How to detox the liver naturally

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There are a few poignant times throughout the year that will benefit us for the rest of the year if we take a few valuable days off to invest in ourselves with a cleanse, to RE SET our digestive and hormone systems. A cleanse and detox will especially help the liver, which in turn will enhance our energy, and help us to look younger and reduce the weight we have gained over the winter season.

The age-old question needs to be answered every time as a reminder as to why we beed to help our liver with a period of detoxification.  The liver also needs to be in proper working order for the continued detoxification of our bodies on a daily basis to be successful.  Think of your liver as the body’s vacuum cleaner.  We all know what it is like if our vacuum cleaner is not working up to par.  For example, think of your age today and then consider that you have been using the same liver/vacuum cleaner all these years without changing the bag.  We all know too well if you do not tend to the needs of your vacuum the mess it can make of our carpet and the air around you.

We are all exposed to toxins everywhere and every day. The foods we eat, and yes even the air we breathe, and even our metabolism. These toxins cause irritation and inflammation throughout our bodies. We have always been exposed to toxic substances, but now it is worse than it has ever been.

The Chemical Society’s Chemical Abstracts every year lists approximately 6,000 new chemicals, which add up to more than 300,000 new chemicals each year. We consume, on an average of 14 pounds of food additives, including colorings, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, and antimicrobials every year. The EPA estimated that 70,000 chemicals were commonly used in pesticides, foods, and drugs in 1990. Between January 2007 through June 2008, the EPA received 1,724 new chemicals to review for approval. Meaning there are more and more chemicals we have no idea how they will react with our bodies that we had even a year ago.

There are more than one billion tons of pesticides recorded to be used in the United States alone every year, and the UK and Europe are not far behind. The average person will be exposed to 100 synthetic chemicals every day. People ( although I am sure if your reading this you are all too aware ) do not understand that the shampoo, deodorant, cleaning products, gas for our car, hair dye, cosmetics, lotions, dishwashing soap, pesticides all play a crucial role in the toxins we put in our bodies, and the list goes on and on. OK ! I’m shouting now that enough negativity, what can we do about our lovely liver? To appreciate what it does and how we can help it

So let’s now talk about some of what the liver does. The liver is a vital contributing factor in hormonal imbalances, metabolizes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, thus providing energy and nutrients, stores vitamins, minerals, and sugars. It filters our blood and helps to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria. The liver creates bile, which breaks down fats, and creates blood proteins that helps to maintain fluid balance and act as carriers. It stores extra blood that can be quickly released when needed. The liver helps to assimilate and store fat-soluble vitamins. Helps to maintain electrolyte and water balance, and provides blood-clotting factors. It breaks down ammonia created in the colon by bacteria and thus prevents death. This factor is quite essential don’t you think? The liver helps to maintain our blood pressure as well as builds 50,000 systems of enzymes to oversee metabolic functions throughout the body. The liver also removes damaged red blood cells. The liver converts the thyroid hormone thyroxin (T4) into a more active form triiodothyronine (T3), and inadequate regeneration can lead to hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, weight gain, poor memory and other degenerative conditions. It creates GTF from chromium, niacin and possibly glutathione. GTF properly regulates blood-sugar levels. This is just a few of the many things the liver does for our bodies.

I thought this was such a compelling factor but did you know that the liver produces many hormones especially in the mid life ages when a women sto[s producing hormones in here ovaries. And if the liver is over is overburdened it cannot do its job properly, so in turn we become imbalanced in our hormones which has many ramifications on our mood, energy levels, how we age, confidence, emotions as well as weight gain.

Changing the simple factors, which you can control, like changing your diet to include certain foods known to help assist the liver will help enormously as well as doing occasional internal cleansing for your liver and other organs can help heal your liver, so it can start functioning on optimum output again. Diet and lifestyle hold the keys to controlling many of our hormone levels, as well as other aspects of our health.

Well if, this does not make you want to give your liver some TLC, then I do not know what will. The liver has the wondrous ability of regenerating itself. If we misuse our liver and start treating it, as we should, it will then start to heal. I for one have seen the results and think that is terrific news, well worth spreading.

I personally detox twice a year with a week long detox, cleansing the digestive system which in turn cleanses the liver and helps to Re Set my Hormone system.  Only once the colon is clear can the liver really cleanse, as it needs somewhere to dump the debris and so if the colon in full it will unfortunately make you very sick, literally vomit. Which I think you will agree you want to avoid at all costs…..Not Nice.

Even although I consume many vegetables, fermented foods every day, I still like to cleanse as it gives my body a complete rest and purges all the debris I have consumed via food or via fumes, and my environment. The liver is also known as the seat of anger and so it stores emotions such as Anger, so when we cleanse it is a good idea to do some personal development work to help clear away these emotions too. Everyone needs a regular purge on these emotions as we are surrounded by many images and relationships that cross our boundaries daily.

I offer intuitive and holistic coaching to people who are detoxing and using the Home Detox Box, as often they find it can be an emotional journey and bring up some food habits that they had long since overcome, but the emotions are still stuck and in need of clearing away too,

I had one lady who had binged as a youngster and was almost considered anorexic and 30 years later she told me that she had memories and was very emotional about the whole history of that time and why she was using binging and her eating disorder as a way of getting attention when she was young.

I love this type of work and have a special compassion for anyone with an eating disorder and habitually using food to overcome a missing nutrient that they don’t know how to communicate

I am offering a FREE FOCUSSING SESSION for anyone who wants to explore how a detox can help them, and who needs some support with a detox and emotional eating and re setting their digestion and hormone systems.

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Why am I so tired?


In the life where everything must be faster and faster, our fast-paced and hectic society is demanding more form us that we can realistically give. Our need for bodily energy is being pushed to the maximum. Yet, despite all the remedies we have for “lack of energy”––remedies like pills, energy drinks, coffee, etc. Our energy levels are actually going down and we are feeling depleted and defeated. Our focus and alertness also seem to be in short supply. Instead, many people complain of a serious lack of energy. Which has led many to ask the question, “Why am I always tired?”

There can be a number of way’s I could answer that question. Many people just do not get enough sleep. We have busy lives with work schedules, family schedules and trying to find personal time, leaving just a few precious hours of the day which is exclusively for sleeping. For many others, the very things you’ve done to combat your lack of energy may be responsible for robbing you of your energy. And for some, it could be a fundamental flaw in the way you provide your body with energy: Poor diet, stress and lack of proper quality rest.

So if I make a very long story short, our lifestyles would not seem to be particularly conducive to an abundance of energy.

There are plenty of specialists, life hackers, bloggers, gurus and authors with tips on de-cluttering your life, finding time for yourself, organizing your world, etc. Ultimately though, it is up to you to find a balance in your life. Everyone of course knows, that they should be getting the number of hours that would be enough sleep for them. Everyone also knows that excessive caffeine interferes with sleep. You yourself have to find a balance there, too. Knowing you need to find a balance or re-organize your lifestyle in a healthy way is one thing; actually doing it is another. Ultimately, no one can fix that but you.

It is common knowledge that caffeine and other stimulants cause crashes, leaving you feeling more lethargic than you were before. Fewer people however know that long terms usage of caffeine and stimulants can cause “adrenal fatigue”, which leaves you with a consistent feeling of fatigue. With coffee shops on every corner, and companies selling energy drinks posting record sales, You really have to wonder about most peoples bodies and how there are being affected by worn out adrenals.

But perhaps the most important thing many people fall short on is their diet and nutritional needs. Ironically, many people may be eating the “right” food, and still not feeling the energy they think they should feel. Many people may be doing what they presume to be all the right things––the right diet, consistent exercise, plenty of sleep, etc.––but they can’t figure out why they still don’t feel “right”.

If this is you, it may be a good time to give yourself the chance of a KICK START. Your energy and digestive system will thank you a chance to detox and cleanse all your organs and down to your cellular systems so that they can re build themselves, and have much stronger foundations form now on.

Our body just needs 3 days to re set itself and that can be done with a simple detox at home. All our physical cravings for sugar and stimulants will disappear after 3 days and we will be re-newed.

Our digestive system is home to the fascinating millions of colonies of bacteria, that can either balance out your energy or take it all away. What affects this bacteria is what we consume. These too can all be re balanced by a short detox period, just 3 days of drinking high fibre shakes (which the good healthy bacteria love) taking digestive enzymes and probiotics to correct the balance in the colonies of gut bacteria into the better ratio and you will be feeling in top of the world again.

Many people who do on this short detox find relief from many health problems that they had been putting up with for years, Others find that they feel better than they ever have before.

If you’ve tried everything to feel energized and still feel tired, then a long weekend following the Home Detox Box, resting and drinking will put you in a much better place.

Within the Home Detox Box you will receive your high fiber for your digestive cleanse drinks, Enzymes and Probiotics to take daily and some recipes to follow once you have finished the 3 days cleanse. The building up after the cleanse and detox is just as important as the digestive cleanse itself. This is where I can educate you about live probiotic and cultured foods, raw food and how to add in more fibre into your daily intake. All these will make a huge difference to your gut health.

I am here to support you with coaching programs with food that nurses your soul, and ways that you can feel delicious in your own body that make you tingle to the end of every finger tip and toe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Detox is just the right thing to do

The history of fasting goes back thousands of years.

Philosophers, scientists, and physicians have used it as a healing process to cure sicknesses. Ancient yogis have known about the positive effects of internal cleansing for thousands of years. Their internal cleansing methods include: fasting, colon cleansing, enemas and pure raw food. Many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Eastern religions used and still use fasting as a healing process for spiritual purification and communion with God. Fasting affects not only our physical being, but our mental, emotional, and spiritual self as well.
When we need to recharge, we take a break from life and go on vacation. When our body needs cleansing, fasting is time away from food. Both methods of withdrawal from normal routine help us get back in touch with what our bodies need.

So since the beginning, fasting…the avoidance all food and drinking only water…has been practiced by almost every serious spiritual community.  Not so in our time, now I take up the banner to re-educate you about these simple facts. It is as true is it is rare, that we actually seldom ever choose cleanse or fast just for the fun of it.  For most, it is the last thing that can be labelled as fun, yet millions of people all over the world are cleansing, fasting, or both. Why?

Even if it has been well established that millions and millions of people all over the world have been cleansing for thousands of years, but you still may be asking yourself, why on earth should I do a cleanse? Aren’t you even curious how you would feel or how you will look after experiencing a short fast?
The answer to why would anyone fast and cleanse, is a very simple one; it helps remove the obstacles that interfere with health: mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

Fasting and cleansing

Fasting and cleansing, when done properly, will have an amazing ability to clear out the causes of health issues and bring people back to a high state of health and well-being.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to this amazing natural process. It is a very simple and quick process where people are amazed with the great effectiveness of the intestinal cleanse.  Cleansing, when done properly, speeds us forward spiritually by clearing the pathways of love, joy and clarity.  Cleansing helps us see what very few people have ever seen; it helps us become aware of things that generally remain unknown to the public.

Cleansing is remarkable in that it touches us on every level. When we open up and realize that the primary causes of our health issues are unconscious emotional programs, toxicity and acids, we then begin to see why cleansing works so brilliantly.

When cleansing, we always see a major improvement in our attitudes, feelings and our outlook on life.  Our newfound positive attitude strengthens our genetic structure. Our emotions and attitudes can alter our DNA and this is already recognised by science.

We can improve our nutritional intake by improving our digestion and what we are able to absorb. Intestinal cleansing will do far more for you than a water fast, as it will remove Mucoid plaque which is a major cause of nutrition deficiency. Cleansing will drastically reduce congestion and inflammation.

I have to say this; why would you waste your money on products that cannot cleanse you deeply?  If we are going to go the trouble of cleansing, why mess around with something that is superficial?  A tablet or capsule, that promises to cleanse our liver or clear out waste are usually no more than a laxative. Be very careful.

When we cleanse, we are always cleansing our vital organs such as the liver. It is a big mistake to try and cleanse the liver, gallbladder, the blood, etc. before cleansing the intestines. Here is why: The intestines feed the cells of our body by transporting its nutrients into the Portal Veins, which carries them directly to the liver.  When the intestines are full of old waste, most likely months old and really putrefied, the blood will be filthy and the liver has to then process the nutrients and whatever toxins are in that blood.  As long as the liver has to process bowel toxins it cannot effectively process its own toxins.  (so long as it is busy with what you consumed today or last week or month, it can never remove stored toxins such as from vaccines, pesticides or parasites, etc) Trying to clean the liver before cleansing the intestines is like trying to clean your toilet but never actually flushing it. It overflows and becomes a nasty problem. It simply can’t be done effectively.

The small intestines are the most important organ in our body to keep clean, for every other organ and cell depends upon the small intestines for its survival; they’re far more important than the colon.  We can live without a colon, but we cannot live without the small intestines.  It is the job of the small intestines to fully digest and assimilate the food we eat.  The colon is mainly a holding area for food until it is time to be eliminated.  The small intestines are extremely important to cleanse and keep in good shape, yet most people have developed problems in all the intestines, including the colon.  So, it is important to use a cleanse that can remove accumulated toxicity and mucoid plaque from the small intestine as well as the colon.  Here the Home Detox Box will do the job and help you to remove old putrefied waste from your small intestines as well as your colon. It works.

The end Result:

A person who has followed the cleanse properly should notice an amazing new level of energy, clarity, a new level of well-being, noticeable improvements in appearance (how you look), and the tone and colour of the skin (less wrinkles).  They should notice significant improvements in various health issues ranging from one end to the other, improvement in digestion and bowel movements, increased stamina, major improvement in attitude, love and joy, and a new awareness of things.

Some will notice an improvement in eyesight, in memory, increased flow of urine, major loss of weight in people who had been overweight etc.  There will also be improvements in areas that we cannot see, such as improvement in the immune function, and one could experience the elimination of fertility issues.  The list of positive benefits goes on and on. When our bodies make such profound improvements, our whole body functions better.  As a result, I firmly believe that we will have increased our life span and build a new shield-like condition that wards off many potential health problems.

Detox and the forgotten “F” word to lose weight.


This is about a key addition to your diet that will make a huge difference in so many areas of your health.

Eat more fiber! You’ve probably heard it before. But do you know why fiber is so good for your health?

Dietary fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Fiber comes from plants and is a carbohydrate that cannot be digested. It scrubs and sweeps and clears the digestive tract as it moves through you. With this gentle movement through your digestive tract, the fiber binds to fats and toxins and will add an even greater service to the body that just the cleaning process. Fiber can also provide many other health benefits as well, it will lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Fiber is best known to for its ability to prevent and relieve constipation. Maybe this will surprise you, the colon is not one length of pink smooth sausage, but a tunnel with folds and pockets where old waste can accumulate. Here it can quickly become a breading ground for bad bacteria. Without fibre to work the colonic muscles and stretch these folds and to clear out the old waste we can suffer form many common imbalances of the colon, such as Diverticular disease, Spastic bowel, Colitis, Ballooning, Adhesions, Mucosal dysfunction and ulceration.  I don’t know about you but I do not want to be troubled with my bowels like so many of the people I meet.

Did you know that the average person only consumes 7g of fibre a day. Well now I can tell, that because you are reading this that you are already above average. But think on, If you drink a lot of healthy juices in your day, which I must say are fantastic on many, many levels, we are still missing all of the lovely and necessary fibre from the whole fruit and vegetables.

The recommended daily allowance is 25 to 30 grams for fiber a day. We can help ourselves a lot with a few changes and additions to our daily diet.  First, I will go back to the subject of juices. When I make a juice I keep all the fibre from the juices, all the pulp from the fennel, spinach, rocket, apples, limes, celery and cucumbers. Then I make my Veggie bread and Flax crackers form it. Although I still can never eat that much of it on a daily basis. So how can anyone get a major amount of fibre into their day. Here is what I do, I also add extra fibre into my smoothies, I add in soaked seeds like flax seeds and chai seeds or I take Psyllium husk powder every morning.

I will let you into a secret too, there are two kinds of Fiber and you need both.

Soluble fiber pulls in water and forms a gel in the digestive tract. Slowing the digestion down so you stomach and intestines don’t absorb as much starch and sugars. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels over time. Some foods that contain Soluble fibre are: Apples, the soft parts of fruits, Dried beans and peas and Psyllium.

Insoluble fibre is found in the fruit skins and peel, such as apples, ble berries and grapes as well as the wonderful Psyllium. It is a natural laxative . It adds the essential bulk to your food.

The reason the Home Detox Box works so well in the cleansing program is that it adds in 50g of fibre a day, which you can easily handle and this really effectively cleans and fills your digestive tract fully. Opening the folds of the intestines allowing old waste to be removed that has been there for days, weeks, months and sometimes many years. This old waste having been cooked in your body at 37 degrees, will have festered for a long time and will have added many unnecessary toxins and poisons to your blood stream. Now is the time to clear them out.

Fiona Robertson

RAW food and Eating with Feeling

What a perfect time of year to consider what and how we eat. When the festive season seems to be all about what we eat. Then we have the guilt of what we ate, yet we carry on eating, and worry about the consequences. If it were as simple as eat less and exercise more then we would all be fit as fiddles, However I suggest that were not and were all still craving more energy in every working day and at night time turning to food to comfort us.

My recent and most burning question has been, why do we comfort eat?

For many of you, my self included eating is a function, a practical part of the day, a distraction and has been used as a form of entertainment. A social norm to help us reach a goal if that is to feel full, give us an energy boost, to warm us up or just a habit formed from learnt patterns, eating at set times even if were not actually hungry. Wow the more I delve into this subject the more these seems to be conditioning about what and how we eat.

With a few mindful changes we can all start to change our relationship with food. Yes we all have one, a relationship with ourselves and with the food we eat.
Have you heard it said “ How we are with something is how we are with everything”. Let me explain. What I have noticed for myself and with my coaching clients is that how we are with our food and our style of eating is actually how we are with everything. For example if we are confused so will our eating habits be. If we are functional and practical we will be equally functional in our relationship with our food, and also if we are obsessive so will our diets and regimes of eating be and all our relationships.

Don’t get me wrong I think I love food and eating it, but seldom these days have I really, really enjoyed my food to the extent that I can relish the idea of eating a meal. The flavor, the texture, taste and smell of a good meal. That to for everyone is quite different. So I have taken myself off on a journey to re discover what I really like with no rules to follow, no good and bad foods, no must or must not have lists of super healthy foods. I am un-conditioning myself. I am going for foods that attract me, be they Raw, cooked, sweet, savory, sour, spicy, delicious or bland or my typical comfort family favorites, that enable me to feel full and somehow loved to my recent favorites of fasting, juices and really healthy options.

I listened to my body as she chose what was delicious for me. I listened to my body after I ate to see how she reacted to the food, and I considered the environment I had just eaten in, the atmosphere, the setting, my timing, and my thoughts.

I have discovered that I have naturally gravitated towards lighter foods at times and heavier foods at others. And If I felt the need for heavier foods due to extra stress in my outer world, with situations like leaving my home, separating from my partner, finding a new home and the prospect of moving. Then I have taken the foods that I felt at the time would fulfill me.

I have also made another huge change, I honour myself with my style of eating, I sit more comfortably, I set the table, I turn off the TV, shut off my ipad, don’t answer the phone and I actually look at the food I am about to consume. When I did my Reiki and energy healing course we were taught to bless our food, much the same as saying grace before we ate and I have brought this back into my eating routine too.

Getting back to the question of why do we comfort eat? My self discovery is that if we are continually mindless with our choices of what and how we eat we are out of control and not listening or enjoying what we consume.
To absorb any of our necessary nutrients we actually need to be relaxed and feel safe when we eat, or we are in flight or fight mode, our bodies are stressed and all the energy is going not to digesting our food, but to our muscles to get ready to run. Our digestion system actually shuts off. Now I think its funny how often I have eaten and been moving walking, driving, I eat really healthily and enjoy as I said before I love my Juices and healthy foods but I know now that I can feel that my body is far from enjoying them as I am sitting on the edge of my chair, or running out of the door with a juice in hand to drink whilst I drive or after yoga class.

This whole quest  to un-condition myself around my eating habits has brought about a remarkable change, in not WHAT I eat but HOW I eat. I am now mindful and really enjoying my food in a relaxed atmosphere and I can taste so much more.

Fiona Robertson: helping you on your QUEST to un condition your eating habits, lose weight, and really enjoy your food again.
What is the missing nutrient you need to stop you comfort eating?

Detox and regular Internal Cleanse’s

If you have been following a healthy, even a high-raw lifestyle for several years and have done a herbal cleanse or two you may well assume you are now fully “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s too, and quite probably even longer.
If this is you, make no mistake: you could benefit from at least two “hard-core” detoxes a year, and a colonic every week for the rest of your life. Why? Because those years of toxic eating caused a massive accumulation of waste to be stored deep in your tissues, and that waste can only be released very gradually – as and when the colon is clear enough to take out more of it.

So no matter how long you’ve been on your junk-free diet, nor how many cleansing programmes you’ve done, there is much to gain from committing to at least two week-long detoxes a year. I guarantee you will still be releasing deep stores of old toxins from your tissues. That is why when we cleanse we can feel so uplifted.
We start life with a clean internal system. It is interesting to note that babies, birds and animals evacuate within 15 to 18 hours of every meal. This, however, is not the case for most of us, for numerous reasons. The human bowel is naturally meant to eliminate yesterday’s waste – not that from years or decades ago.
Even if you eliminate several times a day, every day of your life, and think your bowels are working efficiently, I doubt that you are getting out anywhere near as much as you have put in. Don’t agree with me? Here is a simple test you can do to find out. First thing in the morning, while still lying in bed, suck in your stomach as much as you can. If your mid section – the area from under your rib cage to your hip bones – goes concave, then you are empty. This is the area that houses your intestines and colon, and chances are you have enough old waste matter lurking there that your stomach will look more convex than concave.

Accumulated waste in the colon can affect any of our organs at any time. Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them and the blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. So when we routinely take in more than the body has the capacity to process (and/or substances the body can’t easily process) this excess will start to build up not only on the walls of the colon, but eventually in cells and tissues throughout the body.
Most of our aches, pains, sicknesses and infections can be traced back to the health of our body’s “waste disposal unit”. The colon health expert Dr. Bernard Jensen identified and mapped the colon into 72 reflex areas that each correspond to specific organs and body parts – for example, the kidneys, liver or spleen and the neck, arms or legs. He theorized that old waste that has become toxic in the colon will affect the tissue of the corresponding organ or body part. Symptoms can include headaches, backache, mental fog, depression, swelling and inflammation.

What’s the matter?

What you ingested over the last four to five days that has not yet managed to leave you is known as normal waste matter. The matter that goes back a month or three, and which will have begun to embed itself in the intestines, is called putrefactive matter. This matter is still moist and it is really stinky stuff, as you can imagine. Slow cooking at 98.6 degrees for weeks on end will do that.

Then there is the even older waste, which has been polluting your insides for years. This is post-putrefactive matter. It is completely dry and tends to be black, dark brown, grey or white, hard like plastic or rubber, and it normally comes out in long strips. Juice fasting can eventually remove some of this, but more effective is a regular regime of psyllium and bentonite clay mixed with herbs, enzymes and a daily enema done for a week twice a year. This combination softens this old matter and sweeps it out of its hiding places.

Psyllium is the seed from the plantago plant. It can absorb ten times its weight in water, and as it expands in the body, it brushes and sweeps along the intestinal walls, taking old impacted matter with it. Bentonite is a volcanic clay that will draw toxins to it in huge quantities.
For optimal health, I recommend a week-long colon cleanse using psyllium and bentonite twice a year – preferably in the spring and autumn, when you will ideally be changing your diet to the new foods that grow in your locality. You will achieve the best results on a detox like this when you have been cleansing, eating raw and drinking juices for a while.

My eyes have changed colour since I started to regularly detox. I used to have dark brown eyes and now they have turned three-quarters green as the acidity and areas of toxicity in my tissues and cells reduces (and many who have undertaken a long-term cleansing regime report similar results). This has taken years and will continue to change, I am sure, as I keep to a pure diet and a deep tissue detox twice a year. I still see old post–putrefactive matter leave me each time I cleanse, which is remarkable.
Or is it – remembering I only started to cleanse in my late 30s?


“I went raw overnight six years ago, and I haven’t looked back. Even after being a vegan for 15 years, which initially helped me lose a lot of weight, I noticed a massive improvement in my health after going raw. I healed myself from an enlarged thyroid, type-2 diabetes, headaches, backache, a serious sun allergy and a few other ailments, too. A raw diet has helped me be free of any menopausal symptoms – which is remarkable in itself, and a real blessing.
I am always looking for new ways to improve my diet, my energy levels and overall health, so I decided to do a deep colon cleanse and give my body the opportunity to get rid of the toxins lurking at a deeper level. I was amazed at the amount of old waste that left my body – even after six years on a raw diet. I released long lengths of rubber-like substance, all in twists and turns like a carbon copy of my insides. I noticed on several days I was deeply emotional and felt a great feeling of letting go.
The substance that I was eliminating kept coming out for several days even after I returned home. How much of this stuff can there be in your body? I certainly felt lighter, more energetic and healthier afterwards, and happy that I had done something wonderful for myself.
I will do another cleanse in the autumn and see how much I can remove next time. Cleansing is certainly not to be thought of as a quick process it takes years, and the more you can do for yourself, the better.”
Heleen Jonker, Holland

Detoxing and Cleaning up the Pineal Gland

Cleaning up the Pineal Gland is useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from advanced dimensional beings.

DMT is a component of Ayahuasca – a plant medicine from the Amazon that brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and the perception of other dimensions. Those that use this medicine go into a period of “work” where issues come into awareness and can be healed with the insights that come from DMT consciousness.

The advantage of cleaning up our pineal gland so it makes its own DMT is that we can be in a continuous state of spiritual “work” and we are spared the purgative effects of drinking the ayahuasca. Thus we no longer need any medicines as an adjunct to our spiritual lives. DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it is in a healed state. Thus it would appear human beings were intended to be visionary beings and be able to tap into the information in other dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our sufferings, conflicts and thus karmas.

Here are some basics for pineal detox:

  1. Mercury – this is really bad for the pineal gland. Its poison. Don’t let this get into your body. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins. Have them removed. All medical vaccines are also mercury tainted. Thimersal (a vaccine preservative) is methyl mercury and is very difficult to get out of the brain once its in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad for mercury – the bigger the fish the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue.

Eco light bulbs – if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. Avoid at all costs breaking one indoors.

Mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue.
  2. Fluoride – in toothpastes and tap water. Its another heavy duty poison. Avoid it at all costs. It calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down.
  3. Organic foods – some pesticides are pineal toxins. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw is supportive to pineal detox. Meat is not helpful either. Some people who channel seem to not be affected but for many the toxicity and density of meat will pose challenges and we want to make the work easy if we can.
  4. Alcohol + smoking. Naturally these need to go along with the emotional attachments to using them (usually boils down to self worth issues or unresolved trauma).
  5. Heart Healing – raises the overal vibration of the being and heals fear – a useful advantage for when we start seeing other dimensions.
  6. Other toxins – if something is toxic do not put it in your body. If you cant say its name its most likely bad. Toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in squashes), E numbers beginning with 1, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is suffice) and  air fresheners.
  7. Raw chocolate. Raw cacao is a pineal gland stimulant / detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content.

Being disciplined with steps 1-6 for a year or so will certainly bring about pineal awakening. Step 6 is optional but very useful too.


Detox : The Sweetness of Doing Nothing


“The Sweetness of Doing Nothing” is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is the opportunity to live freely and enjoy the simple things life has to offer, whether it is a beautiful sunset, a child’s laugh or a long nap outside on a warm summer afternoon

In Italy they have a saying, “il dolce far niente“. It means “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Italians live this phrase. It is ingrained in their very nature. To them, time is not something that can be spent, wasted or passed. It simply IS. Every moment holds the possibility of goodness. Sweetness. Pleasure. Not because of how much we squeeze into it, but because of the beauty that fills life itself. Goodness, blessings and pleasure are in every moment, we just need to pause long enough to notice

If you are anything like me, waking up and wondering what you can achieve today or rushing to start to work, feed the kids, animals and read my e-mails then you have forgotten the sweetness of life. But I hear you say who will do it if I don’t do it. WHO? I have to get this and that done to earn the money to live.

I used to agree with you. I am a super multi tasker, set me a goal and will do it, I will more than do it, achievements are everything, they make me feel secure, important and appreciated. But as I rush around getting irritated with the obstacles in my way, wasting my time, I got stressed and angry. Now, I can’t let it out because I am offering the persona of Calm and Balanced and in control. Ha Ha.

Oh what a mess! Then I was asked to take a morning off every week for the next four weeks just to do nothing. I replied “You don’t know me I laughed, how would I possibly make up that time? “

But I was set a challenge so I did it, so off I go disbelieving anything would come of wasting a morning with no phone, no note book to make notes, just me, my self and I. Sitting by a river doing nothing except enjoying life as the water drifted by and the birds flew about me. What a rush! A calm rush. I downloaded and emptied my head and as I walked back to the car I saw something that made everything worth while, a Kingfisher. A totem animal that sent ne the message Kingfisher’s medicine guides in seeing into the depths of emotions and into the un/subconscious. His lesson goes much deeper than what is on the surface.
This is another opportunity to balance masculine and feminine energies. He aids communication and reaching higher spiritual energies along with the ability to express ideas with coherence. He will instruct how to remain grounded in the earth and be comfortable in doing so. Take time for yourself in quite solitude connecting to Mother Earth. Kingfisher presents a time of prosperity, love, warmth, and a new found peace of mind.

.I was so happy and was far less irritated at anything that was put in my way or wasted my time.

You can make a choice as I have, to open yourself up to the gift of self time or get sick with exhaustion, depression, ruin your loving relationships and sooner or later not be able to function at all let alone at your normal speed and efficiency.

In my quiet time I have had some brilliant ideas and I have taken action on all of them and they are brilliant. So it seems the less I do the more focused I can become.
So that was the sweetness of doing nothing? I am now ready for more and I have planned for myself a 5 day Vision Quest in nature with just water and a tent to really get in touch with nature, quiet time and my inner self.

I consider myself a pretty social person, but I’ll admit now that I recognise when I need my “ Time out” Private time” down load time” call it what you will but you need it more than you think

Those precious periodic HOURS away from everyone and everything. After a long period of running retreats, some busy weekends with family and friends as wells as my on line coaching clients, a deadline to reach for an article and news letters etc then a short holiday away visiting people. All the voices in my head were too much, the chaos, the noise I hit a feeling I was familiar with but until now would have ploughed through. I was on the threshold of irritable, and a version of myself I don’t like. If your lucky you will notice this side of yourself and gently remind yourself to retreat for a time until you feel fit for society again. So after a brief period of seclusion (usually walk or hike in nature or a sit by the river watching the river run by, I’m as good as new. In short, a bit of regular solitude keeps me civilized. I try and weave this into every week now and I long for it like an affair when I just want my private time and private thoughts.

Recent studies show that there is a very definite need to go it alone once in a while. Solo time, is apparently good for the brain as well as the spirit. New research suggests that we remember information better when we go it alone. You know yourself that when you are pushed and it seems impossible to come up with a new idea, or answer a problem just drop it, walk away and come back to it with a fresh look and it all falls into place. Well that is what we are talking about here.

The researchers explain that we’re inherently “distracted” and “’multitasking’” in the presence of others – attuned to their responses as well as the task at hand. This energy causes stress on the body and especially the Kidneys as multitasking is using adrenalin and over working is a prime way to exhaust ourselves.

In tribal cultures with traditions like vision quests, many tribal societies support the power and necessity of solitude. Time away from the tribe is seen as a test of self-sufficiency as well as a time of growth. The individual returns to the group stronger, wiser – with more to offer the group as a result of the seclusion.

Our modern culture couldn’t be more different. These days we’re also impelled by the technological imperative to stay connected. People take laptops on vacation, their smart phones to bed with them. With the constant access to virtual if not actual socialization, experts wonder if we’ve forgotten how to be completely alone, wholly cut off for a time. Can we truly submerge ourselves in solitude when we’re fighting the urge to check email or Facebook “one more time”? I see this all the time at our retreat as people come to retreat and yet say they have work to do and cannot live a day without being connected. The feeling of being indispensable is killing us. The ones who do take the time to disconnect get the value of self time far better and respect the time for not having to wear a face or smile for the world, they experience far deeper emotional breakthroughs and clarity of mind. I encourage silence for a day or morning, as it is a great way to drop into the nothingness that we so need.

In my coaching practice when I guide people through a detox week at home, or with me at the retreat, I have some easy ways to get you into a quiet space with yourself. This needs to be taught more often than not. I have several coaching exercises that keep your attention on a simple task that opens you up to nothingness in the safety and comfort of your own environment. Often at home we have tasks or hobbies that we do that end up being purposeful. I am one of the worst to recognize that every task must have a purpose, I wake up and say what can I achieve today. Doing the garden is a hobby of mine it is like a meditation until I set a goal or agenda to it,. Then, somehow, what I like to do becomes something I had to do, which became work which became a drag.
I still really like gardening. But I have this way of needing to find “purpose” in what I do with my days that sucks the enjoyment out of everything. Why do I do that? ? Oh, I want so badly to just do what I love without an agenda. Without thinking of how I could be better utilizing my time or how I could make money at it or how I could use it to help or heal people. I wish, in all of this Work Ethic or motherly and womanly guilt, I could consistently find a way to see the sweetness of doing nothing.

Time to slow down.. We know the necessity of slowing down on the surface of it all, but how will I slow down, I will guide you. The detox (to use the word) is a time to stop all exterior activity and assimilation of stuff. All distractions but just to be with yourself. To honor yourself. Shut out all distractions such as TV, Chatter from books, people, computers, advertising, being marketed and sold to every second of the day, feeling judged, fashion choices, food choices, choices everywhere.
Yes the detox is a time to fast and not eat and the necessary time and space clean the physical body but it is more, so much more if you will allow it to be.

I can show you how to stop the chatter and get clarity, find your way through it all. I will show you how to design your own divine detox at home. If you want to experience it with a friend for support, or if you want to dive in and relish all the wonderful possibilities of solitude, privacy, which I encourage , guide and support you to do. I can help you set your intentions for the detox, I can help you to prepare, and help you to come out of the detox and re enter society, make better choices in what and how you eat and consume from your environment that align better with your spirit..

The home detox box is a detox that you can do at home for all the physical benefits that it brings but if you dare to go deeper you can get a huge benefit as well from the down time it provides. The program is easy and simple to follow and with some simple guidance you can turn the detox into a time of personal growth and connect with yourself rather than your normal buzzing, chattering environment.

We use alone time, the period of a detox as personal down time to process our relationships and recalibrate our sense of self. In solitude, we can return to our center. The detox as I see it is the physical challenge of fasting as well as to clear away the rubbish of your life. You create the chance to listen to your own thoughts during those days. to use the time to reflect on the past year – what’s it’s meant for me – and to simply just be.
Detoxing and some quiet solitude reminds us of what is essential to our identities. It inspires deeper deliberation and allows for the perception of more subtle sentiment. It gives us the chance to take inventory and hear the messages from our bodies and our emotions.
So, we can home in on what is vital to our well-being and what we will take with us to return to the world.


Detoxing and Internal Cleansing for Better Yoga

What does it mean to be clean? Well, in todays’ society we usually think of being clean as showering, taking a bath or putting on fresh clothes. Being clean used to have a whole different meaning as far back as 1500 BC when the Egyptians were not only cleaning their external bodies but their internal bodies as well.

Early Proponents

Colon hydrotherapy, more simply known as an enema, originated with the Egyptians around 1500 BC. They partook in the cleansing activity at least several times a month. Enemas used to be such a normal part of life kings and queens would actually engage in the process discreetly while socializing. While most of us probably don’t want to take it that far, internal cleansing with enemas can be part of a regular health regime.
Over 2,000 years ago Hippocrates, the well-known Greek physician, affectionately known as the “Father of Medicine” and perhaps one of the first holistic practitioners, used enemas to treat fevers. His philosophy? Treat the whole body, not just the part that seems sick.
During the late 1800s and early 1900s Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, best known for his societal contribution of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, advocated the use of enemas on a grand scale. The doctor used proper nutrition, physical activity and enemas to treat illnesses associated with the GI tract.

What, How and When?

What are enemas and how do they work to benefit our health?
Enemas use nature’s gift of pure, clean, (warm) water to gently fill the colon. The water stays put for a few minutes, facilitating the release of the mucoid plaque which lines our intestines. This plaque is indicative of all the toxins we have accumulated over the years. If you have ever seen an image of mucoid plaque it is a motivating sight. You will want to rid your body of this unsightly mass pretty quickly. In addition to its’ unappealing aesthetic properties the plaque inhibits the absorption of nutrients. No matter how well you might eat or how many nutrients you take in, if your body can’t absorb them they are completely useless.
When is a good time to cleanse? Internal cleansing can be done whenever you find your digestion is sluggish, e.g., constipation, feel a cold or congestion coming on or you are lethargic and bloated. Cleansing with an enema carries away toxins, especially when accompanied by fasting or a diet regime that releases toxins into your bloodstream.
You may be wondering if this is a safe process. Enemas only engage the sigmoid colon or the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum, making it a totally safe practice.

What Ails You?

Internal cleansing is credited with alleviating symptoms from too many ailments to possibly remember. They range from severe migraines to high blood pressure to colitis to lupus to uterine fibroids to diabetes.
Being unclean bogs us down emotionally, physically and spiritually. Imagine what you can accomplish when you are set free from the waste and toxins that have accumulated in your body over your lifetime.


Your energy level will soar, your cells will come alive, the unwanted weight you’ve never been able to get rid of will go and your overall strength will improve. Cleansing is the best skincare program I know about too. Your complexion will shine and so will your eyes.

The Yoga Connection

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates prescription sounds like something from a modern-day healthcare provider. Clearly he advocated physical activity and exercise as a component of being healthy.
Where does the practice of yoga fit in to all this? In addition to all the other benefits derived from internal cleansing the ability to practice yoga more effectively is another one. Whether your yoga preference is Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Astanga or power yoga, cleansing will help you push past what you thought were your body’s limits.
You are lighter, freer and stronger! You have extra endurance, strength and flexibility.
Do you suffer from arthritis? Inflammation of the joints has become a common ailment in today’s society, making even simple movements painful. This leads to inactivity and weight gain. Internal cleansing will release the calcium deposits on your joints making bending and stretching easier and more enjoyable. Your mobility will be greatly improved.
In fact, any sport will benefit from internal cleansing.

1-2-3 Clean!

The Egyptians and Hippocrates also practiced fasting along with the use of enemas, with the earliest records of fasting dating back 10,000 years.
The complete internal cleansing process involves fasting, detoxing and enemas. Fasting means no food, allowing your body and your digestion to take a well-deserved break. Detoxing utilizes psyllium fiber and bentonite. Psyllium pushes unwanted debris through and out, while bentonite takes on the toxins as if they were their very own with the enema completing the process. Cleansing the colon through the use of enemas, along with detoxing and fasting maximizes the benefits you will see and feel.
Hippocrates told us “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” If we take the time and the opportunities made available to us in the form of knowledge and professional support we will find renewed health. Internal cleansing leads to innate healing which frees the mind body and spirit. This enables the body to take its’ natural course and find health again.

Raw food, green juices, detoxing, crisps, pizza’s and moule frites.


The Missing Nutrient that Saved the Day, and has helped me to go all the way..

I live a very special kind of life, I am grateful for all of my experiences that I have manifested and the way I have chosen to follow my healthy path, and especially how I run my business as a health and fitness partner to some really amazing people.

Yet sometimes as a health freak and wellbeing coach I get cornered, and life throws me a surprising curve ball. So it seems strange to see me opting for less than wholesome or totally un-healthy options from time to time. My companions, friends and people who meet me and who know who I am and for what I stand for, are rather flummoxed when they see me choose such unhealthy options.
Yet I am fully aware that these are my comfort foods when I am in a time of need, or when I am feeling that I am deserving more in life or for when I am just really angry and frustrated.

I am very aware of what I am doing. I have learnt that these are the times when I have not been taking care of my deepest needs. For me a quick fix to getting what is missing is comfort food, it fills a gap and temporarily gives me the feeling of being safe and home.
I am happily to say that I have uncovered my mystery of how to fulfill my own deepest needs, and when I do these comfort foods are not even an option for me any more.

So if you are a health freak like me and find yourself surprised by your midnight binging, or if you are tired of the increasing weight gain and don’t know how to stop the cravings. I can help.

The mystery is that it is not ALL about what we eat,
but rather what we seek.
My skill is in changing what and how you eat forever.
By adding in, not taking away.

I am so passionate about it and have personally seen what a difference it has made to me, as well as a small section of my community, that I want to share this with you.

Last year I made some rather large decisions in my life, which has resulted in some rather difficult stuff for me to face, acknowledge and let go of and be OK with.

One thing came out from all of this which is a big pattern for me, and that is as much as I love my health and my zealous route to health via Detoxing, cleansing, fasting, Raw and alkalizing food, yoga and natural products, something HUGE was still missing. As I went in search of this BIG missing item I have discovered myself anew.

One of the reasons I do my regular detoxes and keep to my major pure and Raw food diet was to give me more energy and stay healthy. I had both of my children in my 40’s and I decided then and there I wanted and needed to stay active for them as they grew and wanted to run and play more. I did not want to be left behind as they became teenagers. So I got busy with my diet and found increasingly new ways of how to detox the body, I saw and felt massive improvements and wanted more of these feelings. Did you know that being so concentrated on what’s healthy actually has an official name which is Orthorexia. (is an obsession with eating a “pure” diet, which usually entails avoiding foods with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, unhealthy fats, added sugar or salt, and genetic modification)

I was keeping to my path of healthy eating and taking my Yoga classes walking and taking care of myself or so I thought, but and here’s the rub I felt that I was deserving something else, much more. I was exhausted and was still striving for my fullest energy. What could be more satisfying than a healthy body and energy to spare? That concept had taken me so far but I soon realised I was not nourishing myself at all. I was working hard and building my health business, caring for my children and family, maintaining my house, pets and the garden, well just about coping actually if the truth be known, but I felt tired and drained and was feeling I had to force myself to stay on track. When all I craved was some comfort, and my chosen habitual comfort foods.

Two years ago I hit an emotional wall and I discovered that I needed more time for myself, so I started to take time out for walks, quiet river time, meditation, all that was good but I still missed something, where’s the fun? Where’s the adventure? I need to be cheeky and take some risks and have some thrills if I am to stay alive, I mean really alive. I felt stagnant and well to be honest I did not take care of my other needs that well either. I missed my appointments with myself to take time out from the office, or book a massage, or sit in the garden and read. I heard myself saying to myself “that’s all well and good, but I need to work now, who else will bring in the money we need?”. Don’t get me wrong I really get great satisfaction from my work and seeing my clients flourish. So I though that was more than enough for me, along with my very healthy lifestyle.

However I was left feeling unfulfilled and what do we do when we are unfulfilled? We look for ways to fill ourselves up. Now anyone who knows me, knows of my addiction to crisps. I took some time to contemplate this question and I asked myself why I needed the crisps ? it was a clear message that I heard, :”Because I deserve them, I have been working so hard and caring for everyone else, where is my treat?, I need a treat.”
What I have found is that by connecting with my self, and listening to my body in the special ways that I use and that I can easily teach you, I can finally see and understand what was missing.
I have learnt that as I take care of me and I mean really take care of me on every level, in all aspects of my life, my craving and need for filling myself up with something naughty like crisps or to go on a shopping spree for this elusive items that just adds to my wardrobe has diminished. My healthy appetite for pure natural foods have been restored and I have discovered that I can relax more and be happier. I have more energy for the things I want to do and I really know what it is that I desire in every sense of the word, and what’s more I can allow myself to receive it in every day.

My passion is re newed as I have allowed my self my missing nutrient, and in my case it is exhilaration and thrills, and I have researched how I get these the most and added them in to my life, eg: horse riding, running, anything with speed and excitement and a little danger too, this makes me feel really, really alive.
Everyone has there own special nutrient and I am so happy that I have found mine it has changed everything for me, Now that mine is overflowing I am happy to watch you reach your true potential as I have. By partnering with you, I can quickly guide you to find what it is that you really need to be fulfilled, so that comfort eating is a thing of the past. I will teach you how to change what and how you eat forever. This is only really possible and sustainable once you have discovered what it is that you need on a deeper more satisfying level.

No amount of salads and green juices will get you to where you want unless you are fulfilled and finding your food and your life a pleasure. If your food is not a pleasure you will be looking elsewhere until you can feel full up. You know the search and drama that happens as you look into your fridge and cupboards late at night for something to fill the gap. But is it food that you really need? NO….

This is a unique adventure that will help you to feel so fulfilled, you will discover and know what you really desire and be able to ask for it and better still actually get it. I will teach you the unique ways that you can Nourish yourself and watch you as you flourish beyond your expectations. I will guide you through and create a truly healthy and tasty menu that suits you and fulfills you. No amount of healthy food that actually tastes like medicine will fulfill you either.