On Stage In Your Best Outfit & Made To Measure Body


How do you walk the room?

Are you the confident type swaying to the tune “The minute you walked in the joint, You could tell she was a woman of distinction, a real big spender, good looking, so refined….”

Marie was walking into the training room set aside for her to get the sales force of this company licked into shape and she had some great stuff up her sleeve.

As she walked into the meeting room proudly wearing a bright yellow above the knee fitted dress, she felt ‘priceless’ and so glad she’d taken steps to get into her best outfit ever, the skin she loved being in… when she overheard one of the ladies saying:

“Oh I like that dress, I wonder where she bought it. Not many people can carry of yellow, but that looks fabulous on her.”

Marie was tickled at the comment, she walked to the whiteboard and realised she had a huge cheesy grin on her face, thinking to herself if only that woman knew that just 2 months ago I would have been in elasticated waist trousers and a long coat jacket to hide my arse and muffin top.

As Marie turned around she could not have been prouder and full of new confidence, she swept the trainees off their feet and walked the room like she owned it. Her energy was so different and she felt Priceless and phenomenally strong and confident.

She got asked to come back as well as take her sales training into the companies’ other 4 regional offices. To which she agreed to do and signed a new contract that day to be their main sales trainer.

This is what happens when you:

Love the skin you are in

Have your body as the best designer outfit you could be wearing

Any £5.00 t-shirt dress will wow your audience more than the £5,000 Givenchy  gown

  • Substantial weight loss that is sustainable comes with mastering the mind. Neither ability to master your nutrition or your mind is of much use alone.
    But of the two, the mind is far more important. Your mind and body need to truly connect and be in balance. If you must choose which one to train. Then you should train the mind.

*Learn to listen harder than ever before.

Most women are under the misconception that the physical body is altered by eating less and moving more but until you understand your resistance to doing that nothing will change. It is such a shame because the answer is right at your finger tips

😁Feel free to ask me how and take a look at getting your best designer outfit made to measure.

Fiona Robertson

Standing on stage in front of 200 strangers


June 2017 I stand in a room with 200 strangers and It’s my turn to walk up onto the stage and deliver what I want to share.

My heart is in my mouth, I’m not thinking about my talk at all, I’m concerned about how I look, who will take me seriously? Is this dress Ok?

OMG, I talk to myself, how many times have I been here how long have I tried and failed to get the body of my dreams and that looks like the ambitious, go getter, she’s got it all together, totally credible, a respected leader that I know I am.

It’s taking all of my energy and concentration to not run away right now, as I am embarrassed that I don’t look the part of the woman I am about to talk about.

But whenever I have to stand up and have all those eyes on me, when I am looked at, I freeze and clam up, get all hot a sweaty and really I let myself down because I am terrified of being judged, and ridiculed and I will have to prove myself in a confrontation.

I wanted to walk up to the microphone and pour my heart out and say I had no idea why I looked the way I did or why my body was misbehaving despite how hard I tried but listen to me because I absolutely do know about being a leader and a strategist and a make it happener.

I wanted to describe how frustrated I was and I didn’t feel like I had accomplished anything worthwhile because I did not look the part of the phenomenally strong women people expected when they know me as a leader.

Wind forward to today and I can see there was a much deeper frustration within me that had been there all along but I just hadn’t been noticing. Standing with my arms outstretched and not hiding an inch has become my signature on stage. I dropped 2 stone and in as many months and these 2 stone were representations of my heavy thoughts and beliefs about myself. Each one a large bag of pain, sorrow and self-doubt which I lifted off one by one, never to go back to that way of being ever again.

I am sharing this story because I feel that you may be someone who can relate to the frustration and I wanted to tell you that, it’s not your fault.

The frustration is a good sign. It means you are done with mediocre and settling for average for yourself and you are ready to breakthrough to the other side. This was the very stuff I taught in business but standing on that stage that day I saw clearly what I had been doing for years and just how frustrated I actually was.

Up until that moment on stage I had not acknowledged myself or what I really wanted or was prepared to really achieve in all areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I made a decision and felt myself really committed to it that things started to happen, I met the people, read the books, did the courses and connected and fell in love with my inner self, all of these synchronicities showed me how my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings were blocking me physically from letting go.

The critical mindset shift is critical to experience what you crave the most

If you want to break out of your comfort zone and have your own leap into a life that is fun and filled with new opportunities that you can accept freely and walk on stage and be seen as the phenomenal woman that you are, then you need to take a course in becoming a phenomenal woman.

This happens on mentoring calls and a VIP opportunity to come on a retreat in SW France to deepen the process and embody who you want to become in the next phase of your life.

When my Soul said “Hello”


What happens next?

I want to tell you about something that’s made a huge mindblowing impact on my life—because I would love for everyone to feel the same spaciousness, support and freedom that I have come to find.

I now know that I started on this journey 25 years ago, and then again maybe before that too. I dipped in and out of what I am going to explain blew my mind wide open, until I hit rock bottom in 2015 and knew I had to do something very different before I got sucked into the downward spiral or lost it all. I had no money to my name, gained 2 stone and was finding it hard to get up in the morning.

I hated myself for becoming like this but still could not get myself back on track, I was beyond embarrassed to be queuing up and asking for help to feed my children, and that I had allowed this to happen. Me of all people who had run several successful businesses and supported most of the people in my life without a skip in my heart beat.

Asking for help was so not who I was.

Then I began to see that the difficulty and the pain I felt when ever I HAD to ask for help was not from asking others, the authorities, or family for help but from my inner self. She was waiting to be asked. Pushing me to ask her.

I began to quietly say ‘help me’ and ask for what I needed help with and practiced getting out of the way as to which direction it should come from.

I had been so stubborn that money SHOULD come from my EX, that I had become blinded to see all the other opportunities I had at my fingertips. I also saw how I was blocking my own success with what I was constantly thinking and feeling.

I began by paying much more attention to my thoughts, all those spinning thoughts at first too many to see or name. Then feeling into how I felt as I began to hear what I was saying to myself, and then the hardest part for me was seeing that I had created all of this downward spiral myself by what I was thinking, being bull-headed and stubborn and not making any effort to change that.

I was crushed when I admitted to myself that no one else was to blame, Its so much easier to stay in a place where ‘its not my fault’. But what I realized was – this is not mature – and I wanted to be mature about this and rise above my patterns and habits because they dragged me down and I did not want to stay there.

I could see and feel it playing out far easier in others as to what was going on in them, the stories they told, but it was not always able to get out of my own way, especially when it came to money, running a business as a success and not as an expensive hobby. I had to admit I was to blame no one else. That took guts and courage to turn around and look at myself.

I knew I had to re write the story around my circumstances and feel differently, but I could not start. Just as I knew if I ate better I would lose weight – but I could not keep it up,

All until I one day I hear my soul say “HELLO” and saw what she had been so cleverly doing for me. I realized what I was being called to do and quickly started doing something truly mind blowing.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance for yourself and hear your soul say “Hello”, so that you can become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in, and then see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

I knew the concept of the soul, that she was me and lived in me as energy, and that I was no more than flesh and bones and her vehicle for this lifetime. So I had to get out of the way if we were going to accomplish what we were here for. I am a Reiki Master and body whisperer so I understood the energy force in everything, I even felt it, but to admit that my soul through my impoverish circumstances, lack of money and lack of feeling love was calling me to her, and showing me what exactly to pay close, close attention to, I had to admit was genius. I had been lost and acting like a child.

I have never become so acutely aware of my body, how she felt and my circumstances when I truly saw and understood that I was the only one who could change this, from living in lack to living in luxury.

It did not happen over night but I saw clearly where my soul brought me people, opportunities and showed me love beyond what I had ever shown her.

Over these last exploratory 5 years, I have got to know myself as a soul and spiritual being working with energy, shaping it, meeting my soul self face to face and becoming more in her likeness as each day goes by. I think more like her, I look more like how I saw her looking, and I feel what she would do in situations. I play with her and ask for her help for anything from threading a needle (which she does in an instant, compared to my squinting and hundreds of takes) to winning at family society games just for fun, or to finding clients that fit me perfectly. She never ever lets me down.

Although I have let her down constantly and for decades, ignored, blamed, got angry at, said hateful words to, complained at for years on end and never once thanked her for looking out for me and protecting me.

Who is my best friend? Roma, she is my soul and brings to me what ever I ask for, so I am now very careful indeed how and what I ask for.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance, so that you become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in and see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

This is for you if you are a woman who:

* Feels that they are empathic and pick up on negative energy and can’t shake it off

* Feels empty a lot of the time, fills up on food or drink

* Feels she is not good enough and has a pattern of living from lack

* Gets confused when you are in a crowd as you pick up energy and thoughts of others

* Feel exhausted after your day dealing with so much

* Feels you have lost yourself along the way to the demands of others

* Feels you want to be free from the heavy feelings of worry, anxiety, frustrations that nothing is working as it should.

* Wants to feel liberated and able to say you are a very satisfied woman at the end of each day singing “things are going my way”

I look forward to introducing you to your soul and you getting what you came here to experience, share and have.

One Step Forward 2 steps Back – Again and Again

Stuck in a rut?

Here we are more than half way through January and with the Chinese New Year about to happen its a great chance to set a new intention.

What Intentions did you set out for yourself this year?

Have they already started to slip and slide and vanish without a trace.

With the year of the RAT about to start maybe you feel this is an opportunity to do something different. To step up and receive what you feel you deserve.

  25 January 2020 :-The Year of the Rat is going to bring us creative energy, an energy which can manifest by fulfilling plenty of things you wish in your life.

You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “she’s on the edge of something great” or “She’s got the edge” or “to have an edge over something.” – that place a little outside of your comfort zone where you begin to expand and feel empowered and feel this thing you desire can actually happen for you.

You say ‘Enough of playing small’, I have decided to make this happen.

That is where intentions come from, a decision to become the best version of you and to have the dream come true.

You need to understand, that to make your intentions happen and be able to receive them there are steps that you will have to take. Changes made to how you have done things before

Keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same results

There are 8 things that block your initial request and your Intentions being delivered

  1. You don’t believe it will happen and can’t see it happening, You can’t imagine any options available to you, you’ve never been able to do it before, so you don’t send a request at all.
  2. You don’t send a clear request, You have not formed a clear request, the longing is not big enough or you can’t understand the reason you really want it. You just can’t see it.
  3. You send out your request and you tell yourself in the next breath you can’t have it. Don’t deserve it. You come up with reasons why you won’t get it. Then the request goes on hold and gets stuck with the contrasting thoughts and feelings?
  4. You have a pattern of fear going on of what will change of you get what you ask for, relationships may have to change, you may be abandoned, or you might change and be different. The fear stops the flow.
  5. You have an old belief that your not good enough stemming back from childhood and carry anger and negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and capabilities, these frequencies and energy vibrations are enough to stop you from receiving your dreams flowing to you.
  6. You start strong and then stop it, especially for small businesses – as you complain that you will have to work too hard and will lose your freedom. No time for you if you are serving all of those clients.
  7. You modify your request over and over again confusing the message and the feeling of what you want.
  8. You are unprepared for the success and for what you asked for and get overwhelmed, panic and stop the flow.


Do you recognise this?

What do you want to make happen next for you?

What do you recognise and want to have a break through with?

When is Enough is Enough?

Are you ready to get what you dream BIG about?


Over the next 12 weeks you will see where you are blocked and stopped the flow of your intentions. You will be proud that you got past that hurdle and can get on with your life with that well and truly behind you.

Step forward say yes to yourself.

How to LOVE your Body When You Don’t Know How


Women’s disappointment, disgust or delight with their bodies is what lies at the very centre to being able to transform the body how you want her to be – or not.

Since October last year, I’ve been upgrading how I approach the subject of the body over the last few months and I am ready to share the golden nuggets, snippets of what has been coming through from my body and soul’s collective as I put together my book on a new universal understanding and revolution of how the body works and how it will work best for you.

Within everybody there is an energy that resides at the heart of you and your ability to understand and be aware of and access that energy is the very fundamental element that allows your body to either transform or not.

We have all had lessons about our physical bodies that teach us the science, chemistry and biology of how the body works, so when we aim to alter our physical body, her energy and her structure and see someone who looks fit and healthy who says “follow this XYZ method and you’ll succeed with transforming your body just as I did”.

They present concise and comprehensible arguments about nutrition, explain about fuel, digestion, gut bacteria, the science of calories and exercise to use up the stored fat and so on and so forth, and tell you so convincingly that their formula is the best you can get.

They are selling their promise to your mind and sadly it is not just your mind who needs to be on board to alter and transform your experience of your physical body.

But, you take up the diet, the regime, the planning exactly to the letter, but as much as you follow this XYZ method you don’t get the same results as promised because you don’t know what else to do and well they put up a good argument and you so want to believe them.

The reason you are missing the results you crave is all due to this mystery energy element and the relationship you have with your body and soul to enable the switch to be turned ON for you.

Still, you see some people who do not work so hard at being fit and healthy, flexible and can eat whatever whenever and have all the energy they need and seem to be so at ease in their body.


 There will always be someone however clever the strategy who do not succeed and always someone who does not even seem to try at all and it all clicks into place so easily.

That bit is the most valued and missing piece of the puzzle.

So you can analyse the behaviour of others to see what they are doing and do exactly the same and get vastly different results in anything you aim for, from money, business, body, health and even relationships.

But you cannot see how they FEEL about all of that or grasp exactly what and how they think about that subject, that they seem to have the magic touch with, that invisible element that gives them access to everything working out so easily for them.

How can you measure that and attain that?

If someone struggles with their body and aims to transform their relationship with how it looks based on nutrition alone, they will miss 80% of these invisible elements. These elements that actually go onto give them the immediate access that allows them to receive the part that mindset and energy magically plays in manifesting itself for them as – wellness, health, flexibility, strength, feeling lighter and so full of energy that will ultimately give you the feeling that you can scream from the rooftops” I LOVE MY BODY & FEEL SO ALIVE”

This is and can be so easily resolvable.

All that is necessary is to 1. recognise the root of the problem. It’s not because you are doing the wrong things but 2. because you lack the ability to access the energy and mindset of having real LOVE for your body (who houses your soul and desires your unconditional love). And those thoughts and that energy do not exist for you right now or you would not be struggling as much as you do.

Fix the overall energy problem and reset the mindset at the route and it will all come very much easier. I promise. Hint, The ability to find the love for your body as it is today, is the answer.

If you don’t fix the energy problem and re program the mind and just continue to focus on diet, behaviour and strategy you will find that you will have wasted so much of your time and money and it will take a very, very long time to work it out for yourself. Keep losing the same amount and never maintaining the weightlessness feeling and the body that is strong, agile and flexible. Believe me, I know. Sadly it took me decades and many, many diets.

If you, on the other hand, are brave and able to admit where you are right now and willing to adjust your energy and mindset that gives you direct access to what you want. These are the first steps to enter a world where you’re feeling at ease in your body, love to be ALIVE and understand your bodies real needs, wants and desires.

Then you will discover that you have no self-sabotage behaviour playing out, which was previously needed and screaming at you to fill the void at the centre of you, that you felt needed filling over and over again.

You will have found a way to fill that emptiness at your centre that lasts far longer than the extra snack and secret overeating habits you have been falling back on.

Loving your body as she is today can take courage, you can start today with accepting her and finding the smallest parts that you appreciate. for example your hair, your eyes, your intelligence, your wit, your hands and dexterity, your vision, take note of all the small parts and be amazed how she is still operating and taking care of and protecting you despite your disappointment or disgust in her.

Write a list of 100 things you appreciate before you move onto the next part.

Write a letter to your body and tell her what you think of her and be honest and real about how she has turned out.

If you are ready and willing to go further with this and really access your body and transform her, take part in the next phase of your life accessing RADIANCE and love for yourself and your body and just see how life changes for you.

Follow this link below and get more information on how you can turn around your relationship with your body 180°


Lost All of Your Energy? Energy Leaks and How to PLUG them Quickly


Energy Leaks taking away all of your sanity and how to plug them?

In December I found that the house boiler was leaking and as it got progressively worse , decided it needed to be changed and replaced.

With the old boiler out and now moved to a brand new location in the house; Which I am so happy about. I was also noticing how happy I was to get in a clean away the years of dirt unable to be accessed before.

Now I have heard it said about me, “Fiona you reach the paces no one has ever reached before” so I was laughing as I set about cleaning up the old stubborn grime and mess that had laid unseen and hidden for so long and now uncovered because of this leak.

I like to see the analogy of what ever happens in my house or with my car or in my family as something for me to take note of.

I knew that I was going through a grown spurt and up levelling as I had experienced that over Christmas with a relationship that was really bothering me. I knew only I could clean that up and if I left it would ruin my days weeks and only I could sort it out.

Water leaks especially tell a story of emotional energy running away and being wasted. Any issue with water , plumbing, floods etc point to emotional issues needing cleared and healed.

So this was an apt sign that the water leaking from the boiler was in fact showing me how my emotions were in need of being re aligned and to take on a different perspective so that the energy could return to a better state..

So clearing up these energy leaks and cleaning away the dirt that had accumulated was showing me what was still to be done from my perspective.

I took on the cleaning job physically, mentally and energetically with GUSTO, which has since this week also asked me to clean up my physical body too with a short detox. Which is so normal as our environment, our emotions will be mirrored by how we feel physically and how efficiently our body can function..

I have been getting clear how I want this particular relationship that was bothering me so much to be, and I have made clear steps and done my daily practice to set in motion a new thought pattern as well as how I can feel instead.

So far so good, all is well and I am recognising how I feel towards this person and making new choices and reactions. It is becoming easier to be around this family member as well as develop an acceptance and compassion.

I am thankful for the boiler leaking as sometimes it takes a big shake up to see the changes that need to be made.

Plugging the energy leaks is a necessary of the modern day woman if she want to cope well in the next phase of her life and have herself live a life of ease and grace in all situations.

What energy leaks do you encounter?

These could be aches and pains, Headaches, weight gain, acid reflux, twisting ankles and knees, or household appliances breaking down in numbers, several light bulbs all stopping at once, arguments and anger rising to the surface and not being able to control your behaviour and response.

Say YES and take the 5 minutes self assessment and see if you have any of the 15 signs that show you, you might just have hidden and bottled up feelings and energy leaks needing dealt with.

Are you about to lose it?



15 Signs that you might have hidden and bottled up feelings
causing you to feel out of control.

Each Woman here is uniquely different and had different experiences,
but there are 15 sure fire ways to detect if you have bottled up emotions,
suppressed feelings eating away at you and your mind needs to be re
wired, liberated and a new program downloaded.
No matter what the cause no doubt you will be experiencing some
bottled up feelings, emotions and thoughts that will be having a knock
on effect on how you react and operate in your day.
Take 5 minutes to do this self assessment and see if you recognize some
of the tell tale signs you have suppressed emotions boiling away under
the surface from anger, hurt, sadness, disappointment, past traumas,
shock, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, guilt, shame, helpless, lonely,
confusion, or lack of love.
Women’s Bottled Up FEELINGS are the Biggest Undiagnosed Epidemic on the Planet.
Many women learned during childhood to ignore, or avoid, bad feelings.
Not to feel or express their rising feelings such as hurt, sadness or of anger
as it was just bad to feel that way.
These socially unacceptable feelings could not be explained well enough
by a generation uneducated in their own feelings. Nor were these feelings
that we were having rise up even recognized as important enough to
acknowledge, or important enough to matter by your parents of primary
care givers because they did not know how.
Showing no emotion and turning the other cheek was the norm for so
many emotionally uneducated families.

But this ignoring of your bad experiences, such as abuse, abandonment,
trauma, shock, rejection, being ignored or not experiencing the LOVE
and care that you craved has left you confused about how you feel
about these overwhelming feelings that rise up and you have to take so
much energy to squash back down.
The fear is that having these feelings you could break down or lose it in
public, and that you could have an emotional outbursts at un expected
and in appropriate times, yelling, screaming, crying, having a tantrum,
saying and doing mean things are all coming from feelings of being out
of control with the energy it takes to suppress and keep in check your
inner feelings which as you well know leaves you feeling extraordinarily
empty and exhausted.

The slightest disappointment or something not going to plan seems to
have you swimming in feelings that take your body over, from a churning
stomach to a blocked throat and holding your breath, frozen to the spot,
digestion issues swing from constipation to diarrhea, your neck and
shoulders ache with the stress of carrying such a load all the time and
needing to push that away which results in you doing one or a few of the
15 tell tale signs that depict suppressed emotions.

These 15 signals that you are controlling your feelings can mean that you
over eat, over drink and over shop and other tactics to find any kind of
relief from the burden of feeling out of control.
The more you put off acknowledging that something feels wrong about
how you feel, the worse it will become.

Unhealthy coping behaviours such as these can work in the short-term,
which is why people often return to them, but can lead to further
problems longer term.

Suppressed emotions from decades of carrying hurt, anger, sadness,
disappointments and dealing with abuse of all kinds are the causes of
many physical and biological changes in your body. These emotions will
cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase and the level of the
hormone, adrenaline, to rise. Repeated feelings left out of control and
left unchecked will be having long term affect on you from the weight
you carry to your aches and pains to allowing long term sickness and
disease easier access to your organs.

There will be signs of these internal feelings from anger to the
lack of love for you to recognize.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself?

15 Signs you have hidden and repressed feelings from anger to lack of love

  1. You are busy all the time. Keeping busy is a sure fire way to have
    no time to feel things. This might include being quite codependent,
    taking care of other people’s issues instead of your own. And it
    often includes being a workaholic.
  2. You are never angry but have constant mild depression. The
    problem with blocking one emotion is that it often messes up or
    blocks our ability to feel other emotions, too, like joy and
    excitement. It also takes a lot of psychological energy to keep
    things repressed in our minds which can leave us feeling drained,
    leaving some to call depression is ‘anger and self hate turned
  3. You are known for your sarcastic humour. Repressed anger often
    parades as sarcasm, meanness, or an apathetic ‘I don’t care’
  4. You self-sabotage often. Perhaps you are always late getting to
    work, are a student who skips classes, or don’t respond to
    opportunities you want until it’s too late and you’ve missed the
    boat, don’t do what you say you will do, i.e. exercise, diets and
    projects that you know will help you .
  5. You hate rejection. The habit of repressing anger often stems
    from growing up in a household where showing emotion led to
    being silently ostracised. This can leave you a grownup with a
    deep fear of being rejected that surfaces in your relationships. It
    can also show up in your work environment, where you might get
    told you are oversensitive to criticism.
  6. Little things really bother you. Perhaps you are the one in the
    office always complaining if someone puts back the milk carton
    into the fridge with only a drop left in it, or the one at the gym who
    feels really upset if someone doesn’t wipe down equipment they
    have used. This is because bigger repressed anger is seeking an
    outlet and it comes out in the form of frustration and annoyance.
  7. You suffer muscle tension. Anger has to go somewhere, and
    often it goes to our body, leading to a tense jaw, sore upper back,
    or a constant tense stomach that can lead to ulcers (if this is you,
    you might want to try some ways to relax your muscles)
  8. You suffer from ongoing exhaustion, fatigue, many colds or flu, or
    perhaps chronic pain. As well as muscle tension repressed anger
    can lead to anxiety, which affects sleep, which then lowers your
    immune system. As for pain I believe that the body never lies and is
    talking to you through the pain and metaphysically physical pain
    is caused or exacerbated by mental and emotional factors. The
    can be a distraction to keep you away from paying attention to
    repressed emotions, or as I believe it is a signal to pay attention to
    the message being shown to you for the emotional pain you are
  9. You have nervous habits. Things like nail biting, chewing the
    inside of your mouth, or picking can all be signs of repressed
    feelings including anger.
  10. You struggle with addictive behaviour. It doesn’t have to be
    drugs or alcohol. It might be that you are a shopper, a love addict,
    an over-exerciser, or a foodie addicted to healthy or junk food.
    Addiction is often a way to distract ourselves from things that feel
    painful and we want to avoid at all costs, and if we are in pain
    over something, we are often very angry about it, too.
  11. You need to be in control of your life. If we are controlling
    emotions, it can lead to a desire to also control our exterior
    environment. Being a control FREAK is a sure sign that there is a fear
    of being out of control on an emotional level.
  12. You’ve been accused of being passive aggressive. Passive
    aggression happens when instead of expressing our anger directly
    we do it indirectly. This can include things like being nice to
    someone’s face but gossiping about them behind their back, or
    telling a partner we aren’t angry about something important like
    how they spent the month’s budget but calling them lazy for not
    putting the rubbish out.
  13. You have trouble saying no. A healthy emotional recognition of
    what we feel and being able to freely express it, is what leads us to
    setting up healthy boundaries for yourself. Where as never showing
    your feelings like anger often means that you struggle to say no or
    even realising that you can say no.
  14. On the rare occasion you do get upset, it tends to be a
    blowout. You might only get properly upset once a year, but it
    tends to be explosive and something others live in fear of. This is
    what happens when there is a build up of un expressed emotions.
  15. You feel happy all the time, just pure peace and love. This kind
    of belief about oneself generally points to some deep-rooted
    denial. The human mind and emotional system is not one-sided.
    Nobody feels great all the time. If we did, we’d never learn
    anything, as we grow from being challenged and by contrast –
    which includes not always liking what other people do and say.
    The person who has the biggest smile and insists she is fine really is
    trying to convince you and herself that all is in fact fine, when in
    reality it is rarely so and this is her trying to control her internal
    unexplained feelings.

If you recognise one or even a few of these signals as yours, and that you are indeed troubled with being out of control with your feelings and have suppressed certain things over time, you can use new practices and be proactive to help yourself clear away old and outdated stories of emotions and situations. Feelings of anger, hurt, sadness and unhealed emotions cause physical and biological changes in your body, left unchecked they will affect your bodily functions, energy levels and long term health.

What’s next?

Imagine if you could put an end to your:
• Feeling fit to burst at any moment
• Feelings of being out of emotionally control
• Feel you are on the verge of a burn out
• Freezing when it is your turn to speak and messing up
• Fearful that you could break down or lose it in public
• Physical tension, trembling and stress symptoms
• Feelings of complete exhaustion
• Nervous and continued un healthy habits
• Feeling mildly depressed, fed up and about to give up
• Feel guilty if your not BUSY or doing something useful
• Self sabotage behaviour that is stopping you move forwards

Here are more details on 12 Weeks of Freedom from Feeling Out of Control


We are dedicated to release you from mental, physical and energetic feelings of being out of control and have put together a concise 12 week course to home in and release these feelings, so that you can move forward,
breakthrough and become the woman who can express herself clearly, set
clear boundaries, get your message across, ask for what you want and get it
delivered, be heard and respected and your anger will be dramatically
reduced so that you feel more ease, grace and serene.

Over 12 weeks you will have mastered your mind, refocused your energy and raised your vibration to attract in more of what you want towards you. And have a new relationship with yourself and the confidence to trust yourself, be seen and heard and get your message across clearly in every situation

We will teach you how to be at ease and value your feelings as a barometer
between your internal and external worlds and take care of your emotions,
feelings and yourself so that you can have your way with the world.

Feel Safe in a Body You Love

Body-renewer-Woman-feeling-Freedom-to enjoy-her-body

Why we don’t want what we say we want

Samantha came to visit me in May this year on a retreat to detox what was going on for her physically, and she told me that she had “simple had it,” she was at her wits end trying to get her body to conform with the diets she could not stick to and had had NO success with.

It was her fantasy to drop a 5 dress sizes but never managed even keep one dress size off, and she was NOW clear that she wanted to get past whatever was stopping and blocking her.

She knew on some level that it was she who was the one blocking and stopping herself but could not for the life of her see for herself what it was.

After a time when Samantha was settled into her time out on retreat, we started with an assessment of where she was and what else was going in and around her.

I asked her 5 specific questions that helped myself and has moved 100’S of my clients see and be aware of their resistance that they put up to what they said they wanted. These questions immediately enabled her to get to what was really going on.

What we discovered was her single biggest reason why she could and did not get past a particular point, and why she always, always went back to her same size and plus a bit more on besides. This reason was that she was frightened of who she would become when she got to where she wanted to be and had fantasized about body-wise for decades.

She had never expressed it in this way before and always just pushed it away thinking “that’s ridiculous”. But it was real. Very real for her and she was frightened she would not fancy her husband, she would change so much that she might not like her self as this confident woman we were introducing her to.

She would lose her current life, her husband and everything that made her feel safe today.

This is a not a unique feeling! Oh no, not at all. I see this a lot that women are simply terrified of being powerful and successful in business, or in a body that means she has up-leveled into what she actually fantasizes about.

It is not your fault

You stop and block what you want as you have never been shown how to live and how to experience life as the woman you said you wanted to be.

Feeling SAFE as you transform into the new version of you is a prerequisite for reaching success and having what you want with anything. If you do not feel safe or know how to turn up and move forward, then guess what you will resist every opportunity to reach your best self..

This resistance and self-sabotage is such a primitive survival tactic from our reptile and subconscious brain, which means it will always keep us looking out for danger and keep us safe, and keeping wherever and with whatever we have become used to as our safe and familiar feeling.

This has become our home. By stopping us our survival self, needless to say, won’t allow us to make any changes towards what we now say we want.

So this is why we don’t want what we say we want, our subconscious mind is keeping us safe.

Thankfully once we had discovered what was holding Samantha back we were able to give her a new perspective and how she could feel very safe as she progressed into transforming into the woman she had always dreamed of being. Within a few months she dropped the 5 dress sizes, and along with that she unleveled her business and started attracted in new clients, money and opportunities and fell back in love with her beloved man.

She laughs today as she says “you reached parts of me that no one else could reach” I feel priceless she told me and so many people are now telling me that I am far more relaxed and literally radiating and seem far more contented. I agree I am a deeply satisfied woman.

So far from losing herself and being out of control, losing her life and love, she became stronger and more in control and moved towards what SHE wanted.

To make this quick self-assessment of yourself today answer these 5 specific questions that will help you to identify your single biggest resistance to what you say you want and have been reaching for.

Start here.


The Body Never Lies, and my fear of being misunderstood when I share messages from the body.

Your body speaks the truth to you.

I am going to be a bit vulnerable here and I hope that this will help some of you.

Since June this year I’ve had the strongest calling to share with you in my work as a Body Re-newer, how I get the results I get when I transformed my body and dropped 2 stone in 2 months, and how many, many clients have let go of physical weight and other physical symptoms that haunted them and that were causing them frustration and confusion for years.

The body never lies when she messages you with physical symptoms.

I had set my mind to tell you all about the inner working of the body and then my fearful mind tells me in her loud controlling voice saying ‘DON’T DO IT!’

That ladies won’t understand you, or how it’s done, and it’s too far from where they are struggling physically today, ladies don’t want to understand how the body works or her messages to them, they just want quick results. It’s all too different and too far out there. Don’t do it!

My heart sinks and I stop sharing the stuff that I want to say, that really works and gets a woman connected to her body and feels in charge of herself again.  

I put on hold giving you the real working details about the link between the mind and the body and how the Spirit is calling, calling, and calling to be heard showing you symptom after symptom that you have struggled with and that keep you awake at night.

But I feel you will understand, you see I have been there too and I struggled with sciatica and of course with weight and how confident I felt in my body, otherwise, I would not be assisting ladies to drop dress sizes and keep it off for good.

You see the body speaks the truth and she messages you the only way she can.

I feel so sad when I see and hear ladies struggling with something I know can be resolved simply, I feel so helpless that I can’t contribute and help her and that I hear her soul calling through her physical symptoms for assistance. I feel and hear the calling and get the messages delivered for each woman, yet I get stopped in my tracks, by the fear that I won’t be understood and it’s not what ladies want to hear.

The thing is no diet or food regime did the whole job of my dropping the 2 stone in 2 months, or for Val who dropped 5 stone or Zoe who wend down 10 belt holes, of course not! Or that fact that I managed after 6 months of crippling sciatica to releasing it in 1 Day after months of expensive osteopath, kinesiology and massage appointments.   I had assistance and understood the story I was mentally repeating that was forming this physical symptom, the energy I had chosen to stay in and the root cause behind my symptoms and what I needed to do next

So I have had to remind myself of the reason I’ve been following my calling to up-level my business direction and the practices of renewing the body that I have been teaching and using, and the unmistakable results I have experienced and seen over and over again.

I have to remind myself of the reason I am doing this in the first place and how I am putting my all into this and why it is so different from altering your nutrition yet again, restriction of food and the diet approach. Also how by using this method of working with the body and linking in the mental focus with energy, it has allowed for myself and my clients to attract the things we want into our life, not just the satisfaction of releasing physical heavy weight and dropping the 2 stone in 2 months.

This is all so different from the typical and standard ways of doing things in the mainstream when it comes to altering the body in the way you want, forcing diets and feeling deprived to have to stay eating so little and specialist foods, yet I have trusted and gone along with the whole process myself as it was laid out to me, and until now I have not been unable to share this fully and broadcast this in its entirety.


My very real fear of being misunderstood. That I would be rejected and it could all start in a witch-hunt in my direction.

Well that’s my sabotage self, coming forward to keep me safe and keep me hidden. We all have one, a sabotage self. And that’s mine from a long time and many moons ago.

I have talked and soothed my saboteur and I am ready to let this flow.

I have been doing this simple practice for the past 5 years and have just amplified this practice again recently and seen even greater results for myself and many clients who are doing this too.

I am sharing the Mind Body Spirit Link over 4 weeks in a simple program taking you through the 4 practices that transform the body when she is linked with a focused mind and reconnected to her spirit again. Then the links are complete and aligned and work extraordinarily well. all parts of the puzzle in place and allows this to be a very different experience with the body

The doors are open to experience this Mind, Body and Spirit Link for yourself ‘Say YES to Radiance’ To being who you are at your very best. Who you were meant to be and dropping the old version of you that pleases others, and carries so much around that is not needed now, its time to find yourself again and your purpose.

I have 5 ladies signed in already and I am ready to welcome you too, so that you can fully experience how easy and wonderful it is, to stand in your new energy that shapes your body and your entire world around you. It brings to you more than you could have ever imagined and much faster too, when you are focused in this way. Opportunities galore become a reality when you focus this towards what you want.

We will be looking at all of you. It’s all about YOU, because you matter.

We can ease you in gently over a 4 weeks introduction to what I know works 100%, so that you can be connected to who you came here to be and connect to your mind, body and soul and your unique purpose and take your place front and center stage and become the legend that you know you are.

This is how we will make a change for ourselves and for those around us who look up to us to be an example of a woman winning the world, It’s easier and more fun when we do this together.

With so much Love and better and endless possibilities.


Discovering what women want and creating it on purpose

Say Yes to Radiance see what is available for you when you choose to take care of yourself and create yourself as a strong phenomenal woman.

Why Do I Need Energy To Get The BODY I Want?

Radiance-Defies-Weight-and-heavy-energy-two-girls-with-big smiles

Why Do I Need Radiant Energy to change my body?

I am Feeling Fed Up, Frumpy and Frustrated?


That was what Mel asked me this week, Why do I need Energy to get the body I want? She’d read my messages and was feeling she’d lost her real self some years back and could not get that feeling she wanted, to feel energetic, free and happy. She lacked life and described herself as fed up, frumpy and frustrated.

I explained that Radiance was the very opposite of depressed, a feeling that was so full of joy and love for life that it literally altered the DNA, cells and molecular structure of the body. A woman said to be radiant sends out RAYS of joy and attracts to her more and more joy and whatever she sends out she get s back ten fold.

Her body transforms as she feels lighter and her hormones, cells and every molecule all respond to the energy she is in and can then work in her favor.

It’s a magical energy that most of us do not understand how it can create and transform us energetically on a physical level. BUT IT DOES …

Our body responds very, very well to energy and is a huge part of what shapes us and keeps us extremely well or makes us very sick.

There is nothing that responds faster than our body to what we think and feel.

The body produces neurotransmitters when we are in such a radiant state, that have the power to undo, vanquish and neutralize any depression and that sluggish heavy walking in treacle feeling and any feelings of lack, emptiness, of frustration and of being out of control and confused. All of these states go onto make us do certain unfavorable actions that do not benefit our overall health, weight or feelings of being energetic and loving life.

If you are a woman who feels she’s got lost somewhere back there and lost your lighter carefree attitude maybe after getting married, moving country, having a family, running your career to its point of success and greatness and you don’t understand the reasons you’ve gained weight and lost that high spirited girl that you were……. you are in need to an injection of radiance.

Join me on “Say Yes to Radiance” and see in 4 weeks what a difference a little or a lot of radiance can make

How much can you handle?

This is why you need Energy to get the body you want. Make that energy one of radiance.

Sadly when we grew up into women instead of the romance and a free fun life we dreamed of having as a young carefree girl, we got serious and pulled into the hard slog of work, family and responsibility for everyone and everything. We got lost

Radiance defies weight and transforms the heavy life and turns all of that around 180°

Radiance defies weight but also defies anger and all those heavy emotions that we can now learn to overcome that have us to holding onto anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and shame and as you shine brighter you can let go of the importance of the heavy stuff and what is really weighing you down.

When a woman does not experience radiance we don’t have the neurotransmitters to trigger and release the hormones that can keep us out of the danger zone of the killing stress hormones. Our body does things very differently under the influence of stress and is super jumpy and vigilant to the next disaster and danger. Our reptile brain is on FULL ALERT all the time and that is very dangerous to our health.

We start producing stress hormone like you have never imagined was possible, What s more we women take no notice of our own stress because you are so used to it and can just takes on so much and take it all in our stride.

There are naturally huge consequences, which I am sure you are now very well familiar with to having all that stress in your body. 

Ladies operate in a very particular fashion;

So often the first thing a lady does is we isolate ourselves and don’t talk about what bothers us, the best kept secret, we grow self doubt, self hatred and self condemnation.

All of which are prerequisites to – depression

Did you know that 1 in 4 women WILL experience depression in her life time and only 1 in 5 of those women will ever seek help for that depression.

Further more stress is the breeding ground for other ailments such as ;


Heart disease


Eating disorders are all consequences of a woman suffering in silence with her depression

Self deprecation triggers chemically in the body hormones that slowly and silently  killing us

Are you curious where the fun has gone?

Where is your lighter happier spirit?

There is an antidote and that is invite in your spirit and let her shine through and out of you. Become the woman you came here to be, having fun with life in a body that you love to be in and allows you to take part 100% in whatever you fancy.

The woman you dreamed you would be as a girl. She is still in you  … So lets go and get her?

I never liked myself enought to this before. Now I honestly like and get to love myself and so much has changed.


Turn on your radiant shine, brighter and brighter I dare you.