

There is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and your feelings, and there is always a deeper meaning when you find yourself craving food or a drink that becomes a compulsive need, an eating pattern and or a habit that you cannot break through. What lies beyond the night time cravings is a message to you, and as to what is really triggering you and will bring you the real relief you seek.

I hope within this introductory 7-day course you will see how to detox your mind and open up to seeing what, where and how you can handle that NO 1 trigger that has you overeating with a new ease.

Once you know the mental and emotional chain reactions and chemical culprits that are making you feel crummy, and have you diving for the compulsive eating food for reward and out of habit, you’ll have a real chance at finding relief, a cure, dropping those dress sizes (that were due to the overeating) and feel so much more confident and altogether happier. (It’s much easier than you think to get to your root cause.)

Many women that I speak to already believe they know exactly what they have to do, to stop cravings and binge eating and that is to use willpower and force and then they will stop the cravings and be able to lose the weight they always wanted to lose. Willpower meaning – reduce their intake and move more, and that there will be no gain without the pain. This is forceful and your body will rebel against you, because you have not seen how to detox the mind and what the triggers are there for and why you are overeating, These triggers cannot be starved and dieted away, these need a special type of attention that we are going to open you up for you to see clearly over the following 7 days.

Most women believe they know exactly what they have to do, eat less move more – However most women find the real challenge to:

  1. Know what or when to eat, because they don’t really know what they are hungry for or how they really feel 
  2. How to stop eating when they are not hungry but are feeling generally stressed out
  3. Dedicate the time to do the stuff that really matters, every day, week and month to fulfull their true missing nutrients

Imagine knowing when you are feeling really hungry and what you are really hungry for. Then finding that you are already feeling so satisfied and fulfilled, all your missing nutrients are in place and that finally, food is not that high on your list of importance for you right now, ( I know that sounds weird but its right here and so doable) so that you know exactly what you need, want and are lacking the most and how to fulfill that need for yourself.

Let’s face it we have been taught to ignore our feelings and that they are a sign of weakness, but real strength comes from navigating a full range of feelings.

Unless you can get to the root cause of your overeating triggers you will remain suseptable and oblivious to the reasons for your cravings and continue to eat past hunger. These triggers will remain in the dark for you and you will be sadly stuck in that unhealthy eating pattern forever.

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Here’s where I will show you why you’re struggling–and what you can do about it today!

Your lovely body responds to many many influencers around her, she is like a barometer reacting and responding picking up on the invisible as well as the visible elements around you from your own thoughts, feelings, and those of other people,

We have become so busy and unaccustomed to hearing or feeling even the simplest physical sensations, like hunger or thirst and what we are truly hungry and thirsty for. We remain confused and end up eating big 3 meals a day and continuing to eat even when we’re not even really hungry, but starving on a myriad of other levels for reasons other than hunger for food.

We can be triggered by every encounter we have, choosing to feeling uncomfortable and out of control and never knowing why or what is at the root cause or we can choose become resilient learning how to decipher our feelings and remain unaffected by the dramas of others, by all the situations that throw us off course, demanding us to stand with utmost poise and flexibility.

I have set about unraveling the elements that have most of us triggered. Today I will guide you through the 7 days stages of detoxing  the mind and give you an introduction to these sucessful Body Code techniques.

I guarantee that experiencing and understanding your full range of emotions will change your life. You will have a deeper connection and appreciation for the world, people, your body, your partner. If you are concerned about your feelings and if they are appropriate or not, you probably lacked a solid emotional education, like so many of us. Emotions were pushed to one side in favor of educated intelligence, which has sadly left us unstuck and finding it difficult to navigate this world, our relationships, career, success, failure, and so much more without the use of a crutch like food or drink.

It will come as a huge relief that what you are experiencing is normal and that beyond that, the knowledge of your feelings and emotions will bring you even more freedom and confidence. If I can do this so can you. I was so stubborn and resistant to change, yet I found my way to break through and so will you.

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Lets get started

Here is the introduction to finding your TRIGGERS – 7 days Mind and Body Detox

1. With this first exercise and accompanying video you will find your way to drop down into the unconscious mind and find your level of stress.

This is very important as you can then know at what level of stress you are at in every situation; Knowing that when you are stressed your chemicals raise in your body, particularly the testy hormones cortisol, insulin and they push chemicals around so that you can stand and fight or run like mad ad if not used these chemicals are the ones that cause fat storage as we did not use up all that energy provided by the body.

Exercise 1. watch the video and follow the guided sequences to drop out of your overthinking mind.


2. Cravings- a deeper meaning

Secondly, as you were under so much stress be that you were feeling anxious, or rejection or anger or hurt you did not have time to deal with these emotions and are still processing these events. so when the day becomes quiet and you are alone binge eating and filling the void and pushing down this uncomfortable feeling starts to play out its usual game.

Exercise  2. to dive deeper into the Mental and Emotional Detox

Watch the second video and find where your stress level is and learn how to detect where it is easily ion a moment to moment basis.



When was the last time you could really relax, take your time, not fill up your day?.

Rest is essential element to discovering what triggers you as well as reducing the chance that you will be triggered.

Building a meditation practice is better than a full nights sleep. Meditation is 10X more beneficial than sleep as it gets you into this theta brain waves that are so restorative. With the body code, I explain briefly why sleep is going to be one of the things you need to cherish and will release certain hormones that reset your body.

We also know what relaxes us best at short notice and we find it necessary to give ourselves a treat for such a crappy busy and emotionally charged day. so we choose our habitual eating pattern to satisfy dozens of unfulfilled needs..  Cravings video

Exercise 3. Follow the technique on the video and imagine your craving and see if you can get to the trigger behind it.


4. Missing Nutrients

Most of the population have no idea what they want when they are asked and spend most of the time knowing what they don’t want. This keeps us locked in a place of negativity and in limbo not knowing what we seek; getting clear on what we want is a real tool to see what’s been missing in our life so fat and a huge part of why we are triggered. I call these our Missing Nutrients and it is essential that we fill these up on a regular basis some last longer than others. For example, I know that I have to have some sort of on the edge adventure like g-horse riding in my life. I also know that when I crave this I must listen and fill that in; The sensation and satisfaction from this one activity and missing nutrient can last me for up to 4 months then I have to experience it again. Cuddles and hugs, however, are another of one of my missing nutrient (that can easily find me craving chocolate or sweets) and these are needed daily.

Exercise 4. here is the perfect day journaling exercise that is best done daily to expand on all the things you desire and will fulfill you and stop those triggers from controlling you.


5. Full Range of Emotions

80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women over 40 are oblivious to when they are mentally or emotionally triggered resulting in compensating with food addiction; compulsory eating and are stuck in a rut and not knowing how to get out of that groove.

Our emotions have been sadly overlooked and it was not until I became aware of when and what I was feeling that I found I no longer needed to overeat to suppress the feelings I could not fathom and played havoc in my body that I could not name or make feel better; I blamed and hated my body because she gained weight, just because I did not know how to navigate my feelings so I habitually overate..

Exersice 5. Here is a list of sensation s that putting aside illness or medical conditions suggest that you are having an emotional reaction and response

Dry throat, Fatigue, shortness of breath, feeling suffocated, Queasiness, Racing pulse, flushing, Not able to concentrate, can’t focus, Butterflies in the stomach, pounding heart, a lump in the throat, contracted chest feeling tight and hollowness, Constriction around the eyes, hear of upper belly, Running to the toilet, excessive pee breaks, 

Here is a chart of emotions that I would encourage you to go through and find the ones that make you feel uncomfortable and identify the feeling inside. and review that sensation. Be as honest and specific as you can.


6. Reconnect the mind with the emotion

The 7 most difficult emotions to mentally detect for disordered eaters, so often the description ends at “Oh I am stressed” or maybe “I am hurt”, but to really navigate our mental and emotional selves it’s important to understand the difference.

In this exercise, I ask you to know how to identify your own key feelings. Take the chart I gave you in section 5 and choose the top 7 feelings and follow the exercise. or use the following 7 feelings which usually come top but everyone is different so stay true to your own inventory of feelings that affect you. This will make you more effective at recognizing and handling your feelings and labeling it correctly, with the goal of becoming familiar with your emotions the mental labels and the physical sensations.

Using these 7 emotions to become familiar with the mental label and the physical sensations for yourself.

Guilt, Shame, Anxiety, Helplessness, Disappointment, confusion, loneliness,

First, write your own take on guilt, then do the same with each of the other top emotions you have started asking yourself ie; what do you have on guilt, and repeat that same question to yourself for 15 minutes. We are going to spring clean on each of the 7 emotions individually.

Then second part write down what triggers you to feel guilt, be descriptive with the circumstances that trigger and provoke that distress in you and where you feel it.

7. Beyond Detox – what comes after the physical and mental detox? – maintenance

I want to introduce you to a powerful way to maintain your detox state of mind and body. How we can sustain the good feelings we have created via a detox and keep up the good work, we all know that we are more susceptible to our food triggers when we are tired, unfulfilled, cranky, feeling stressed ie can’t cope and overwhelmed, so I encourage you to continue the practice you have started here.

I have a list of Body Code Videos that will assist you to go further to understand what influences your body besides the food elements, we concentrate on Nutrition that’s perfect for you via the Body Code Quiz,

You’ll get to look at

  1. how sleep blocks or releases the exact hormones needed to access the fat cells.
  2. take a deeper look into all the hormones that we can turn on or off that create a healthy fit and body that can lose weight quickly and easily.
  3. What type of exercise is right for you
  4. Where stress comes from and how to neutralize it
  5. Hormones will be identified in the FULL BODY CODE QUIZ that shows us what chemical reactions and culprits are currently. This is clearly apparent by ready the physical symptoms you encounter when you complete the quiz..

Here is the introductory video to the Body Code.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Fiona Robertson and I am the Body Renewer, a health & fitness trained healer and coach with my specific skills in food, eating disorders and how to rebalance hormones to lose weight.

It is my skill to get to the heart of the matter with health, weight and physical symptoms, I change the perceptions of nutrition, stress and weight management. Staring with the Body Code, I re-educate women how to eat again intuitively with nutrition counseling, to literally renew their bodies from the inside out. I show women how to have peace with food and feel FREE so that she can be at peace in her body.

I strongly advocate listening to the body cue’s and messages (The psychology of eating – from cravings, persistent physical symptoms, metal over thinking, and repeated behaviors) How to provide adequate fuel for a woman’s specific ‘Body Code’ that will go onto maintain a healthy body that every woman can love.

Given the complex nature of eating disorders and the numerous ways they show up, it is necessary to seek help as it can get confusing to know where to start.

Linking the heavyweight we carry to every day and lifetime issues, situations, and stressful events has clearly assisted women to feel lighter in ways previously unimaginable, taking the weight off your shoulders and helping you cope better with your days so they are not so heavy for you. Providing resilience that frees you up from being triggered to crave foods that mask the sadness and the need to sabotage yourself from what you miss and desire most of all.

It is important to find a specialist with specific experience in treating and finding solutions that are tailored to you, and your personal issues that lie behind your cravings, overeating, night time eating syndrome, compulsive and secret eating behaviors until you can reach and have utter Peace with Food and maintain your healthy energy and stay at your desired weight.

I am an expert, a professional speaker mentor, and intuitive healer, I am experienced, and have been specifically educated and have an advanced knowledge and in-depth understanding over a general doctor, counselor or therapist, nutritionist or dietitian, who creates with you a long-term and lifetime plan, that meets your individual needs. You will never have to over think or spend unnecessary energy on food or diets ever again.

Becoming an intuitive eater and following my BODY CODE I have recovered myself, I guarantee that you can cut down self sabotage, cravings and over eating by 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} in just 4 weeks. Neutralize any physical craving and re program an emotional craving and gain peace with food. Following your Specific Body Code, which is the food group that includes your bodies ideal nutritional fuel. You can eat more of what you love and exercise far less and still lose weight, get more energy and feel better than ever.

The kind of peace you seek is not reserved for those with the perfect body. It is possible for you too. You only need to discover how.

If I can do it so can you ……….

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What is the Body Code Mind and Body Detox

Over 7 days detox the Mind and body you will see and be set free from your triggers and get to the root cause of your food compulsions.

With video’s, deep dive exercises, access to me via a private link to ask for support and give feedback to me of your experience. You will find the relief you have been waiting for, to get past the compulsive eating that stems from unconscious triggers and go onto discover the deeper meaning for you.

You’ll get.

  1. To start to get very familiar, very quickly with your levels of stress and know what to do to release stress in an instant
  2. Learn the deeper meaning of your cravings, also how to eat again
  3. Release a trigger for a craving at any time at any place and get to the root cause
  4. Believe it’s NEVER too late to start fulfilling your own needs and discover your Missing Nutrients
  5. Reprogram unconscious eating habits neutralizing them at the root cause and find the emotional blocks
  6. Dissolve all the barriers that prevent you maintaining and creating the body you know you deserve.
  7. Rediscover your Body Code and full predisposed design by taking the QUIZ

Each section looks like this. You’ll get:

  1. How to see the link with stress and weight and how to neutralize the stress and how you perceive it.
  2. Find out the Deeper Meaning to your cravings and what it means for you personally.
  3. Breakthrough your mindset and the personal resistance appearing via your food or drink cravings.
  4. Discover your Missing Nutrients and what you really need, want and lack the most.
  5. Uncover the key predisposed emotions that affect you the most; Funnel down to the top 3.
  6. Reconnect the mind and the emotions so that you can be highly aware of how each feeling is influencing you and name it.
  7. Beyond this Mind and Body Detox and how to maintain your weight and excellent food choices

I am so confident in giving you the material you need to get right to the root cause and triggers, that I will guarantee that you have real peace of mind and you will break through to another level of eating and lose weight and drop dress size’s. I have seen and experienced this with hundreds of other ladies over the past 6 years. All you have to do is say yes to yourself and I’ll see you on the other side..

I have helped dozens of women, worldwide, to create a true sense of peace with food following their Body Code once they know it and their body, their mind and their emotional triggers. And the best part is that when you follow your Body Code you see how much easier life can be without all that confusion about food bugging you every day. The weight changes and shifts and you discover a new freedom in EVERY area of your life. The positive overflow has a knock on effect and spills over into your relationships, your family, your career, you have a new found happiness and LOVE for everything about life


Marie Rogers, 2018 I came to Fiona a lost woman, I had gained several stone in a period of 3 years and food had become my go to. But I had no idea what I was actually doing. Overeating and as Fiona said “I had no idea how much I was actually eating or even why.” I was eating away and wearing my troubles and emotions for the whole world to see and hated how I looked. With Fiona I lost 1 stone quickly and then persistently lost 2 lbs every week until I hit my ideal weight. The 222 program it the spot and I found what triggered me to over eat and the root causes to cravings. I know I would never have been able to do this without her support and seeing behind what was really going on. I feel 10 years younger and am in dresses I thought I would never wear again. You can meet Marie and have access her You Tube Testimonial for me here – Marie Rogers . https://youtu.be/yDkXHPatwLk

Valerie Gorman, 2018 Thank you so much Fiona this has been a truly remarkable life changing experience, I chose to Go all the way to feeling PRICELESS because I wanted to actually feel priceless and be the woman who conquered the world. I have gone deeper and further than I would ever have imagined, I can now say that I love myself and I feel confident and happy where ever I am. I have the strength, coping mechanisms and am so aware of my body and what she is doing and what she needs and wants. I know the root causes and triggers to my food disorders and now I am FREE. I am a changed woman and never want to go back to how I felt before EVER. All in all I have lost 3 stone and I have maintained this for 6 months. I celebrate my body every day.

Zoe Badger. 2018 I had gained 4 stone slowly over time and just felt crappy all the time. Diets no longer worked. I resisted and sabotaged every attempt I tried. Fiona got to the heart of the matter and I worked through a remarkable internal journey clearing away the root cause and I now stay at 4 stone down and feel FREE and happier than ever before.

I have helped dozens of women, worldwide, follow their Body Code and go onto create a great relationship and a sense of peace with food, knowing what to eat and feel so much better about their body, And the best part is that is when you follow your Body Code as I lay it out, you will go onto create a new freedom in EVERY area of your life as well as with food and your body. The positive overflow has a knock on effect and spills over into your relationships, your family, your career, you have a new found happiness and LOVE for everything about life.

So let’s get started.

“The value of knowing your Body Code is literally immeasurable, all I can say is that it CHANGES LIVES.

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How do I Start the Body Code Mind Body Detox?

Follow this link and you will be guided to where you can download your Mind Body Detox, and you can start straight away. I will send you the Home detox Box as an optional extra so that you can have a full digestive cleanse and kick start your entire system at the same time. 

For you, it’s that easy.

I have many many free resources once I have notification of your payment you can begin when you are ready. At the end of the Body Code Mind Body Detox. I will arrange a free 20 minute consultation to feedback to you your exact Body Code and take you through what you can do immediately to start adapting your nutrition and the chemical culprits to improve your hormones, and just you’ll see how easily you can feel better in your body and alleviate some more of your symptoms.


If so then please do ALL 3 of the following:

  1. Follow the link ‘BODY CODE FULL MIND AND BODY DETOX’ to where you can make your payment and access the download exercises 

  1. Fill in the details for the delivery of the Home Detox Box and let me know when you want to start.

  2. Send a join request to ‘Women Winning The World Weight, and Wonder’ and I will approve you, so that you gain automatically have access to weekly classes tips and techniques that spring out of following your Body Code.

The investment is 7 days that will last you a life time

I cannot wait to meet you and give your 7 day Body Code – Mind and Body Detox



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There is nothing wrong with YOU or YOUR BODY!


Fiona Robertson, Age 52

Have you ever wondered if you had something wrong with you that stops you from feeling good in your body, losing weight and not emotionally eating? I Did…

IT’S OK, You’re not missing some special DNA strand that makes some women skinny and you not, that makes them happy and you not, or that keeps you from losing weight or living the happier contented fulfilled life that you want. That’s exactly what I thought and considered when I couldn’t lose weight or feel content in my body. I was in enormous pain. I got super skinny for a while and then it all came back. I got obsessed with raw food and detoxing, basically starving myself, I ate only foods I thought were ‘healthy’, and became boring to be around. Finally, my metabolism hit rock bottom and I did too.

Then the weight started to climb on and on and I couldn’t figure what was going down! It was a nightmare.

I first became conscious of my body at 12 years old and thought that starvation was the only route, that is still the hardest habit to break and it was my body and soul who were screaming at me and totally desperate to get my attention – to find peace with my body and the food I ate.

At a low point I started to meditate, You see I knew, as I always had that there was far more going on here than food in and food out. I sought out my soul to find the real reason I was suffering, and I re connected with my body and she spoke back to me. I went on my internal journey from being the Detox Diva obsessed about healthy food, to healing my emotions, the self judgments, the secret eating binges, the cravings, over thinking and chronic starvation, exhaustion and fear of food and my body. I have totally re-invented myself and my body along with my spirit’s support.

Your not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body, and that is to learn and practice Peace with your Body’ and go onto learn the ‘Four Pillars’ that create your body for weight loss.

You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels at peace and to embody your own soulful, fun and fulfilled self as a woman, I’ll show you how….

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A seriously awesome experience. I never knew there was so much I was missing. This taught me in just 7 short Days the complete and thorough process I am still happily using today, the rituals that work for me, how to feel what I want to eat, when I’m hungry, When I am fulfilled and when I am not, how to honor my body with what she needs. How to nourish myself on every level and why it is so important. This is life supporting and I have just had my best year ever, body, business and relationship wise.

I cannot explain how I feel now compared with when I started this journey. Its remarkable and as Fiona always insists, it has guided me to know how it feels to be in my body and how everything is attracted by the undercurrent of my feelings. We align the body and go way further than I ever knew I could. Fiona helped me master that I could feel safe and relaxed in my body in every situation which turned around my relationship with food and my body.

Don’t hesitate, ask for help and start to clear what you are holding onto.

C. Kirby


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