15 Signs that you might have hidden and bottled up feelings
causing you to feel out of control.

Each Woman here is uniquely different and had different experiences,
but there are 15 sure fire ways to detect if you have bottled up emotions,
suppressed feelings eating away at you and your mind needs to be re
wired, liberated and a new program downloaded.
No matter what the cause no doubt you will be experiencing some
bottled up feelings, emotions and thoughts that will be having a knock
on effect on how you react and operate in your day.
Take 5 minutes to do this self assessment and see if you recognize some
of the tell tale signs you have suppressed emotions boiling away under
the surface from anger, hurt, sadness, disappointment, past traumas,
shock, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, guilt, shame, helpless, lonely,
confusion, or lack of love.
Women’s Bottled Up FEELINGS are the Biggest Undiagnosed Epidemic on the Planet.
Many women learned during childhood to ignore, or avoid, bad feelings.
Not to feel or express their rising feelings such as hurt, sadness or of anger
as it was just bad to feel that way.
These socially unacceptable feelings could not be explained well enough
by a generation uneducated in their own feelings. Nor were these feelings
that we were having rise up even recognized as important enough to
acknowledge, or important enough to matter by your parents of primary
care givers because they did not know how.
Showing no emotion and turning the other cheek was the norm for so
many emotionally uneducated families.

But this ignoring of your bad experiences, such as abuse, abandonment,
trauma, shock, rejection, being ignored or not experiencing the LOVE
and care that you craved has left you confused about how you feel
about these overwhelming feelings that rise up and you have to take so
much energy to squash back down.
The fear is that having these feelings you could break down or lose it in
public, and that you could have an emotional outbursts at un expected
and in appropriate times, yelling, screaming, crying, having a tantrum,
saying and doing mean things are all coming from feelings of being out
of control with the energy it takes to suppress and keep in check your
inner feelings which as you well know leaves you feeling extraordinarily
empty and exhausted.

The slightest disappointment or something not going to plan seems to
have you swimming in feelings that take your body over, from a churning
stomach to a blocked throat and holding your breath, frozen to the spot,
digestion issues swing from constipation to diarrhea, your neck and
shoulders ache with the stress of carrying such a load all the time and
needing to push that away which results in you doing one or a few of the
15 tell tale signs that depict suppressed emotions.

These 15 signals that you are controlling your feelings can mean that you
over eat, over drink and over shop and other tactics to find any kind of
relief from the burden of feeling out of control.
The more you put off acknowledging that something feels wrong about
how you feel, the worse it will become.

Unhealthy coping behaviours such as these can work in the short-term,
which is why people often return to them, but can lead to further
problems longer term.

Suppressed emotions from decades of carrying hurt, anger, sadness,
disappointments and dealing with abuse of all kinds are the causes of
many physical and biological changes in your body. These emotions will
cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase and the level of the
hormone, adrenaline, to rise. Repeated feelings left out of control and
left unchecked will be having long term affect on you from the weight
you carry to your aches and pains to allowing long term sickness and
disease easier access to your organs.

There will be signs of these internal feelings from anger to the
lack of love for you to recognize.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself?

15 Signs you have hidden and repressed feelings from anger to lack of love

  1. You are busy all the time. Keeping busy is a sure fire way to have
    no time to feel things. This might include being quite codependent,
    taking care of other people’s issues instead of your own. And it
    often includes being a workaholic.
  2. You are never angry but have constant mild depression. The
    problem with blocking one emotion is that it often messes up or
    blocks our ability to feel other emotions, too, like joy and
    excitement. It also takes a lot of psychological energy to keep
    things repressed in our minds which can leave us feeling drained,
    leaving some to call depression is ‘anger and self hate turned
  3. You are known for your sarcastic humour. Repressed anger often
    parades as sarcasm, meanness, or an apathetic ‘I don’t care’
  4. You self-sabotage often. Perhaps you are always late getting to
    work, are a student who skips classes, or don’t respond to
    opportunities you want until it’s too late and you’ve missed the
    boat, don’t do what you say you will do, i.e. exercise, diets and
    projects that you know will help you .
  5. You hate rejection. The habit of repressing anger often stems
    from growing up in a household where showing emotion led to
    being silently ostracised. This can leave you a grownup with a
    deep fear of being rejected that surfaces in your relationships. It
    can also show up in your work environment, where you might get
    told you are oversensitive to criticism.
  6. Little things really bother you. Perhaps you are the one in the
    office always complaining if someone puts back the milk carton
    into the fridge with only a drop left in it, or the one at the gym who
    feels really upset if someone doesn’t wipe down equipment they
    have used. This is because bigger repressed anger is seeking an
    outlet and it comes out in the form of frustration and annoyance.
  7. You suffer muscle tension. Anger has to go somewhere, and
    often it goes to our body, leading to a tense jaw, sore upper back,
    or a constant tense stomach that can lead to ulcers (if this is you,
    you might want to try some ways to relax your muscles)
  8. You suffer from ongoing exhaustion, fatigue, many colds or flu, or
    perhaps chronic pain. As well as muscle tension repressed anger
    can lead to anxiety, which affects sleep, which then lowers your
    immune system. As for pain I believe that the body never lies and is
    talking to you through the pain and metaphysically physical pain
    is caused or exacerbated by mental and emotional factors. The
    can be a distraction to keep you away from paying attention to
    repressed emotions, or as I believe it is a signal to pay attention to
    the message being shown to you for the emotional pain you are
  9. You have nervous habits. Things like nail biting, chewing the
    inside of your mouth, or picking can all be signs of repressed
    feelings including anger.
  10. You struggle with addictive behaviour. It doesn’t have to be
    drugs or alcohol. It might be that you are a shopper, a love addict,
    an over-exerciser, or a foodie addicted to healthy or junk food.
    Addiction is often a way to distract ourselves from things that feel
    painful and we want to avoid at all costs, and if we are in pain
    over something, we are often very angry about it, too.
  11. You need to be in control of your life. If we are controlling
    emotions, it can lead to a desire to also control our exterior
    environment. Being a control FREAK is a sure sign that there is a fear
    of being out of control on an emotional level.
  12. You’ve been accused of being passive aggressive. Passive
    aggression happens when instead of expressing our anger directly
    we do it indirectly. This can include things like being nice to
    someone’s face but gossiping about them behind their back, or
    telling a partner we aren’t angry about something important like
    how they spent the month’s budget but calling them lazy for not
    putting the rubbish out.
  13. You have trouble saying no. A healthy emotional recognition of
    what we feel and being able to freely express it, is what leads us to
    setting up healthy boundaries for yourself. Where as never showing
    your feelings like anger often means that you struggle to say no or
    even realising that you can say no.
  14. On the rare occasion you do get upset, it tends to be a
    blowout. You might only get properly upset once a year, but it
    tends to be explosive and something others live in fear of. This is
    what happens when there is a build up of un expressed emotions.
  15. You feel happy all the time, just pure peace and love. This kind
    of belief about oneself generally points to some deep-rooted
    denial. The human mind and emotional system is not one-sided.
    Nobody feels great all the time. If we did, we’d never learn
    anything, as we grow from being challenged and by contrast –
    which includes not always liking what other people do and say.
    The person who has the biggest smile and insists she is fine really is
    trying to convince you and herself that all is in fact fine, when in
    reality it is rarely so and this is her trying to control her internal
    unexplained feelings.

If you recognise one or even a few of these signals as yours, and that you are indeed troubled with being out of control with your feelings and have suppressed certain things over time, you can use new practices and be proactive to help yourself clear away old and outdated stories of emotions and situations. Feelings of anger, hurt, sadness and unhealed emotions cause physical and biological changes in your body, left unchecked they will affect your bodily functions, energy levels and long term health.

What’s next?

Imagine if you could put an end to your:
• Feeling fit to burst at any moment
• Feelings of being out of emotionally control
• Feel you are on the verge of a burn out
• Freezing when it is your turn to speak and messing up
• Fearful that you could break down or lose it in public
• Physical tension, trembling and stress symptoms
• Feelings of complete exhaustion
• Nervous and continued un healthy habits
• Feeling mildly depressed, fed up and about to give up
• Feel guilty if your not BUSY or doing something useful
• Self sabotage behaviour that is stopping you move forwards

Here are more details on 12 Weeks of Freedom from Feeling Out of Control


We are dedicated to release you from mental, physical and energetic feelings of being out of control and have put together a concise 12 week course to home in and release these feelings, so that you can move forward,
breakthrough and become the woman who can express herself clearly, set
clear boundaries, get your message across, ask for what you want and get it
delivered, be heard and respected and your anger will be dramatically
reduced so that you feel more ease, grace and serene.

Over 12 weeks you will have mastered your mind, refocused your energy and raised your vibration to attract in more of what you want towards you. And have a new relationship with yourself and the confidence to trust yourself, be seen and heard and get your message across clearly in every situation

We will teach you how to be at ease and value your feelings as a barometer
between your internal and external worlds and take care of your emotions,
feelings and yourself so that you can have your way with the world.

Feel Safe in a Body You Love

Body-renewer-Woman-feeling-Freedom-to enjoy-her-body

Why we don’t want what we say we want

Samantha came to visit me in May this year on a retreat to detox what was going on for her physically, and she told me that she had “simple had it,” she was at her wits end trying to get her body to conform with the diets she could not stick to and had had NO success with.

It was her fantasy to drop a 5 dress sizes but never managed even keep one dress size off, and she was NOW clear that she wanted to get past whatever was stopping and blocking her.

She knew on some level that it was she who was the one blocking and stopping herself but could not for the life of her see for herself what it was.

After a time when Samantha was settled into her time out on retreat, we started with an assessment of where she was and what else was going in and around her.

I asked her 5 specific questions that helped myself and has moved 100’S of my clients see and be aware of their resistance that they put up to what they said they wanted. These questions immediately enabled her to get to what was really going on.

What we discovered was her single biggest reason why she could and did not get past a particular point, and why she always, always went back to her same size and plus a bit more on besides. This reason was that she was frightened of who she would become when she got to where she wanted to be and had fantasized about body-wise for decades.

She had never expressed it in this way before and always just pushed it away thinking “that’s ridiculous”. But it was real. Very real for her and she was frightened she would not fancy her husband, she would change so much that she might not like her self as this confident woman we were introducing her to.

She would lose her current life, her husband and everything that made her feel safe today.

This is a not a unique feeling! Oh no, not at all. I see this a lot that women are simply terrified of being powerful and successful in business, or in a body that means she has up-leveled into what she actually fantasizes about.

It is not your fault

You stop and block what you want as you have never been shown how to live and how to experience life as the woman you said you wanted to be.

Feeling SAFE as you transform into the new version of you is a prerequisite for reaching success and having what you want with anything. If you do not feel safe or know how to turn up and move forward, then guess what you will resist every opportunity to reach your best self..

This resistance and self-sabotage is such a primitive survival tactic from our reptile and subconscious brain, which means it will always keep us looking out for danger and keep us safe, and keeping wherever and with whatever we have become used to as our safe and familiar feeling.

This has become our home. By stopping us our survival self, needless to say, won’t allow us to make any changes towards what we now say we want.

So this is why we don’t want what we say we want, our subconscious mind is keeping us safe.

Thankfully once we had discovered what was holding Samantha back we were able to give her a new perspective and how she could feel very safe as she progressed into transforming into the woman she had always dreamed of being. Within a few months she dropped the 5 dress sizes, and along with that she unleveled her business and started attracted in new clients, money and opportunities and fell back in love with her beloved man.

She laughs today as she says “you reached parts of me that no one else could reach” I feel priceless she told me and so many people are now telling me that I am far more relaxed and literally radiating and seem far more contented. I agree I am a deeply satisfied woman.

So far from losing herself and being out of control, losing her life and love, she became stronger and more in control and moved towards what SHE wanted.

To make this quick self-assessment of yourself today answer these 5 specific questions that will help you to identify your single biggest resistance to what you say you want and have been reaching for.

Start here.


The Body Never Lies, and my fear of being misunderstood when I share messages from the body.

Your body speaks the truth to you.

I am going to be a bit vulnerable here and I hope that this will help some of you.

Since June this year I’ve had the strongest calling to share with you in my work as a Body Re-newer, how I get the results I get when I transformed my body and dropped 2 stone in 2 months, and how many, many clients have let go of physical weight and other physical symptoms that haunted them and that were causing them frustration and confusion for years.

The body never lies when she messages you with physical symptoms.

I had set my mind to tell you all about the inner working of the body and then my fearful mind tells me in her loud controlling voice saying ‘DON’T DO IT!’

That ladies won’t understand you, or how it’s done, and it’s too far from where they are struggling physically today, ladies don’t want to understand how the body works or her messages to them, they just want quick results. It’s all too different and too far out there. Don’t do it!

My heart sinks and I stop sharing the stuff that I want to say, that really works and gets a woman connected to her body and feels in charge of herself again.  

I put on hold giving you the real working details about the link between the mind and the body and how the Spirit is calling, calling, and calling to be heard showing you symptom after symptom that you have struggled with and that keep you awake at night.

But I feel you will understand, you see I have been there too and I struggled with sciatica and of course with weight and how confident I felt in my body, otherwise, I would not be assisting ladies to drop dress sizes and keep it off for good.

You see the body speaks the truth and she messages you the only way she can.

I feel so sad when I see and hear ladies struggling with something I know can be resolved simply, I feel so helpless that I can’t contribute and help her and that I hear her soul calling through her physical symptoms for assistance. I feel and hear the calling and get the messages delivered for each woman, yet I get stopped in my tracks, by the fear that I won’t be understood and it’s not what ladies want to hear.

The thing is no diet or food regime did the whole job of my dropping the 2 stone in 2 months, or for Val who dropped 5 stone or Zoe who wend down 10 belt holes, of course not! Or that fact that I managed after 6 months of crippling sciatica to releasing it in 1 Day after months of expensive osteopath, kinesiology and massage appointments.   I had assistance and understood the story I was mentally repeating that was forming this physical symptom, the energy I had chosen to stay in and the root cause behind my symptoms and what I needed to do next

So I have had to remind myself of the reason I’ve been following my calling to up-level my business direction and the practices of renewing the body that I have been teaching and using, and the unmistakable results I have experienced and seen over and over again.

I have to remind myself of the reason I am doing this in the first place and how I am putting my all into this and why it is so different from altering your nutrition yet again, restriction of food and the diet approach. Also how by using this method of working with the body and linking in the mental focus with energy, it has allowed for myself and my clients to attract the things we want into our life, not just the satisfaction of releasing physical heavy weight and dropping the 2 stone in 2 months.

This is all so different from the typical and standard ways of doing things in the mainstream when it comes to altering the body in the way you want, forcing diets and feeling deprived to have to stay eating so little and specialist foods, yet I have trusted and gone along with the whole process myself as it was laid out to me, and until now I have not been unable to share this fully and broadcast this in its entirety.


My very real fear of being misunderstood. That I would be rejected and it could all start in a witch-hunt in my direction.

Well that’s my sabotage self, coming forward to keep me safe and keep me hidden. We all have one, a sabotage self. And that’s mine from a long time and many moons ago.

I have talked and soothed my saboteur and I am ready to let this flow.

I have been doing this simple practice for the past 5 years and have just amplified this practice again recently and seen even greater results for myself and many clients who are doing this too.

I am sharing the Mind Body Spirit Link over 4 weeks in a simple program taking you through the 4 practices that transform the body when she is linked with a focused mind and reconnected to her spirit again. Then the links are complete and aligned and work extraordinarily well. all parts of the puzzle in place and allows this to be a very different experience with the body

The doors are open to experience this Mind, Body and Spirit Link for yourself ‘Say YES to Radiance’ To being who you are at your very best. Who you were meant to be and dropping the old version of you that pleases others, and carries so much around that is not needed now, its time to find yourself again and your purpose.

I have 5 ladies signed in already and I am ready to welcome you too, so that you can fully experience how easy and wonderful it is, to stand in your new energy that shapes your body and your entire world around you. It brings to you more than you could have ever imagined and much faster too, when you are focused in this way. Opportunities galore become a reality when you focus this towards what you want.

We will be looking at all of you. It’s all about YOU, because you matter.

We can ease you in gently over a 4 weeks introduction to what I know works 100%, so that you can be connected to who you came here to be and connect to your mind, body and soul and your unique purpose and take your place front and center stage and become the legend that you know you are.

This is how we will make a change for ourselves and for those around us who look up to us to be an example of a woman winning the world, It’s easier and more fun when we do this together.

With so much Love and better and endless possibilities.


Discovering what women want and creating it on purpose

Say Yes to Radiance see what is available for you when you choose to take care of yourself and create yourself as a strong phenomenal woman.

Why Do I Need Energy To Get The BODY I Want?

Radiance-Defies-Weight-and-heavy-energy-two-girls-with-big smiles

Why Do I Need Radiant Energy to change my body?

I am Feeling Fed Up, Frumpy and Frustrated?


That was what Mel asked me this week, Why do I need Energy to get the body I want? She’d read my messages and was feeling she’d lost her real self some years back and could not get that feeling she wanted, to feel energetic, free and happy. She lacked life and described herself as fed up, frumpy and frustrated.

I explained that Radiance was the very opposite of depressed, a feeling that was so full of joy and love for life that it literally altered the DNA, cells and molecular structure of the body. A woman said to be radiant sends out RAYS of joy and attracts to her more and more joy and whatever she sends out she get s back ten fold.

Her body transforms as she feels lighter and her hormones, cells and every molecule all respond to the energy she is in and can then work in her favor.

It’s a magical energy that most of us do not understand how it can create and transform us energetically on a physical level. BUT IT DOES …

Our body responds very, very well to energy and is a huge part of what shapes us and keeps us extremely well or makes us very sick.

There is nothing that responds faster than our body to what we think and feel.

The body produces neurotransmitters when we are in such a radiant state, that have the power to undo, vanquish and neutralize any depression and that sluggish heavy walking in treacle feeling and any feelings of lack, emptiness, of frustration and of being out of control and confused. All of these states go onto make us do certain unfavorable actions that do not benefit our overall health, weight or feelings of being energetic and loving life.

If you are a woman who feels she’s got lost somewhere back there and lost your lighter carefree attitude maybe after getting married, moving country, having a family, running your career to its point of success and greatness and you don’t understand the reasons you’ve gained weight and lost that high spirited girl that you were……. you are in need to an injection of radiance.

Join me on “Say Yes to Radiance” and see in 4 weeks what a difference a little or a lot of radiance can make

How much can you handle?

This is why you need Energy to get the body you want. Make that energy one of radiance.

Sadly when we grew up into women instead of the romance and a free fun life we dreamed of having as a young carefree girl, we got serious and pulled into the hard slog of work, family and responsibility for everyone and everything. We got lost

Radiance defies weight and transforms the heavy life and turns all of that around 180°

Radiance defies weight but also defies anger and all those heavy emotions that we can now learn to overcome that have us to holding onto anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and shame and as you shine brighter you can let go of the importance of the heavy stuff and what is really weighing you down.

When a woman does not experience radiance we don’t have the neurotransmitters to trigger and release the hormones that can keep us out of the danger zone of the killing stress hormones. Our body does things very differently under the influence of stress and is super jumpy and vigilant to the next disaster and danger. Our reptile brain is on FULL ALERT all the time and that is very dangerous to our health.

We start producing stress hormone like you have never imagined was possible, What s more we women take no notice of our own stress because you are so used to it and can just takes on so much and take it all in our stride.

There are naturally huge consequences, which I am sure you are now very well familiar with to having all that stress in your body. 

Ladies operate in a very particular fashion;

So often the first thing a lady does is we isolate ourselves and don’t talk about what bothers us, the best kept secret, we grow self doubt, self hatred and self condemnation.

All of which are prerequisites to – depression

Did you know that 1 in 4 women WILL experience depression in her life time and only 1 in 5 of those women will ever seek help for that depression.

Further more stress is the breeding ground for other ailments such as ;


Heart disease


Eating disorders are all consequences of a woman suffering in silence with her depression

Self deprecation triggers chemically in the body hormones that slowly and silently  killing us

Are you curious where the fun has gone?

Where is your lighter happier spirit?

There is an antidote and that is invite in your spirit and let her shine through and out of you. Become the woman you came here to be, having fun with life in a body that you love to be in and allows you to take part 100% in whatever you fancy.

The woman you dreamed you would be as a girl. She is still in you  … So lets go and get her?

I never liked myself enought to this before. Now I honestly like and get to love myself and so much has changed.


Turn on your radiant shine, brighter and brighter I dare you.

Woman’s anger – an undiagnosed epidemic of woman’s health.


Woman’s Anger is the greatest undiagnosed epidemic of a woman’s health, heart health, weight, and depression.

Women have a technique to keep her anger a secret, and the ability to internalize that anger, which in most of us develops into hate for ourselves. Targeted towards our own body primarily which responds with ailments and symptoms such as weight, sciatica, rashes, fatigue and illness that we ignore. Next we project that hurt and anger outwards as we continue to point that anger and frustration at the men in our lives, and people around us, like our own family work colleagues, neighbors and other drivers, everyone basically comes under attack. Could you recognize anything here?

Others notice your anger, but it is a subject that is never discussed, other than letting us complain again and again of all the things that are not going our way. And never really touching or accessing the root cause for that anger.

Women have sat in silence for years maybe even decades seething and never expressing what it is that makes us all so angry. Furthermore we have NO idea what makes us happy or how to have FUN…

Hence films tap into that and we see films and stories like ‘what women want?” and the big joke attached to that – that we actually have no idea.

We’d like to help you discover a very different and NON TRADITIONAL route to turn that all around 180°. We’d love you to discover your way back to love, radiance and joy, to know exactly what you want and need.

The 3 really BAD things about anger are:

1. Feeling anger towards a person or situation stays in your body, which feels like an energy of compression, being squeezed, being closed off, usually brought on by complaining, blame and being disappointed with your lot. This anger has the real ability to hold onto a heavy weighed down feeling, with a low slow sluggish suffocated vibration. For you physically this means that your cells turn off their light and bright shine and only attract in more of the same heavy energy to you. The anger literally attracts more opportunities for anger. The way your cells hold onto that weight matches what you are attracted to eat as well as the people you hang around with, 

2. Anger in your body has the function that holds onto everything, because we feel dissatisfied and empty we crave more and so hold onto the heavy energy and own it. When you experience anger (yours or someone else’s ) you literally don’t allow it to pass through you but hold onto it as and give it space in your body. This has a radical effect on your cells and creates and manifests heavy symptoms and illness that match the heavy feeling and chemistry of anger

3. The energy of anger seeps into every avenue of our lives killing any joy!

It’s a truly addictive energy that we feel at home in and ruins our health, our figure, our relationships and kills our very spirit to live our fullest life.

The opposite feeling to anger would be you feeling Love and Radiant and sending out rays of joy to everyone and everything. This is when you can say at the end of the day “I am a very happy satisfied woman”

The 3 really GOOD things about radiance are:

1. The remarkable power of learning to ooze and exuding the opposite energy of Love, Radiance and JOY, has the ability to lift off the anger with EASE. Complaining, blame and disappointment are not invited to the poarty and you will have no further use for any of these, but the power of radiance has you rather in a state of euphoria, loving life, and releases thousands upon thousands of beneficial hormones and vital neuro-transmitters that let go of what anger was physically holding on to in your body. You feel not only happier but lighter and attract lighter people situations and food towards you.

2. The lighter energy of radiance attracts to it more love and joy and so you radiate more love and joy. It’s addictive. Scientists have discovered that you are addicted to the chemicals that you produce. And we have the power to alter our body chemistry by changing the way we choose to think and feel. Learning to become addicted to something NEW is the task at hand.

The ability to exude a lighter brighter energy carries with it a remarkable effect on your cells and sees them recreate and manifest themselves in a reflection that matches the radiant thoughts and feelings you have specifically chosen for yourself.

3. Radiance allows you to see what you are affected and influenced by, as you ooze more radiance you become allergic to the anger and negative behavior and situations and now make choices that assist you to become lighter and lighter and feel free from the heavier energy and consequences of any heavy physical symptoms and illness. Weight vanishes, rashes clear up, sciatica disappears and life becomes a joy.

Choosing another way of being thinking and feeling is the discipline of remaining in a better energy, one that brings you fun and experiencing what pleasure is … It is as I say a training.

It’s too easy to slip out and get back into anger, sad, hurt and stories of fear, guilt and shame.

It’s a training that teaches you how to talk to yourself, to talk to your body to see what and who is affecting you and influencing you and how to deal with all of that in a completely different way.

I’ve been using the power of ‘Becoming Radiant’ to consistently transform my body and mind for the last 5 years with ease, and have seen excellent results using this approach with my clients too. Ladies Dropping 5 Stone, 10 Belt holes easily, and never re gaining the lost weight.


Its NOT all about Food and exercise…. That’s not it….

And now, I’m ready to share these – extremely powerful strategies – with you, and help you make an impact on your self and with your desire to be seen and heard for who you are, attract the audience, opportunities and connections so that you can feel radiant, ooze confidence and be a phenomenal HUGE SUCCESS! 

That’s the beauty of being a woman who accepts that being radiant is a way of life. – Her new normal vibration and radiate the pleasure of being fully alive- She shines out every day, chooses her self first to feel happy and glorious and her cells change and she sees and feels 100% different.

Practice the stuff that helps you feel happy and don’t accept the stuff that makes you miserable or angry – they will kill you….

Never fear Fiona and Fun are here.

Walk this way and under the rainbow into a brighter easier day, week and year.

“Doing this training has affected every aspect of my life, not just my ability to stand on stage and present my self and my books, being happy to be seen in my entirety, but my love life and my relationships with my co workers as well as with my family have all changed because I have become the woman I always wanted to be. I feel extraordinarily different on the inside, I no longer criticize myself and I am taller and stronger for it, all in one neat bundle of 5 foot 4 inches who I now love being” Mandy K.

Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer

Body Whisperer

Why Bother About Your Body and Your Soul?


Here’s why?

Doing this Radiant training has affected every aspect of my life, not just my ability to stand in my body and be proud of myself , stand on stage and present my self and talk about my books, being happy to be seen in my entirety with my partner, my love life and all my relationships even with my co workers has altered, I am more present with my children and my family members at gatherings, I have changed and all because I have become the woman I always wanted to be. I feel extraordinarily different on the inside, I no longer criticize myself and I am taller and stronger for it, all in one neat bundle of 5 foot 4 inches who I NOW love being. I love my body, I love my spirit and I love myself” Mandy K.

Why bother about your body and your soul? (About your Spirit)

You will understand this question better if you have ever asked yourself:

 “Why am I here?” or “Is this all there is to life?”

You may know of the concept of your higher self – that something greater than you, (learned that from Sunday school perhaps) when people places and situations come under your radar and get put in your way for your own good. But how about that you get to meet your higher self and learn how to work along side her. To see when your spirit intervenes in your daily life and brings you more of what you desire.

And when she has in the past intervened for your own good. The times that you thought were tough and you had to make hard choices. It is and has always been for your own good. This is your spirit calling you.

When you were little – (that little wilder girl – thats me in the middle a cheeky miss) you were more in your free spirit, you knew no fear, had no limitations, said and did more of what you wanted, had fun, ran, jumped, and laughed more. You radiated exuberance and joy just for being alive. And your body was alive and felt buzzing with energy.

That is what it feels like when you are connected to your spirit and she is running through you and that is what you need to believe is available for you again.

What I know for sure and have been told by my inner self, by my spirit to tell you is this — that you came here to experience an extraordinary life. Everything, so much more love and joy are available for you than you can imagine and are experiencing today. your exuberance and joy has been squashed out by society and having to grow up and be serious, earn a living and be a mother and businesswoman.

However, You Do Deserve:

  1. A healthy strong vibrant body
  2. To Experience expanded love and joy
  3. To Experience fun, laughter and a life of great ease.
  4. To experience relationships that are fulfilling
  5. To feel the wind in your hair and sand in between your toes

When you are connected to your spirit, you create together the strong vibrant physical body, the business on purpose and all for your life’s purpose and your relationships are fun and a complete joy.

Are you curious – Why you are here in this body and faced with your situation, symptoms and struggles?


What I can tell you for 100% certainty is that your spirit is communicating with you every moment of the day, We have just become desensitized to her.

Unlike tribespeople, animals and little children who live in the outdoors, feet on the ground and in nature. you have become disconnected from your body. But still, she sends you loving messages to get your attention.

I don’t mean she communicates via feathers and other random ‘hello’ messages that you are ‘OK’.

She does not communicate via E-mail or text in long phrases and concise profound statements.

But rather messages of a different sort. These messages are all about what she wants you to understand and let go of, that is holding you back from being joyous and the radiant being and being all of who you came here to be.

These messages she sent to you often come in as symptoms such as weight sciatica, illness, fatigue, cysts, rashes, and is all she can do to get your attention.

Whatever symptom you get is the symptom you need the most at that moment. Most symptoms will interfere with your practical life, the life that sees you run your business that mostly interferes with your flow of income for example, why because then she hopefully gets your FULL attention.

  • A hair dresses will damage her wrist rendering here incapable of taking on new clients
  • An athlete will damage an ankle or a knee making it impossible to compete
  • A businesswoman will lose her figure and so losing her confidence to be seen presenting her passion
  • A woman may get sciatica after a divorce or separation making it impossible to get around
  • A woman may contract such a stiff neck and headaches that she cannot function or care for herself or her children.

All of these symptoms are what I have suffered and many women I meet until one day we say “Why is this happening to me? there has to be more to this and more to life”

You will no doubt go on diets, visit the osteopath and gynecologist and nothing much will change until you get the message your body and soul wants and needs for you to comprehend. None of these make you feel radiant

It is a misconception that losing weight or losing the symptoms will make you feel radiant. You get to choose to Be Radiant First

The body communicates to you – It’s a whisper, really quite subtle at first

But as she calls you continuously – you will notice I guarantee it. If you fight against her and ignore her she will lovingly persist and persist.

You see she is your spirit (like the little girl inside of you that still longs to run and play) and loves you so much, she wants you to experience and feel love and joy and pleasure and radiate joy.

She is telling you that you hold onto and repeat stories of hurt, disappointment or lower vibrations than the joy you deserve.

She is showing you that so much more is available for you than you experience now. She wants you to up-level and live a life on purpose and of purpose – her purpose. To feel 100% ALIVE in your body.

She communicates by the only means available to her what she wants you to see and that you can and are now ready to let go of.

She is showing you the very energy of your thinking – that vibration of the thought and feeling create the symptoms. And now she has your attention

There is nothing as responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings .

Not only can she communicate with you.

But you can communicate back to her

Want to know how?

I’ll give you a clue

There is nothing as responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings .

How you think and how you feel matters a whole lot. Let me explain.

For example, show her your fun happiness and feel radiant and she will match that for you physically.

Cell by Cell – Molecule by molecule

She will alter you and match up your organs, your limbs, your emotions to operate at your optimal levels, you will be able to reduce your pain medication, and do so much more than you believed possible

Are you ready to do this?

Be Radiant First is a short introduction and practice that sees that you can use the power of radiant energy to create a body you love. To work alongside your spirit and ignite the best joyful exuberant experience.

Give me 4 weeks to radically alter your entire being from the inside out

Let us practice reprogram, reset you and upload new programs for you

Wash away worry and doubt and develop LOVE for the body that has carried you thus far in life and create instead an optimal body experience

4 weeks to put your toe in the water and feel what life could really be like and see what you can attract and radiate from now on using the power of radiant energy.

How your luck changes, your body changes, opportunities appear, relationships and your whole being changes for the better.

It was never about the diet

It was never about the body or the weight or other physical symptoms so much as a signal from your spirit that you needed to pay attention to.

What I see and know for sure is that the radiant light body dissolves away your pains, emotional wounds and old traumas and cellular memories,

The radiant body melts away shadows, secrets, and fills in empty gaps, She upgrades all your systems and erases worry and doubt,

She opens new opportunities and pathways

She downloads updated frequencies and programs into you.

She lets you feel totally supported to function at your optimum and most radiant level in every situation.

Be Radiant First – 4 weeks is available to test out a new way of being, with new energy, and with different perspectives.

Create a new body by using the power of radiant energy


What 1 change can I make to go from feeling Repulsive to Ravashing?

The most alluring and attractive thing a woman can possess, I am sure you will agree is confidence. She sends out generous RAYS of joy and confidence and attracts to her what she is radiating easily from the inside.

Who wouldn’t want to be more attractive and be one of those women who have that certain presence and confidence where ever she goes,

A Woman who impacts thousands with her words and presence alone.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what it takes and get the support you need, and ask for that help” Mel. Paris.

“With a full time business to run, 2 girls under five and being 3 stone heavier that I was when I met my husband. I felt a failure and repulsed at my own body. My love and business were all slipping away fast. I had tried all number of diets to feel good in my body again. I tried many tricks to over come the internal dialogue of self loathing but none of them worked until I felt differently about myself. This was priceless and gave me my life back. I feel sexy, alluring and my body has radically changed in 5 months. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.” Helen M. London

So often, however I am told that a woman feels repulsive, disgusted and has rejected herself completely, hates to see herself and nothing is working in her favor.

The opposite to this is the energy of a woman in her radiance. This is for you if you are ready to attract to you opportunities galore, to be seen and heard on stage, invited to interviews, and stand in the lime light where YOU belong. Where you feel comfortable and confident in a body that radiates and matches and shows the whole world to see you have an enthusiasm for life and passion to serve.

(hint: your body reflects what you feel inside, There is nothing as responsive than your body to what you thing and feel – you feel repulsive or rejected then that is what your body will create and become – turn that around and radiate and you will morph into an alluring energetic confident woman)

The power of success for a woman has sadly become – to ‘work hard’ and takes a lots of ‘effort’ as you take care of your career, work, husband, children, home and you sadly got lost somewhere between the office and home life and you feel heavy and ill-prepared to accomplish so much and unfortunately sadly have forgotten to prioritise taking care of your self. You cannot serve from an empty cup. Easy to say and a bit harder to accomplish, but, let me show you how.

Society has made this normal and made us into drones and ants with no soul and having NO fun – only work and being busy seem to get us any reward these days, and what we have parked in the drive way or how much we earn or the holidays we go on as our only reward, but these do not fulfill the woman, not really.

And maybe you are as surprised as I was that the older I got the more serious I got, the more need I had to be a good mother provider and business woman. Unlike my dreams and the adverts I saw of adulthood as romantic, fun loving and having such freedom – I was, in fact, I’ll prepared for adult life. It was dull, hard work and I was not coping as well as I made out, as I gained weight and moved in and out of a depressive melancholy state. Then one day I realized it was not fun at all.

That was the day I made a decision – I cat do this any more.

I was woken up at 5 am with a loud LOUD voice in my head? “Do you want to be doing this in 5 years?”

OMG NO! I replied in my head.

Then came the loud voice again “Do you want to be doing this in 2 years?”

OMG absolutely NO!

Then for a third time “Do you want to be doing this in 1 year?“

MOST Certainly NOT!

I lay there dumbfounded the voice now gone, but ignited a part of me that had lain dormant. Where’s the FUN?

Now what I asked myself?

And so led onto a journey of adventure, discovery, growing up into a new kind of woman and into becoming a radiant being, seeing what life has to offer. I saw clearly soon enough what I had actually created for myself so far, and it was not pleasant but it wad ALL resolvable. (we are going to talk about this, and just how we do that in the MASTER Energy Training I have planned out for you on the 4, 5 and 6 November) here Be Radiant First 3 day Master Energy Training and how to use the power of radiance to align your mind with your body and watch your body become a body you love in as little as 2 weeks.

We are going to set you off on a brand new relationship with your body and trajectory of a practice and a new discipline and not accepting POT luck any longer.

I lost years having a miserable mediocre life, working SO hard and I have been doing this practice for some 10 years in various degrees and over the last 5 years I have amplified this as a discipline and now I need to share this part of how to attract the body you feel radiant in and love and how to create the very existence you want.

You don’t want the next 40 or 50 years to be the same struggle do you?

So, How can you find the joy again in life as you become an adult?

The full passage into radiance is described in full here.

Take some time to read through and let that soak into your bones and feel what that experience would mean for you.

When you sign up to receive the 3 Day Master Training into Radiance You will receive a full meditation that opens you up to receive your radiant being.

“I never loved myself enough to do this before, not I am so glad I did!” E. Lipman. Canada

“I have never been so aware of my body and what she most needs, wants and is lacking the most. I am so grateful to Fiona for shaping me into the woman I am today” Sally. Edinburgh.

What to do if you feel disgusted, hate your reflection and you don’t’ want to be seen out?

Be-Radiant-First-Confident-Woman-feeling sexy

You need to change your perspective and your energy, not the number you see on the scales?

Cassandra is extremely smart and you would say a sassy woman, who works for her self and has a business that has turned over a million in the last 2 years, that she has grown from the ground up. She has 2 children and is twice the woman she was when she met her husband. She has sadly gained twice her bodily weight in the last 5 years.

“I am embarrassed to get undressed in the same room, even although my husband has never ever negatively commented on my body, I just don’t believe he still could fancy me, because I certainly don’t.” she told me

Trapped in a body held together by criticism and beating herself up constantly, she is unable to stick to diets or make any headway at all, to meet her dream of being in a slimmer body. Cassandra is trapped in a body she hates and does not feel radiant, sexy or beautiful.

She has nice clothes and even beautiful designer dresses, bags, and shoes yet she feels embarrassed at the way she looks when she goes out, and so she remains quiet and holds herself back from speaking her valid and well thought out opinions to others in fear of criticism or judgment of how she looks. Yet no one judges her as harshly as she judges herself. She does not feel she is a true representation of how smart she is on the inside and cannot get over the feeling of how awful she feels to be seen out in her body.

Cassandra is a mother and business-woman and wife and has many other roles and somewhere she has lost her true identity behind the mother, wife and daughter titles she has. She is in the last place on the long list she has to do.

I wondered as I do with all lost women, what Cassandra would move, dress and talk and feel like as a sensual woman who was able to feel radiant and alive? Feeling this way for the first time in years puts her (and any woman) beyond her physical self and opens her up to her lost spirit. (The young girl with not a care in the world, so vibrant, radiant and alive with not a block or trauma to her name) In this realm, we recapture your true self and bring her forward to meet and be with you once again. You can embody and become that person and be radiant again and be everything you came here to be.

Be Radiant First sets all women free to become who they always dreamed and fantasized of being in a relationship, in her passions and as her truly vibrant self without ever holding herself back.

Never presume that you will feel radiant by restricting food and forcing exercise on your body and soul. When you force yourself to eat less and move more you will be sadly disappointed time and time again.

Dieting as it comes from deprivation is the hope that you will feel better when you are slimmer. But if you have not discovered how to feel good about yourself FIRST you will slip and slide back into carrying the heavy burdens that surround again.

Cassandra like many of us has been on diets for 25 years and keeps losing and gaining the same weight over and over again and returning to the self-hate and wanting to hide out of sheer embarrassment.

So here is Cassandra changing how she views herself, changing her mindset, becoming aware of who she is again and liking what she feels in these exquisite moments, allowing herself to feel attractive and giving herself permission to this time enjoy her husbands gaze and touch, and as such has changed her self on a cellular and molecular structure forever. This will be the last time she ever worries about her body in front of the mirror or in front of her husband.

Her weight taught her it was just a number but it was precisely equivalent to what she was carrying around, the heavy thoughts, criticisms and self-disgust. Now her ability to lighten up and fully radiate her joy has left her feeling lighter on the inside and it shows on the outside. Her weight was the bonus to her feeling radiant.

Today Cassandra is a woman who has halved her size despite eating extremely well and thoroughly enjoying her food. She has also taken her business to another level and been interviewed and done talks in public about her products, that she would never have done before lightening up. She is more relaxed with her children and open to the activities they would enjoy rather than staying home, and she has a full loving relationship with her husband which has blossomed to a sacred place that she could never have ever imagined. All because she is a woman who chose to be in her radiance.

Cassandra has a parting phrase, for all women struggling today.

“I never knew what I was missing or just settling for until I was shown and felt how life could be 180° different from what I was experiencing.

 I would never have forgiven myself if I had not made the decision to be a better woman living my life to the max as I wanted to live it, and chased my dreams and fantasies.”

I have a question for you:

Why is it important to you to feel this radiance, what will you be able to do that you can’t do now?

There are certain steps to follow that are going to make this happen and become a lasting experience for you and attract the success, attract the clients and romantic relationships you fantasize about, however, this is not going to happen overnight.

I invite you to take the first step and trail out what radiance is for you. wear it over a few days and see the transformations happen inside and outside.

. When was the last time you felt Radiant and what does Radiance feel like for you? Be honest and get detailed about what you wore, how you walked, talked and moved when you were in that energy.

This is enough to start making small changes for you on a molecular and cellular level.

I hope this was helpful in seeing what a difference a day a moment can make to you.


What’s the Big Deal about Fasting?

Body-renewer-Fasting -To-Health

Since my trip around the world in 2003 and doing my first Detox in Thailand at The Sanctuary I have been a huge fan of downtime and a full-body recalibration once a year, as well as for a bit of peace and quiet and clean out my digestive tract with a short fast.

Fasting is as old as the hills and always gives the mind, body, and soul the huge benefits connected with a total reboot, all within a very short space of time.

Used by Einstein to give his students the added advantage, as the brain functions 100% more efficiently after a fast.

Used by TOP athletes and promoted by Olympic sports coaches to improve the bodies performance and to set up the body to its optimum performance.

_ In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was among many who extolled its virtues. During the fourteenth century it was practiced by St Catherine of Siena, while the Renaissance doctor Paracelsus called it the “physician within”. Indeed, fasting in one form or another is a distinguished tradition and throughout the centuries, devotees have claimed it brings physical and spiritual renewal

Fasting is literally allowing the magic back in as the body re calibrates itself once it is allowed to switch off, have downtime and reboot following a precise protocol. By not digesting solid food for a short period of time, you actually give your body time to heal and clean out what is no longer needed, leaving you with better concentration and more energy.

A 3 Day (72hr) fast is all that is needed to reset your entire body.

Your body will thank you and there are huge benefits all round.

You will have speeded up your metabolism

You will have boosted your immune system

You will have prolonged your life span

You will rejuvenate your skin

You will look younger

Your taste buds get renewed and your tastes change

You will neutralize your biggest cravings

You will promote a thorough detoxification

Your Body can clean house of all the rubbish stored for way too long

You get to access the fat stored and locked away in your cells

You will improve your chances to lose weight

You will improve your insulin sensitivity and

You will help to reverse prediabetes

Hormones take this chance to rebalance

You will boost your cognitive and brain function

You access a great source of energy

You get to absorb the great nutrition you are consuming

You get to have deep mental and physical rest to consider your next steps

You will feel years younger and have much more energy

One of the main reasons I took to fasting was It is easy for me an extremely busy woman to eat well within the designated window for consuming food, still feel fulfilled and satisfied and not depriving myself and know that the body was doing her best for me. Once I saw the results I was hooked.

“For me cooking every day and preparing food was the bain of my life, I cannot believe how much time is spent thinking, planning and preparing food. I much prefer to grab food when I am hungry and do something far more interesting”.

The first step to introduce fasting would be: The longer you wait before you eat breakfast for example, the longer your body can use up yesterdays energy efficiently and access the hormones like Leptin which are only activated by hunger. When Leptin is activated she looks for stored sources of what she can use for your energy. She finds the fat stores and uses these to give you energy.

The second step to fasting would be:  A longer Fasting period that allows your body to turn over the fuel system from Sugar to the stored fat and you must stay consuming fat for the fuel system to work effectively. The moment you return to sugar you are back burning sugar for fuel and will need to start again to teach your body how to get her fuel from fat again. 3 days (72 hours) is all that is needed to re calibrate your body.

You can drop a dress size quite easily. But you need to know what you are doing. If you are hungry you MUST eat. There is a huge difference in an educated and uneducated faster. An uneducated faster will have her body storing more fat.

An educated faster will allow her body to go longer still feel satisfied and lose weight easily.

Since 2004 (for 15 years) I have been running Retreat Biarritz detox and fasting retreats and helping women and men to set up a safe fasting experience at home with the Home Detox Box, helping women and men come off sugar and learn how to eat again with some specific coaching programs and protocols that work for a sweeter healthier life.

What I have seen will surprise you, how much weight as well as heavy thoughts and habits that cause depression and over eating can be lifted off and stay off, after a short fast.

That was Radical!” said Emily,

Remarkable and way easier than I ever imagined.” said Tamsin.

It all happened in my sleep.” Judy exclaimed

If you are wanting to have this to be the last time you ever need to think about your weight or that you can wear the clothes you love again there are certain steps that need to be taken.

Make a decision to do take care of what and when you eat, take some time out to follow a simple cleanse protocol with a short 3 days fast and a guide how to break your fast. This will be the very best thing you have done for yourself in years, and you will feel so much better in days.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and follow the Home Detox Box a DIY kit that you can follow at home for the easiest way to start with a fast, with me in your corner and get support whilst you navigate how to have a brand new relationship with your food and clean start with your body.

Delivered to your Door – Home Detox Box

Making a world of difference to how you wear your body and how she feels on you.

Your Body Your Best & Most Valuable Outfit.

Fiona Robertson

Why we all need to DETOX

Home Detox Box Natural weight Loss program, Your Body, and Eating-variety-of-fruit-and-veg-and-3-colourful-juices

Why we all need to detox – Part i

Running retreats here in SW France since 2006, meeting and detoxing 100’s of women, I have learnt so much about how the body actually works and especially what works and what does not and why that body despite diets and regimes still does not release the weight.

Here is the first part of an in-depth article I wrote and had published in several magazines from Natural Health to Happinezz, Choice and so many more fine publications about health and wellness.

– Fiona Robertson explains why the best health and weight loss results come from a life-long commitment to cleansing and taking care of your emotional needs.

What I can uncover for you here is to open your eyes and mind to the fact that the traditional approach to losing weight and gaining more energy is doomed to failure because it is ineffective and built on false principles.

Most would agree if I said that smoking, drinking and eating junk food were the unhealthiest long term activity’s. However, consider the cellular damage of being at war with your body over a long period of time. Now that is an extremely unhealthy activity. Meaning that the head wants one thing and that the emotions want another.  Your head wants a healthy body and more energy and has an image of this to work towards. But your emotions are calling out for comfort and not some future hypothetical image of yourself. They don’t want to sweat it off and starve to get to this new healthy goal. So the battle between the mind and body is real and can be a long term and potentially a damaging practice.

Research has now shown that eating less calories and burning more calories are not enough on their own. 97% of people who go on a diet regain their weight within a year, the body wins every time. It basically comes down to two factors that can really help the weight to fall off.

No 1 is stress, Stress leads to a depletion of all the necessary elements needed for health. The essential enzymes are burnt out and this adds to the body’s acidity. When the body is acidic it will naturally keep some fat to store the harmful acid that may cause some serious damage to your organs. Like burning holes in the stomach or ……… The body’s no one goal is to stay alive. The root cause is the stress and what is called for here is to allow your body and mind to relax and download all the junk and have some major time out. When you give your body a complete and utter holiday the energy that is required to heal itself is available to get rid of the acidity (and therefore the fat). A period spent in detox when you abstain form strenuous activity and cleanse your digestive system will naturally help your body re gain alkalinity and therefore allow the fat to melt away as well as regain vital energy.

No 2 is toxicity, this is where we have consumed and are exposed to substances that are not able to be processed by the body especially by the liver and so these substances such as caffeine, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, junk foods, E-numbers are stored in fat cells.

When we start to abstain from our normal levels of toxin intake and start to take exercise we will very often begin to feel dreadful. Your body starts to break down the fat cells, which is after all what you need, however all those toxins are now free in the blood and will make you feel terrible. The eliminative organs are overworked and have a backlog to deal with which is potentially dangerous so the body kicks in and remember that the body’s No one goal to stay alive, It kicks in and we find we have eaten something sweet or heavy and the symptoms stop.

This is what can happen if your diet or detox program is not designed to help with the excess toxins in your blood steam.  A detox and cleanse program will enable your body to eliminate as many toxins in a week as your body can manage and will teach you ways to overcome the detox symptoms and not feel hungry. A detox and rebuild program will teach you how to strengthen and tone your organs so they can absorb all the vital nutrients the body needs for optimum health and sustainable energy and continue to help you slim down to your sexiest weight ever.

What lies deeper as we cleanse and detox our bodies.

If you have been following a healthy lifestyle for several years and have even done a couple of herbal cleanses or a juice fast or two you may well assume you are now as healthy as you can get or even consider yourself “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! There is more, so much more. How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s, 30s and maybe even your 40s too, and quite probably even longer. This socially accepted fare would consist of microwave meals, highly processed food, meat, cakes and biscuits, fizzy drinks, packaged snacks and standard beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate.  With not many raw fruit and vegetables added to it if at all.

If this is you, make no mistake: you could benefit from at least two “hard-core” detoxes a year, and a colonic every week for the rest of your life. Why? Because those years of toxic eating caused a massive accumulation of waste to be stored deep in your tissues, and that waste can only be released very gradually – as and when the colon is clear enough to take out more of it.

So no matter how long you’ve been on your junk-free diet, nor how many cleansing program’s you’ve done, there is much to gain from committing to at least two week-long detoxes a year. I guarantee you will still be releasing deep stores of old toxins from your tissues. That is why when we cleanse we can feel so uplifted.

We start life with a clean internal system. It is interesting to note that babies, birds and animals evacuate within 15 to 18 hours of every meal. This, however, is not the case for most of us, for numerous reasons. The human bowel is naturally meant to eliminate yesterday’s waste – not that from years or decades ago.

Even if you eliminate several times a day, every day of your life, and think your bowels are working efficiently, I doubt that you are getting out anywhere near as much as you have put in. Don’t agree with me? Here is a simple test you can do to find out. First thing in the morning, while still lying in bed, suck in your stomach as much as you can. If your mid section – the area from under your rib cage to your hip bones – goes concave, then you are empty. This is the area that houses your intestines and colon, and chances are you have enough old waste matter lurking there that your stomach will look more convex than concave.

Accumulated waste in the colon can affect any of our organs at any time. Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them and the blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. So when we routinely take in more than the body has the capacity to process (and/or substances the body can’t easily process) this excess will start to build up not only on the walls of the colon, but eventually in cells and tissues throughout the body.

Most of our aches, pains, sicknesses and infections can be traced back to the health of our body’s “waste disposal unit”.The colon health expert Dr. Bernard Jensen identified and mapped the colon into 72 reflex areas that each correspond to specific organs and body parts – for example, the kidneys, liver or spleen and the neck, arms or legs. He theorized that old waste that has become toxic in the colon will affect the tissue of the corresponding organ or body part. Symptoms can include headaches, backache, mental fog, depression, swelling and inflammation.

What’s the matter?

What you ingested over the last four to five days that has not yet managed to leave you is known as normal waste matter. The matter that goes back a month or three, and which will have begun to embed itself in the intestines, is called putrefactive matter. This matter is still moist and it is really stinky stuff, as you can imagine. Slow cooking at 98.6 degrees for weeks on end will do that.

Then there is the even older waste, which has been polluting your insides for years. This is post-putrefactive matter. It is completely dry and tends to be black, dark brown, grey or white, hard like plastic or rubber, and it normally comes out in long strips. Juice fasting can eventually remove some of this, but more effective is a regular regime of psyllium and bentonite clay mixed with herbs, enzymes and a daily enema done for a week twice a year. This combination softens this old matter and sweeps it out of its hiding places.

Psyllium is the seed from the plantago plant. It can absorb ten times its weight in water, and as it expands in the body, it brushes and sweeps along the intestinal walls, taking old impacted matter with it. Bentonite is a volcanic clay that will draw toxins to it in huge quantities.

For optimal health, I recommend a week-long colon cleanse using psyllium and bentonite twice a year – preferably in the spring and autumn, when you will ideally be changing your diet to the new foods that grow in your locality. You will achieve the best results on a detox like this when you have been cleansing, eating raw and drinking juices for a while.

My eyes have changed colour since I started to regularly detox. I used to have dark brown eyes and now they have turned three-quarters green as the acidity and areas of toxicity in my tissues and cells reduces (and many who have undertaken a long-term cleansing regime report similar results). This has taken years and will continue to change, I am sure, as I keep to a pure diet consisting of fruit and vegetable Juices as well as a varied Raw menu of vegetables, salads, energy soups and plenty of fruits and a keep doing my deep tissue detox twice a year.

I still see old post–putrefactive matter leave me each time I cleanse, which is remarkable.

            Or is it – remembering I only started to cleanse in my late 30s?

Fiona Robertson

runs a detox retreat in Biarritz, South West France, where she guides clients through a week of purification and relaxation. Fiona is also the brains behind “The Home Detox Box”, a seven-day total body detox you can do in the comfort of your own home ***(https://fionarobertson.co/product/detox-diet-cleanse/ *** For more information see retreatbiarritz.com and homedetoxbox.com.

Fiona-Robertson-Body-Renewer-Full-Length-in white-summer-dress