The 3 reasons women don’t reach their goals of living in the body they fantasize about

The 3 reasons women don’t reach their goals of living in the body they fantasize and would feel more confident in

  1. Don’t believe its possible for them –

She says things like – “Its Ok for these other women who reached their goals, but I don’t believe I can do it”

A women who has attempted and tried everything been on a new diet every year is at a slight disadvantage to herself, however as I have witnessed she can and will with a change in her attitude make it work perfectly for her too, she will go further than ever before and sustain it.

This woman sadly has built up a pile of evidence that is working against her because she has lost confidence in her body, and her ability and has been losing the same amount over and over again and never getting it to last.

She has been there and done that got the T-shirt and that evidence piles up against them.

What’s the step she needs to take now? Simple, to believe it is possible for her, she’s done years of hard work and effort and the next step to take is a one small step compared to the hard slog of diets and do the inner work that will get

2. Have No idea what life will be like once they are living in that body.

Women have the misconception that they will feel great and have all the confidence they need once they get there and have the body they fantasize about

But, without knowing what living in a body like that entails they will certainly

A woman wants to have a baby and wants to get pregnant with her love, and then one day she does get pregnant and she about to become a mother. It takes 9 months to have her get ready and believe she is going to a mother.

She can visualize it, feel it as if it is real, she dreams and tells everyone who will listen that it’s going to happen.

The same way a woman who wants a body that makes her feel confident to stand on stage and glow as a radiant woman will dream of what its like to stand on stage with her arms out stretched not hiding an inch of herself. Talking to her audience, planning her talk and walking through the steps up to the stage in the outfit she has chosen that shows her off as the smart, sassy innovative pioneer that she is.

3. Running an old program of thoughts and self-depreciation is a program that needs reinstalled and rest urgently.

You are the most powerful computer ever built? There is no computer than can match your mind, the thousands of thoughts you have every second, the impressions that your eyes filter for you, and the sounds you filter out all in a single heartbeat. The program you are running can be in need of a serious upgrade as its telling you that you can’t each the other levels without a new set of self talk.

Your self-talk is the only element that is limiting your achievements.

One client called it running on her ‘fat brain’ and the thoughts that told her she was still stuck in the body and deserved that body even although she lost the weight she never stayed there, until she did the internal work and accepted a program upgrade and downloaded it and ran it.

How to be a woman having her way with the world.


A woman having her way with the world, well wouldn’t that be fun.

Today as I walked around the supermarket I did not reach for the foods that I would have 10 years ago, because at the time I felt I deserved a treat at the end of the day or that the weekend was here and I need something extra sweet or fulfilling.

It came as a shock all those years ago that I was hiding behind the mask of being happy and acting as if life was perfect and I was in control.

I know now that I can say at the end of the day ‘I am a satisfied woman’, who has pretty much the whole package, and all the ‘missing nutrients’ that once I lacked are now in place or I am consciously playing with them to ramp them up and see them arrive as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow.

Walking past the crisps and not being drawn and compelled to put these big family size bags in my trolley is a revelation to me, as I am just not attracted to them any longer. I am at peace with food as well as in my body and in my days.

Gone are the days I would crunch on these bags on the way home and hide the wrappers, just because I was dissatisfied with my lot in many areas of my life. I felt deserving of more and do you know what I was deserving of more, much more.

Discovering my ‘missing nutrients’ back in 2005 changed everything that I accepted and attracted into my life, and the opportunities I had had at my fingertips all along. I became the woman who wanted the whole package. I was being shown, nudged and guided how to improve my days beyond recognition so I could have it all.

Experimenting with the energy of attraction & being curious about the energy that you or I are in is my forte, so imagine this, when I started receiving opportunity after opportunity that I had felt would be more fun and certainly fulfilling.

* I sold my house for more than any estate agent said it was worth and in 1 weekend, once I altered my energy and thoughts

° I attracted a partner that matched every one of my desires within a couple of months, once I changed my thoughts and energy around what I wanted precisely to feel with him by my side

* I found a house that matched all the specifications I had listed, location, price, number of rooms and potential of building two studios

* I dropped 2 dress sizes and wore dresses that I would never have felt comfortable in before

* I found the exact person to help me write my book about how to play and invite in energy

* I got invited to be a speaker in a room full of women to share how energy works in business and how to attract what you desire

To be a woman having her way with the world
demands certain steps are followed…..But it is SO WORTH IT. To feel fulfilled in every area of your life and you can have that too.

Finding your inner PEACE and that fulfilled feeling is the first step to feeling at the end of the day that it was a good day and you ca, say “I am a satisfied woman and feel fulfilled”.

There is a common misconception that once you achieve the Million turnover mark you will be fulfilled, or when you have the body you feel priceless in, you will be satisfied, but there is always something missing and I and dozens of satisfied women can now testify that comes from inside you not from outside you. Not with external things that the money can buy for you or from wearing that killer dress and getting the recognition you crave.

What parts of your life need an overhaul challenge to start getting you the whole package that YOU deserve? Because you are worth it….

I challenge you to take a look at the focus wheel and fill in each section with the important areas of your life: each segment represents – Family, work, health and fitness, finances, partner, leisure time, social & friends

Then – mark each segment with the center being low satisfaction and the outer circle being high satisfaction and complete fulfillment

Take a look at the whole picture of your life and see and be aware of what needs your immediate attention.

If you spend a long time on your work and finances, yet miss health and the feeling you love your body enough to run along the beach like Bo Derrick when you go on that perfect tropical Island holiday or have yet to experience real love and a deep connection with a mate then just acknowledge that. These missing nutrients are yours for the taking.

A Woman Winning the World and having her way with the world is using specific skills that are never taught in Business College or by most coaches, because they don’t know them yet. They only know hard work, strategy and effort, not real magic of how to get real fulfillment and use that energy to your benefit.

Your next step is to be open and honest with yourself and find out what these missing nutrients are for you.

With so much love
Fiona Robertson

Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to feeling it in the body.
I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

Ready to take your self on an internal journey to find and install a new program.

Listening to your body lets you own the Ultimate Designer Dress


Vicky had a very special event to attend in 3 months time and she had just the very outfit picked out. She had seen a red lace straight fitted dress that finished just above the knee and had little sleeves and a scoop neck. The perfect outfit that was sleek, sassy and professional for the event she was going to, and she wanted so, so much to feel confident and comfortable and certainly not tugging and adjusting her dress all afternoon and night.

The event she was off to was a conference where she had been invited to stand on stage and share her ideas about how business was changing and how to be a leader amongst women.

She wanted to wow the delegates and be taken seriously and still be seen as provocative and with innovative ideas.

Now I asked her not to buy the dress in the size she was but order it in the next size down or she would only have to take the original dress back in 2 months.

Huh? She exclaimed

I explained with no doubt in my mind that she would need at least one size smaller than she was settling for.

I had seen this many time before with the radical methods I was about to share with her, that she would drop the excess weight she was carrying and with that feel even more confident in doing so, and walk up on stage feeling taller and so proud.

One of the things I had her do was walk into the shop and try on the dress and feel it against here skin. To wear the shoes and bag and jacket if she had one and feel exactly the texture and weight of the material, feel the zip how it felt going up, the hem how did it skim against her knees and how did it sound as she walked the whole length of the shop. How much room did she want inside the dress as she moved, sat down, stood up and stepped up onto a stage.

We added in as much detail as possible and had her memorise this the shade of red, the feel of the lace under her painted finger nails and how it felt putting it on and walking around.

With this memory implanted on her thoughts and feelings she was ready to use here imagination and show here body what it was that she wanted to experience the feelings exactly as she wanted to experience them.

The day came and Vicky was getting dressed and in her bedroom with her nails all done and shoe at the ready, she slipped on the dress and did up the zipper.

She walked down the hall way to finish her hair and make up and glanced sideways as she caught herself in the mirror, and she stopped and remembered this is exactly how I knew it would feel to wear this dress, and this dress is loose fitting and its 2 sizes smaller that the dress I was going to order 2 moths ago. I did it! I actually did it. I stopped worrying about how I was going to look and I did it.

 The next few steps she took were slower, prouder and she grew taller.

She looked at herself in the mirror in her bathroom and she radiated a huge smile towards herself and said again “We did it!”

A couple of insane months of getting to know things about myself and understanding what was influencing and affecting me and I’ve been reborn, 50lbs of heavy pain lifted off and gone for good.

I see now that I am what makes the ultimate designer dress not the other way around. I am priceless and have re valued myself,

Just as she left the bathroom mirror she had to admit to herself that she felt priceless.

I dare you to go on a virtual shopping spree, walk into that exclusive dress shop like the film ‘pretty woman’ and try on all of those gowns that you’d love to wear and then see how they feel against your skin. Keep the dream alive.

Listening to your body is how you create the ultimate designer dress look from the inside out.

Your Best First Impression in Under 3 Seconds


Most Businesswomen know it takes 30 seconds to form the First Impression of someone. An impression is taken in by your looks even before your words and within seconds you have been cast aside or taken seriously as someone to listen to.

Seldom do you get a second chance to win your audience over.

Your body when you meet someone for the first time is like a barometer reading that person. It’s a skill we all have and use daily, our reptile brain and gut instincts are reading how it feels to be with that person. Everyone feels different and has a different vibration, depending on their thoughts, their feelings and the energy they live in.

If you are congruent you will be a perfect match with your thoughts, words, emotions, in your physical form and actions if not you will feel to the other person OFF and out of balance and will certainly have doubt spread over your observer.

People will take you in from their eyes how you look first, specifically, expression, such as smiling, eyebrow position, emotional expression, and eye contact are emphasized, posture as well as your physical form.

Using our inner radar to detect if you can be trusted, and who is important or who to pay attention to. This is ancient wisdom and uses our gut instinct and subconscious mind and our feelings to detect incongruent feelings in our subject that alert the oldest part of our brain the reptile brain. These feelings are usually unconscious to us without mastering the mind and our sensory perspectives but are very accurate.

Studies show that first impressions based on how we look ie our body shapes, especially when “we have nothing but appearance to rely on, including more negative assumptions about heavier bodies (e.g., careless, lazy,) and more positive ones about thinner bodies (e.g., disciplined). Physiologies Today

Psychologists have known for decades that attractive people get better outcomes. Just because of the simple fact that a body that is heavier is most likely being judged as lazy or undisciplined or there are deep seated problems that have not been addressed, and leave people with out of control eating habits and not the healthiest lifestyle, and if you want to make a lasting first impression that certainly has to be one area that needs to be taken into consideration to find peace with food, in the mind and with the body.

Whilst it might not be my belief, I do know this, every single client I have dealt with who went onto lose substantial amounts of weight, has had a history of baggage that needed to be cleared out before the weight disappeared for good. The baggage left unattended causes addictive or obsession eating, triggers uncontrollable cravings and eating disorders as well as digestion problems, which just goes to show how well we are digesting the world around us.

If this is your story and you find that you struggle with your weight and it does not give a fair representation of your ability to handle a task or stand on stage and give a presentation. Please know that your body size and shape is not the end, you are not fixed or final. It is just a measure of how well we are coping that the outside world can see and as you alter your ability to feel strong, set boundaries, take care of yourself and what you allow to affect and influence you. You too will see a remarkable change in how your body reflects how in control you are of how you think and feel about yourself.

To make your Best First Impression I challenge you if you choose to accept……try this.

Choose a character that you admire, who looks and is how you would dream of looking when you make that first impression.

Now imagine you are her in that role she is playing and see and feel what she is wearing, how she is walking, how she is talking, The tone of her voice and try and get into that character; I dare you to walk around believing you are her for an afternoon. And as you go about your tasks do it in that energy.

On Stage In Your Best Outfit & Made To Measure Body


How do you walk the room?

Are you the confident type swaying to the tune “The minute you walked in the joint, You could tell she was a woman of distinction, a real big spender, good looking, so refined….”

Marie was walking into the training room set aside for her to get the sales force of this company licked into shape and she had some great stuff up her sleeve.

As she walked into the meeting room proudly wearing a bright yellow above the knee fitted dress, she felt ‘priceless’ and so glad she’d taken steps to get into her best outfit ever, the skin she loved being in… when she overheard one of the ladies saying:

“Oh I like that dress, I wonder where she bought it. Not many people can carry of yellow, but that looks fabulous on her.”

Marie was tickled at the comment, she walked to the whiteboard and realised she had a huge cheesy grin on her face, thinking to herself if only that woman knew that just 2 months ago I would have been in elasticated waist trousers and a long coat jacket to hide my arse and muffin top.

As Marie turned around she could not have been prouder and full of new confidence, she swept the trainees off their feet and walked the room like she owned it. Her energy was so different and she felt Priceless and phenomenally strong and confident.

She got asked to come back as well as take her sales training into the companies’ other 4 regional offices. To which she agreed to do and signed a new contract that day to be their main sales trainer.

This is what happens when you:

Love the skin you are in

Have your body as the best designer outfit you could be wearing

Any £5.00 t-shirt dress will wow your audience more than the £5,000 Givenchy  gown

  • Substantial weight loss that is sustainable comes with mastering the mind. Neither ability to master your nutrition or your mind is of much use alone.
    But of the two, the mind is far more important. Your mind and body need to truly connect and be in balance. If you must choose which one to train. Then you should train the mind.

*Learn to listen harder than ever before.

Most women are under the misconception that the physical body is altered by eating less and moving more but until you understand your resistance to doing that nothing will change. It is such a shame because the answer is right at your finger tips

😁Feel free to ask me how and take a look at getting your best designer outfit made to measure.

Fiona Robertson

Standing on stage in front of 200 strangers


June 2017 I stand in a room with 200 strangers and It’s my turn to walk up onto the stage and deliver what I want to share.

My heart is in my mouth, I’m not thinking about my talk at all, I’m concerned about how I look, who will take me seriously? Is this dress Ok?

OMG, I talk to myself, how many times have I been here how long have I tried and failed to get the body of my dreams and that looks like the ambitious, go getter, she’s got it all together, totally credible, a respected leader that I know I am.

It’s taking all of my energy and concentration to not run away right now, as I am embarrassed that I don’t look the part of the woman I am about to talk about.

But whenever I have to stand up and have all those eyes on me, when I am looked at, I freeze and clam up, get all hot a sweaty and really I let myself down because I am terrified of being judged, and ridiculed and I will have to prove myself in a confrontation.

I wanted to walk up to the microphone and pour my heart out and say I had no idea why I looked the way I did or why my body was misbehaving despite how hard I tried but listen to me because I absolutely do know about being a leader and a strategist and a make it happener.

I wanted to describe how frustrated I was and I didn’t feel like I had accomplished anything worthwhile because I did not look the part of the phenomenally strong women people expected when they know me as a leader.

Wind forward to today and I can see there was a much deeper frustration within me that had been there all along but I just hadn’t been noticing. Standing with my arms outstretched and not hiding an inch has become my signature on stage. I dropped 2 stone and in as many months and these 2 stone were representations of my heavy thoughts and beliefs about myself. Each one a large bag of pain, sorrow and self-doubt which I lifted off one by one, never to go back to that way of being ever again.

I am sharing this story because I feel that you may be someone who can relate to the frustration and I wanted to tell you that, it’s not your fault.

The frustration is a good sign. It means you are done with mediocre and settling for average for yourself and you are ready to breakthrough to the other side. This was the very stuff I taught in business but standing on that stage that day I saw clearly what I had been doing for years and just how frustrated I actually was.

Up until that moment on stage I had not acknowledged myself or what I really wanted or was prepared to really achieve in all areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I made a decision and felt myself really committed to it that things started to happen, I met the people, read the books, did the courses and connected and fell in love with my inner self, all of these synchronicities showed me how my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings were blocking me physically from letting go.

The critical mindset shift is critical to experience what you crave the most

If you want to break out of your comfort zone and have your own leap into a life that is fun and filled with new opportunities that you can accept freely and walk on stage and be seen as the phenomenal woman that you are, then you need to take a course in becoming a phenomenal woman.

This happens on mentoring calls and a VIP opportunity to come on a retreat in SW France to deepen the process and embody who you want to become in the next phase of your life.

When my Soul said “Hello”


What happens next?

I want to tell you about something that’s made a huge mindblowing impact on my life—because I would love for everyone to feel the same spaciousness, support and freedom that I have come to find.

I now know that I started on this journey 25 years ago, and then again maybe before that too. I dipped in and out of what I am going to explain blew my mind wide open, until I hit rock bottom in 2015 and knew I had to do something very different before I got sucked into the downward spiral or lost it all. I had no money to my name, gained 2 stone and was finding it hard to get up in the morning.

I hated myself for becoming like this but still could not get myself back on track, I was beyond embarrassed to be queuing up and asking for help to feed my children, and that I had allowed this to happen. Me of all people who had run several successful businesses and supported most of the people in my life without a skip in my heart beat.

Asking for help was so not who I was.

Then I began to see that the difficulty and the pain I felt when ever I HAD to ask for help was not from asking others, the authorities, or family for help but from my inner self. She was waiting to be asked. Pushing me to ask her.

I began to quietly say ‘help me’ and ask for what I needed help with and practiced getting out of the way as to which direction it should come from.

I had been so stubborn that money SHOULD come from my EX, that I had become blinded to see all the other opportunities I had at my fingertips. I also saw how I was blocking my own success with what I was constantly thinking and feeling.

I began by paying much more attention to my thoughts, all those spinning thoughts at first too many to see or name. Then feeling into how I felt as I began to hear what I was saying to myself, and then the hardest part for me was seeing that I had created all of this downward spiral myself by what I was thinking, being bull-headed and stubborn and not making any effort to change that.

I was crushed when I admitted to myself that no one else was to blame, Its so much easier to stay in a place where ‘its not my fault’. But what I realized was – this is not mature – and I wanted to be mature about this and rise above my patterns and habits because they dragged me down and I did not want to stay there.

I could see and feel it playing out far easier in others as to what was going on in them, the stories they told, but it was not always able to get out of my own way, especially when it came to money, running a business as a success and not as an expensive hobby. I had to admit I was to blame no one else. That took guts and courage to turn around and look at myself.

I knew I had to re write the story around my circumstances and feel differently, but I could not start. Just as I knew if I ate better I would lose weight – but I could not keep it up,

All until I one day I hear my soul say “HELLO” and saw what she had been so cleverly doing for me. I realized what I was being called to do and quickly started doing something truly mind blowing.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance for yourself and hear your soul say “Hello”, so that you can become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in, and then see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

I knew the concept of the soul, that she was me and lived in me as energy, and that I was no more than flesh and bones and her vehicle for this lifetime. So I had to get out of the way if we were going to accomplish what we were here for. I am a Reiki Master and body whisperer so I understood the energy force in everything, I even felt it, but to admit that my soul through my impoverish circumstances, lack of money and lack of feeling love was calling me to her, and showing me what exactly to pay close, close attention to, I had to admit was genius. I had been lost and acting like a child.

I have never become so acutely aware of my body, how she felt and my circumstances when I truly saw and understood that I was the only one who could change this, from living in lack to living in luxury.

It did not happen over night but I saw clearly where my soul brought me people, opportunities and showed me love beyond what I had ever shown her.

Over these last exploratory 5 years, I have got to know myself as a soul and spiritual being working with energy, shaping it, meeting my soul self face to face and becoming more in her likeness as each day goes by. I think more like her, I look more like how I saw her looking, and I feel what she would do in situations. I play with her and ask for her help for anything from threading a needle (which she does in an instant, compared to my squinting and hundreds of takes) to winning at family society games just for fun, or to finding clients that fit me perfectly. She never ever lets me down.

Although I have let her down constantly and for decades, ignored, blamed, got angry at, said hateful words to, complained at for years on end and never once thanked her for looking out for me and protecting me.

Who is my best friend? Roma, she is my soul and brings to me what ever I ask for, so I am now very careful indeed how and what I ask for.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance, so that you become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in and see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

This is for you if you are a woman who:

* Feels that they are empathic and pick up on negative energy and can’t shake it off

* Feels empty a lot of the time, fills up on food or drink

* Feels she is not good enough and has a pattern of living from lack

* Gets confused when you are in a crowd as you pick up energy and thoughts of others

* Feel exhausted after your day dealing with so much

* Feels you have lost yourself along the way to the demands of others

* Feels you want to be free from the heavy feelings of worry, anxiety, frustrations that nothing is working as it should.

* Wants to feel liberated and able to say you are a very satisfied woman at the end of each day singing “things are going my way”

I look forward to introducing you to your soul and you getting what you came here to experience, share and have.

One Step Forward 2 steps Back – Again and Again

Stuck in a rut?

Here we are more than half way through January and with the Chinese New Year about to happen its a great chance to set a new intention.

What Intentions did you set out for yourself this year?

Have they already started to slip and slide and vanish without a trace.

With the year of the RAT about to start maybe you feel this is an opportunity to do something different. To step up and receive what you feel you deserve.

  25 January 2020 :-The Year of the Rat is going to bring us creative energy, an energy which can manifest by fulfilling plenty of things you wish in your life.

You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “she’s on the edge of something great” or “She’s got the edge” or “to have an edge over something.” – that place a little outside of your comfort zone where you begin to expand and feel empowered and feel this thing you desire can actually happen for you.

You say ‘Enough of playing small’, I have decided to make this happen.

That is where intentions come from, a decision to become the best version of you and to have the dream come true.

You need to understand, that to make your intentions happen and be able to receive them there are steps that you will have to take. Changes made to how you have done things before

Keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same results

There are 8 things that block your initial request and your Intentions being delivered

  1. You don’t believe it will happen and can’t see it happening, You can’t imagine any options available to you, you’ve never been able to do it before, so you don’t send a request at all.
  2. You don’t send a clear request, You have not formed a clear request, the longing is not big enough or you can’t understand the reason you really want it. You just can’t see it.
  3. You send out your request and you tell yourself in the next breath you can’t have it. Don’t deserve it. You come up with reasons why you won’t get it. Then the request goes on hold and gets stuck with the contrasting thoughts and feelings?
  4. You have a pattern of fear going on of what will change of you get what you ask for, relationships may have to change, you may be abandoned, or you might change and be different. The fear stops the flow.
  5. You have an old belief that your not good enough stemming back from childhood and carry anger and negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and capabilities, these frequencies and energy vibrations are enough to stop you from receiving your dreams flowing to you.
  6. You start strong and then stop it, especially for small businesses – as you complain that you will have to work too hard and will lose your freedom. No time for you if you are serving all of those clients.
  7. You modify your request over and over again confusing the message and the feeling of what you want.
  8. You are unprepared for the success and for what you asked for and get overwhelmed, panic and stop the flow.


Do you recognise this?

What do you want to make happen next for you?

What do you recognise and want to have a break through with?

When is Enough is Enough?

Are you ready to get what you dream BIG about?


Over the next 12 weeks you will see where you are blocked and stopped the flow of your intentions. You will be proud that you got past that hurdle and can get on with your life with that well and truly behind you.

Step forward say yes to yourself.

How to LOVE your Body When You Don’t Know How


Women’s disappointment, disgust or delight with their bodies is what lies at the very centre to being able to transform the body how you want her to be – or not.

Since October last year, I’ve been upgrading how I approach the subject of the body over the last few months and I am ready to share the golden nuggets, snippets of what has been coming through from my body and soul’s collective as I put together my book on a new universal understanding and revolution of how the body works and how it will work best for you.

Within everybody there is an energy that resides at the heart of you and your ability to understand and be aware of and access that energy is the very fundamental element that allows your body to either transform or not.

We have all had lessons about our physical bodies that teach us the science, chemistry and biology of how the body works, so when we aim to alter our physical body, her energy and her structure and see someone who looks fit and healthy who says “follow this XYZ method and you’ll succeed with transforming your body just as I did”.

They present concise and comprehensible arguments about nutrition, explain about fuel, digestion, gut bacteria, the science of calories and exercise to use up the stored fat and so on and so forth, and tell you so convincingly that their formula is the best you can get.

They are selling their promise to your mind and sadly it is not just your mind who needs to be on board to alter and transform your experience of your physical body.

But, you take up the diet, the regime, the planning exactly to the letter, but as much as you follow this XYZ method you don’t get the same results as promised because you don’t know what else to do and well they put up a good argument and you so want to believe them.

The reason you are missing the results you crave is all due to this mystery energy element and the relationship you have with your body and soul to enable the switch to be turned ON for you.

Still, you see some people who do not work so hard at being fit and healthy, flexible and can eat whatever whenever and have all the energy they need and seem to be so at ease in their body.


 There will always be someone however clever the strategy who do not succeed and always someone who does not even seem to try at all and it all clicks into place so easily.

That bit is the most valued and missing piece of the puzzle.

So you can analyse the behaviour of others to see what they are doing and do exactly the same and get vastly different results in anything you aim for, from money, business, body, health and even relationships.

But you cannot see how they FEEL about all of that or grasp exactly what and how they think about that subject, that they seem to have the magic touch with, that invisible element that gives them access to everything working out so easily for them.

How can you measure that and attain that?

If someone struggles with their body and aims to transform their relationship with how it looks based on nutrition alone, they will miss 80% of these invisible elements. These elements that actually go onto give them the immediate access that allows them to receive the part that mindset and energy magically plays in manifesting itself for them as – wellness, health, flexibility, strength, feeling lighter and so full of energy that will ultimately give you the feeling that you can scream from the rooftops” I LOVE MY BODY & FEEL SO ALIVE”

This is and can be so easily resolvable.

All that is necessary is to 1. recognise the root of the problem. It’s not because you are doing the wrong things but 2. because you lack the ability to access the energy and mindset of having real LOVE for your body (who houses your soul and desires your unconditional love). And those thoughts and that energy do not exist for you right now or you would not be struggling as much as you do.

Fix the overall energy problem and reset the mindset at the route and it will all come very much easier. I promise. Hint, The ability to find the love for your body as it is today, is the answer.

If you don’t fix the energy problem and re program the mind and just continue to focus on diet, behaviour and strategy you will find that you will have wasted so much of your time and money and it will take a very, very long time to work it out for yourself. Keep losing the same amount and never maintaining the weightlessness feeling and the body that is strong, agile and flexible. Believe me, I know. Sadly it took me decades and many, many diets.

If you, on the other hand, are brave and able to admit where you are right now and willing to adjust your energy and mindset that gives you direct access to what you want. These are the first steps to enter a world where you’re feeling at ease in your body, love to be ALIVE and understand your bodies real needs, wants and desires.

Then you will discover that you have no self-sabotage behaviour playing out, which was previously needed and screaming at you to fill the void at the centre of you, that you felt needed filling over and over again.

You will have found a way to fill that emptiness at your centre that lasts far longer than the extra snack and secret overeating habits you have been falling back on.

Loving your body as she is today can take courage, you can start today with accepting her and finding the smallest parts that you appreciate. for example your hair, your eyes, your intelligence, your wit, your hands and dexterity, your vision, take note of all the small parts and be amazed how she is still operating and taking care of and protecting you despite your disappointment or disgust in her.

Write a list of 100 things you appreciate before you move onto the next part.

Write a letter to your body and tell her what you think of her and be honest and real about how she has turned out.

If you are ready and willing to go further with this and really access your body and transform her, take part in the next phase of your life accessing RADIANCE and love for yourself and your body and just see how life changes for you.

Follow this link below and get more information on how you can turn around your relationship with your body 180°

Lost All of Your Energy? Energy Leaks and How to PLUG them Quickly

Energy Leaks taking away all of your sanity and how to plug them?

In December I found that the house boiler was leaking and as it got progressively worse , decided it needed to be changed and replaced.

With the old boiler out and now moved to a brand new location in the house; Which I am so happy about. I was also noticing how happy I was to get in a clean away the years of dirt unable to be accessed before.

Now I have heard it said about me, “Fiona you reach the paces no one has ever reached before” so I was laughing as I set about cleaning up the old stubborn grime and mess that had laid unseen and hidden for so long and now uncovered because of this leak.

I like to see the analogy of what ever happens in my house or with my car or in my family as something for me to take note of.

I knew that I was going through a grown spurt and up levelling as I had experienced that over Christmas with a relationship that was really bothering me. I knew only I could clean that up and if I left it would ruin my days weeks and only I could sort it out.

Water leaks especially tell a story of emotional energy running away and being wasted. Any issue with water , plumbing, floods etc point to emotional issues needing cleared and healed.

So this was an apt sign that the water leaking from the boiler was in fact showing me how my emotions were in need of being re aligned and to take on a different perspective so that the energy could return to a better state..

So clearing up these energy leaks and cleaning away the dirt that had accumulated was showing me what was still to be done from my perspective.

I took on the cleaning job physically, mentally and energetically with GUSTO, which has since this week also asked me to clean up my physical body too with a short detox. Which is so normal as our environment, our emotions will be mirrored by how we feel physically and how efficiently our body can function..

I have been getting clear how I want this particular relationship that was bothering me so much to be, and I have made clear steps and done my daily practice to set in motion a new thought pattern as well as how I can feel instead.

So far so good, all is well and I am recognising how I feel towards this person and making new choices and reactions. It is becoming easier to be around this family member as well as develop an acceptance and compassion.

I am thankful for the boiler leaking as sometimes it takes a big shake up to see the changes that need to be made.

Plugging the energy leaks is a necessary of the modern day woman if she want to cope well in the next phase of her life and have herself live a life of ease and grace in all situations.

What energy leaks do you encounter?

These could be aches and pains, Headaches, weight gain, acid reflux, twisting ankles and knees, or household appliances breaking down in numbers, several light bulbs all stopping at once, arguments and anger rising to the surface and not being able to control your behaviour and response.

Say YES and take the 5 minutes self assessment and see if you have any of the 15 signs that show you, you might just have hidden and bottled up feelings and energy leaks needing dealt with.

Are you about to lose it?