Calling all workaholics, perfectionists and over achievers

You’re not listening. You’re not listening. YOU’RE NOT LISTENING to the whispers and then the nudges you’re getting, to the messages from Spirit. You’re not listening to your intuition!

How do I know, because that was me, I refused to listen, I was too busy to listen, I was too afraid to listen. I thought I was listening enough but then I noticed just how overly busy I was keeping myself, endless lists and projects to do, and a deepening sadness inside, worries about everything that was seemingly going wrong, and not enough attention on what I had that was going absolutely right. So what do you think I got more of? Yes… more of what was going wrong, because that was what I was paying most attention to. BAH!

It took me months to recover and get over the slump that I found myself in. The hole I had dug for myself, I touched on some raw emotions that needed to be felt like, humiliation, and an aspect of lack that had been running through me for years, and from generations with the same line of lack mentality. I had been avoiding these feelings and so keeping myself busy was my only answer. It was a big lesson for me to spend time in solitude and learn how to listen to myself, rather than others or follow their way of doing things. I cleaned up my act again and got on with taking care of myself.

I have been an action junkie as long as I can remember, and have a tendency to bulldoze my way through what needs to be done. But these methods just stopped working for me and I could not get the same results that I once had, with these types of actions anymore and keeping in the busy mode was just exhausting me and I was getting a big fat ZERO, and no results for all my efforts.

I felt so alone at these times and that no one understood me or the journey I was on. So I asked for help and began to tune in and listen, I gave myself time to tune in every day and got better and better at developing my listening skills. At first it was hard to justify the time, and I felt guilty for spending just as much time on energy work, as practical and physical work.

I was gently given clues and messages of what to concentrate on, and what and who to let go of. And from then on I have made a commitment to myself to listen better to my best guidance and my inner wisdom.

The more I have become sensitive to my own needs, by cleaning up my food, surroundings and company I keep, and become less action orientated, the more I have enabled myself to be more energy orientated. I have played and experimented and taught others how to tune in, and see what needs to be energetically paid attention to, which has released them from the grip of many, many of their own self sabotaging behaviors and habits. Mine was certainly over working and being action orientated, other self sabotaging tendencies are over-eating, drinking, drugs, mad internet shopping and spending, anything that keeps you distracted from hearing your inner voice.

Oh boy! did I see that I had a value on being active and doing something, actually ANYTHING! rather than nothing. Why was that? Because its my default position, because I have seen and been taught that success as something you do and is to be evaluated through other peoples eyes. I a-was being encouraged to be action orientated, rather than tuned into myself and my own needs and desires. So I have missed being aligned to what “I” actually needed, missed being tuned into to the best information and opportunities that could ever come my way.

Now I look back and see and I realized all of these ‘big moments’ that were painful at the time were Spirit trying to get my attention. I just tried  to do more, and more to compensate. I see now that to STOP would have been of great benefit all round. If I had only known how to use my intuition

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t find yourself in a place where Spirit has to SHOUT at you!
Are you listening enough?

I am here for you, reach out if you need to.

If you want to know how we can do it together PM me and lets start the process of opening up to your personal guide and intuition, so you can really hear them.

Get your Free E book ” How to start to develop and trust your intuition”  by going to this link you can down load your E Book and get started today.

My intuition saved me my energy, time and money

My intuition saved me my energy, time and money, it could certainly be helping you too.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful insight and confirmation of what I had already seen in my minds eye and felt that I had hit on a new level of my intuition.

A few days ago I woke up at 4 am and as I was awake I started to think and play, and than I remembered that my business had an energy and frequency all of its own, I had felt it before and often communicated to it during the day, asking what I should do next and what would be best etc. So I was semi awake relaxed and playing with this concept and tuning into the energy of businesses that I knew personally and some more locally that I did not know but could visit. Everything has a particular frequency to it like a finger print, life force if you want to call it that, it is a perfectly correct term. Yet this is an energetic frequency signature, from people to buildings and your business.

I played for a while tuning in and then wanted to tune into a business I had no per-conceived ideas about or it’s owners, and chose a local natural shop that has just opened at the entrance of the lake where I live. I immediately got a bright yellow light and a lovely happy expansive feeling, and saw it possibly expanding into the garage that is still operating next to this shop. The shop owners are super friendly and I could feel that they enjoyed their project very much, and that they found it was a pleasure to meet the people who shopped there, as much as run the business, that hopefully makes them money, but that was not their only priority.
Now the fun begins, yesterday I wanted to go into this shop and buy some more Bio olive oil, re fill my natural soap and as I walked through the doors, I could see that they had been recently painted, up until now they had been wood, and now they were guess what colour? Yes they were a lovely YELLOW. This made me smile a huge smile or gratitude and has given me the urge to continue playing with these energies of the businesses and people.

I have since been tuning into other businesses again and often get either a dead feeling and if the added a certain colour it would revive it.

I also felt that in one of my businesses it was stagnant and waiting for a charge of energy again and that it wanted to be communicated with. I made notes of all of my feelings and I will continue to do these readings for some time, feeling my way around them and see what changes. Stick with me while I play with this intuitive and inquisitive nature of mine and your businesses.

If anyone wants to have a reading let me know; I am happy to do this and home in on my skills.

Last year I did something very similar that world out very well, and it was with people I had never met. I had invited people to come and stay with me to help build my studios for my detox and intuition breaks, and I needed to know that they were safe to have around my home, If I could work with them and of they would be good workers.

I was bang on target every time and I have recently used this skill on dating sites… yes I know, but really it’s a great asset to have; and guess what I was right and now I have a wonderful partner who I love dearly. Dah Dah Dah!

Call me and I will help you to experience your intuition and become a wise wo/man who can navigate

through your daily challenges with more ease.


[email protected]

I put this ability to be able to tune into these intuitive communications, to several things and I have just outlined these in a workbook “How to develop and tune into your intuition” you can get access to the guide here.

It is my aim to help as many people as possible to be able to connect to their intuition. This is your 6th sense and one that can be developed easily and quickly. It is a sense like your others 5 senses and is communication with you all the time. We just need to stop listen and translate how it is speaking to us.


Did you know that ¼ of successful business owners use their intuition in every decision they make. And if your not using your intuition, then chances are you are spending 2/3 times more than you need to and wasting your valuable time and energy.


Fiona Robertson

Intuition. Personal mentoring and workshops in Biarritz France.


Testimonial, Corrine, June 2015

I run a new business of a coffee shop in France, and when Fiona said that she could sense that I was having a difficult time with my business I believed her, as she looked straight at me and I could actually feel something move inside me. I engaged Fiona to help me turn around the business and to feel better about what I was doing. I had opened the coffee shop as I knew the business, but I was not confident in the market in France. Fiona had felt into the business and sensed that the business energy was pretty much dead. I can tell you that I was only just keeping my head above water and the bills were only just being met. We began slowly and asked questions to the business, and at one point I could actually see and feel the energy of the business myself and it was a surprise I thought it would feel like me but it was very different. The business told us what she wanted to happen and what she wanted to see change and I made those changes, some were small and some were radical, but I felt that had nothing to lose. It turned around when someone offered to share the space with me and complement what I did. We had met by chance and it was an instant fit and fix for both of us. That was a few moths ago, and I can say that I enjoy going to work and the money rolls in with no effort and I just love working with my business now.


Play Time is an essential nutrient

Play Time Special. By Fiona Robertson

Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work and achieving goals. We all need to play.

Play isn’t some trivial, dumb thing that’s just for kids. Play should be as important to you as eating greens or drinking water.

Not only does enjoying pleasure and play grow new brain connections for happier moods and better memory, play also sets off a cascade of body-positive effects that will help you to keep you slim and vital. You will literally radiate with more joy and as you do things chemically change within your body and the link between the mind and the body starts to work again.

This is what I have come to experience and learn and why I had to put this page together to specifically show you and remind you the value of changing our perception. To be kind with yourself and remember what it feels like to be in a body that wants the best for you.

What I am proposing is a more of an out of the box solution, to today’s socially accepted norms. But it is a great and successful solution none the less that has a massive effect on our cellular structure, and it can only be experienced to be believed.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we’ve stopped playing. Now a-days when we do carve out some down or leisure time for ourselves, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in any type of fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But Adult play is a time to forget about work and commitments, and to be social in an unstructured, creative way.

So often we concentrate on things we’ve learnt about to try and feel better from what and how to eat, and what exercise to do to keep in shape feel better, forcing ourselves to follow a path that actually just does not feel good for us.

However we totally ignore any form or attitude of playfulness as an option to boost our oxygen levels, reduce stress and re set our hormones, which would actually have a massive effect on our bodies ability to function at its optimum levels.

If you run around like crazy, catering for everyone else’s needs, seeing and talking about how much we have to do, how hectic our timetables are with, work deadlines, family, children, partners all wanting something different from you, and you feel like you are being pulled in every direction. And on top of that if you feel sport is a necessary struggle, just as much as how you perceive and judge what you eat and don’t eat, this is a level of stress that is consuming you and will have very detrimental effects on our ability to let go of any weight, aches pains and health concerns that are haunting you.


By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you can reap the myriad of health benefits throughout life.

Play can:

  • Relieve stress. Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.
  • Improve brain function. Playing chess, completing puzzles, or pursuing other fun activities that challenge the brain can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function. The social interaction of playing with family and friends can also help ward off stress and depression.
  • Stimulate the mind and boost creativity. Young children often learn best when they are playing—and that principle applies to adults, as well. You’ll learn a new task better when it’s fun and you’re in a relaxed and playful mood. Play can also stimulate your imagination, helping you to adapt, be creative and problem solve.
  • Improve relationships and your connection to others. Sharing laughter and fun can foster empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy with others. Play doesn’t have to be a specific activity; it can also be a state of mind.
  • Keep you feeling young and energetic. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Playing can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease, helping you feel your best.
  • Improve your looks. A happy joyful face and posture is attractive to everyone, your face is beaming a smile and it will naturally attract more smiles and positive gestures and help from others.
  • Play releases hormones that activate your happy drugs to flow around the body, which in turn trigger the cells to operate in a completely different way than if your forcing yourself to do sport and exercise, or stick to a hard and fast diet or regime.
  • The science is not totally there yet but the evidence is very clear. A new attitude to your self, your body and your thoughts through adopting more play time can vastly enhance weight loss, relieve pain and tension, be more creative, get great and novel ideas,

I don’t just encourage you to get out and play more (or get in the bedroom and fool around) just because it’s a lot more fun than dragging your butt to the gym in another self-punishment workout (though it totally is).

Physical play and physical pleasure help our brains stay healthier as we age, and balances our hormones. Play keeps our neural pathways open and running smoothly, and keeps the brain “young.”

What’s crazy is how adults, especially women, have been convinced that denying, restricting, and punishing ourselves is the way to get what we want.

Science has shown that restricting, depriving, counting calories and being hyper-vigilant about food and eating has put us into a constant state of stress called “fight or flight” mode.

And when you’re in this state, your body makes more cortisol and releases more insulin. And that insulin “tells”your body not to use fat as a source of energy. Instead it says, “Hold onto that fat. We may need it later.”

So the more your body is in a stressed-out state rather than a fun, playful one, the more you encourage a biochemical state inside yourself that makes you pack on the pounds. Which is why the old way most of us were taught to lose weight is totally false.

But you know what puts an end your body’s stress state?
Enjoying Yourself.

Here’s a list of 4 Neurochemicals of Play & Pleasure that also lead to joyful weight loss:


  1. Dopamine: Everything you do or eat for pleasure produces dopamine surges in your brain. From setting and achieving goals to mind-blowing sex to holding hands or hugging, this key player in the reward system of your brain is where we get that feeling of pleasure.


  1. Endocannabinoids: Possibly the cause for “runner’s high,”these self-produced cannabis chemicals are created by your brain and are called the “bliss molecules,” which make movement fun, keeping us coming back for more.


  1. Oxytocin: “The bonding molecule”is produced from skin-to-skin contact, making love, affection, and intimacy. Playing and commiserating with a friend also releases oxytocin and bonds us with friends and lovers. It also, funnily enough, bonds us to our dogs, so cuddling and playing with your dog makes them into a loved, lifelong partner. But you dog lovers knew that already.


  1. Endorphins: These tiny molecules are basically self-produced morphine or opiates that have pain-killing properties. They’re generally released during strenuous physical play, sex and orgasm.


You can make positive steps towards your happy state to come into your own natural high—and natural weight loss—without punishing yourself. What I specifically teach you and help you to experience, is how to feel that state and maintain it. Thinking it is not enough to actually make it work for you. The magic is in the genuine feeling of joy and happiness, which I am so excited to talk to you about.

Do you know what makes you light up? Have you asked yourself what’s fun for you lately? Have you seriously thought about what makes you laugh and shine in your body?

Most of us weren’t trained by our parents to look for the fun, or taught the importance of play, or made to believe that our joys and pleasures were valuable. Did any teacher or parent ask you: What makes you feel whole and alive?

Most of us are trained to see play and pleasure as a treat that you can have after you’ve perfected your work or done all your chores. I invite you to view play and fun as a biological necessity. I ask you to ponder that play and fun are the only paths to real health. And I’ll meet you on the playground!



Quite an emotional wrap up to our sessions today for me. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out and felt alive! (which would have been unheard of less that 4 months ago).

I  want to say (and share with others if you like) that it’s been a great trip since February. I know inside of me I wanted change but your initial mail and first call with those questions really sparked a reflection for me, and now I realise how much I was not listening to my body…almost blaming it for not feeling good.

I find your way of coaching is so encouraging and linked to your life experience so is totally plausible. The step by step program was indeed like building bricks / jigsaw pieces slotting into place..

I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themselves…contact Fiona.

Your ear and listening capabilities are great and you are not tangled in our day to day stuff so as to see and feel clearly what’s happening for me…..while staying very personal, and giving a real feeling of made to measure coaching.

I realise the issues with my situation have been weighing on me for ages and have resulted in a spiral of not well being. I kept surfacing for air then plunging down again. I really desire balance from now on with all the joy & lightness that I have discovered these past weeks…

My gratitude is that I have had the opportunity for travel during this time but my brag is that I seized it…..(I never ever thought I would or could have done that, its you who opened that up as a desire in me).

Each night and morning I relive that night under the desert shooting stars when I felt like I was floating on Earth, in ultimate LIGHT NESS !

But I know I cannot stay in the desert so a desire is to achieve another lightness…in my every day life which I am beginning to really experience with your help and tools. hmmmm

Thoughts from cloudy, muggy Paris

Wishing you all the very best,

Love Patricia

Paris 2015 (Best year ever)




Fiona Robertson: My Services

I am a coach and mentor dedicated to help you to feel at your very best? Discover your missing nutrients and have FUN all the way to feeling great.

You’ll receive the best of the best from my time and discover easy ways to get an injection of positive and revolutionary fun ways to experience an in-depth insight into what is sabotaging and restricting you.

I have so much valuable information to give and share with you, this will be an experience like no other.


In my full program I guide you along an easy step-by-step process that teaches you how your mind and body work together to create and tune into your vibrant body. I help you to create a solid foundation between the mind and body that helps the-m to support each other like a marriage made from love a rock solid partnership that works every time.


I combine the principles and practices of the Law of Attraction along with leading edge mind-body wisdom in order to show you how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect ALL the processes of your body.

However, none of this information means anything unless you are prepared to experience the processes and put it to work in your own life to create the results you want.

This is what this system offers you. Both the information and the practical tools to, create a whole new reality of joy, appreciation and celebration when it comes to your body.

 This is a fun ongoing practice and you can see yourself making progress every week. Every positive step after every positive step will make a revolutionary difference.

Change enough of the smaller pictures and eventually you will have changed the BIG picture

I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to help you get back into balance and inject play and great health into your life.


Fiona Robertson

[email protected]

SKYPE : Fionaromarobertson


How to re set your hormones….and have fun again


How to re set your hormones …..and have fun again.

New research has demonstrated that your hormone levels are not just out of whack but have actually short circuited. Your hormone receptors have created resistances to 7 metabolic hormones: cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone; leptin and estrogen.

Like many things in life we have become numb to these 7 metabolic hormones. Did you know that your body is programmed to raise your hormone levels higher and higher, yet your metabolism gets slower and slower and resulting in us getting fatter and fatter. Oops, that’s not good at all.

I have noticed that there are two ways to reverse these actions, one is to clear the resistance and repair the receptors, whilst re setting your hormone levels, without sounding too serious about it all we have a two angled approach.

Hormones are the main cause for the continued weight gain, belly fat, wrinkles, exhaustion, inflammation, sugar cravings, joint aches and pains and most illnesses. And I have a cunning plan that is guaranteed to help you, its easy on its own and fun when combined with my Wise Woman coaching, and here is how we get started.

There is an easy way to re set those hormones so that they are firing again on all cylinders. First we need to clean up our act and start eliminating some of the key contributors that have numbed out our metabolic hormones. We can do this rather quickly via a period of a detox. The Home Detox Box is a 7 day DIY home kit that re sets your digestive system, and creates a state in the body that kick starts all your organs and hormones to function at their optimum levels.

I also offer an intensive intimate, 7 day live in retreat week here in France that will allow you to fully rest and take advantage of my one to one guidance and introduction to raw and fermented food

A third option is to take the 21 day step by step re set program. I coach which groups of foods to eliminate and when in a step by step program that re sets the body and hormones again..

The second real GEM in my crown is to introduce you to your vision of what you actually need  and get to know and trust yourself from the inside out.

See the fun and playful side melt way all the hard edges and see what you can morph into, taking your inner wisdom, serenity and fun attitude and apply it to all the things you encounter.

I teach you to tune into your hidden depths, intuition and wisdom. I have met many, many of my clients guides, and I have seen these wonderful people  literally light up, get clarity and I watch as they become a beautiful wise person, totally at ease with them self and having fun with life. whils loving that they feel better, lose weight and flourish in life again.

What if you have been working hard for example to lose weight, feel better in your body, be free of some niggling health conditions, your feeling generally unfulfilled and feel stuck and confused as to what and where to go next, as all your hard efforts have never actually made an impact, and it seems that all this has actually made no real difference and maybe even have been working against you. What if your actually triggering your hormones to produce more Cortisol and deplete your adrenals. Now is the time to learn how to discover play and stop pushing yourself so hard as this has not worked so far has it?.

Are you ready to feel that you have the vibrant energy that you need to enjoy life to the MAX, and tune into all the benefits that are available to you?

I would just love talking, guiding and helping you to see that a different angle is all that’s needed and actually quite easy and possible. So here is my GIFT of a “Play Time Breakthrough Consultation” with me. This will inject you with inspiration, clarity and that it’s much more than what and how you eat, how much exercise you do or don’t do, or how much time you spend in cross legged meditation that matter, so much as the attitude you adopt.

Curious, excited, eager to find out what more and more people are catching on to fast, with this leading edge and very exciting principle?

Contact me with your E mail details to [email protected] with your telephone number and I will give you a range of dates and times that work and we can have our Skype session together.



Quite an emotional wrap up to our sessions today for me. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out and felt alive! (which would have been unheard of less that 4 months ago).

I  want to say (and share with others if you like) that it’s been a great trip since February. I know inside of me I wanted change but your initial mail and first call with those questions really sparked a reflection for me, and now I realise how much I was not listening to my body…almost blaming it for not feeling good.

I find your way of coaching is so encouraging and linked to your life experience so is totally plausible. The step by step program was indeed like building bricks / jigsaw pieces slotting into place..

I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themselves…contact Fiona.

Your ear and listening capabilities are great and you are not tangled in our day to day stuff so as to see and feel clearly what’s happening for me…..while staying very personal, and giving a real feeling of made to measure coaching.

I realise the issues with my situation have been weighing on me for ages and have resulted in a spiral of not well being. I kept surfacing for air then plunging down again. I really desire balance from now on with all the joy & lightness that I have discovered these past weeks…

My gratitude is that I have had the opportunity for travel during this time but my brag is that I seized it…..(I never ever thought I would or could have done that, its you who opened that up as a desire in me).

Each night and morning I relive that night under the desert shooting stars when I felt like I was floating on Earth, in ultimate LIGHT NESS !

But I know I cannot stay in the desert so a desire is to achieve another lightness…in my every day life which I am beginning to really experience with your help and tools. hmmmm

Thoughts from cloudy, muggy Paris

Wishing you all the very best,

Love P.C.

Paris 2015 (Best year ever)

How to deal with those bumps in the road. (Avoid temptations)

We all hit bumps in the road of life. I am a big believer in it’s not how far you fall, but how quickly you bounce back. Your bump could be that you got frightened about something and that set off a chain of responses that resulted in your habitual reaction such as giving in to temptation, over indulging in a particular craving, distracting yourself with excesses of food or ended up drinking more than you planned, or one of your other distractions that you most commonly use.


I am beginning to write a lot (because it’s SO important) about this, and how the only thing we can really change is our perception to these situations. We have influence over some things in our lives, but mostly we are quite powerless to control every single situation and the feelings those situations bring up for us. That is why our attitude and perception can change everything for us, and it can all change in a very short space of time when we know what to do.


So when you (or I) hit a bump in the road, when we get thrown off track, when we get depressed and feel frightened – what do we do? HOW can we bounce back?


Sometimes however we feel that we don’t want to bounce back. Some of us would rather give in to temptation ans keep suppressing our feelings, emotions and think its easier to keep hiding away under that blanket of our chosen distraction, rather than to begin to understand ourselves and why we do what we habitually do. Is it easier in the long run to keep hiding and stuffing down those parts of ourselves that are dying to be seen, recognized and expressed. The path of self-destruction is filled with avoidance of yourself.

Everyone has their favourite distraction and technique to avoid what is potentially painful. Even too much potential happiness can be frightening, you see its is not just pain that we try and avoid. That’s what these addictions really are – avoidance of ourselves, which is to our own detriment. There are LOTS of ways to be and stay addicted. You can be addicted to substances, alcohol, people, work, fame, success, attention, flirting with people, sugar, food and lots of other things, even like avoidance in novels, films, entertainment – anything to keep you away from hearing your inner voice and true potential. I have concentrated on coaching about food as it has been my key avoidance drug, however they all operate in much the same way. Food has been one of my main avoidance techniques and where most of us need a kick start.


When we hit a rough patch in life, (and all of us do from time to time) instead of just letting ourselves feel it, which will admittedly take some practice and guidance, we tend to choose one of the above distractions or addictions and keep avoiding what’s within us. This is not what life and The Universe has in mind for you. No amount of chocolate, sex, alcohol, success, people or drugs can silence the gentle sensitive whisper of The Universe within you. Your soul needs and desires expression and wants to be heard, and is actually guiding you to understand, know and like yourself better and better.


So, today try this instead, instead of running and hiding behind your favourite distraction, I have another suggestion. My suggestion is that it’s time to stop running from The Universe, your feelings and your emotions and just face them. Be still. Get quiet and listen. Let yourself get angry, let yourself get sad. Face the truth; go through the feeling your experiencing and know when you do it will fade.


I have found a system that has helped me truly face my emotions and feelings instead of running from them. So I am going to give you some tips on HOW to feel your way through your feelings and remain as sane as possible through the process:


Try This;

If you find that you are angry, sad, jealous, hurt, embarrassed, ignored or what ever the feeling it is you’ve identified this time, then ask yourself “What do you have on that feeling?”

Keep asking yourself the same question over and over again, this process can take up to (15 minutes). Write it all out on a clean page everything you have on this one feeling. It is better to speak it out loud but without a coach to guide you then writing is a good substitute. Every time you’ve felt angry for example, what are all the things that have made you angry? Really get to know the feeling, really feel it, this is maybe the first time that you have ever been aware of this actual feeling in your body.

Can you feel the energy of this feeling? Soon you will recognize when you feel angry, what makes you angry and what you do when you feel angry, and what your habitual response is to that feeling has been.


I would LoVe to help you to be able to reach this place, and detox yourself from this feeling that is driving all your cravings and responses that distract your from the pain you are feeling. To really help you, so that you can begin to recognize your own mechanisms to avoiding and distracting yourself, that are sabotaging your day, your relationships and your health.


I will meet you on a skype call and guide you through an experience and out the other side into your own unique Sweet Spot, where you can experience yourself feeling really relaxed, at ease and can feel safe and completely trusting.

Contact me today for your SWEET SPOT EXPERIENCE on [email protected]


You will also discover one invaluable and immediate step you can take whenever you feel stressed or have a situation that brings up a feeling of discomfort and pain.


There are additional ways to avoid the distractions you have set up for yourself, which I am happy to share and have listed below.


  1. Breathe – our bodies need oxygen. Most of us don’t breathe properly and deprive our body from this essential nutrient.

Take 3 deep belly breaths taking a count of a minimum of 6 seconds in and out.


2. Go 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} Clean and sober from your distraction of choice. For 30 days give up the cigarettes, the alcohol, the lover, the sugar and the craving.


  1. Drink your fill – hydrate. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of negative side effects, including depression and low energy.


Drink 1 litre of the best water you can find, if you want details about what water just ask me.


  1. Exercise – Move your body 3-4 days a week for at least 30 minutes.


  1. Do a Detox – clean out the old stagnated matter and make room for the new in every sense, a detox can be beneficial to your environment as well as just what you consume. Once you clean up one area of your life the other areas demand a detox too.


  1. Eat a more alkaline diet. This is a great way to bring your body back into alignment


  1. Get a mentor or coach to help guide you through this process. It REALLY helps to have someone be an outside observer and guide you through with no judgements or expectations.


  1. Write your feelings. A spring clean in this way by using a Journal for 10-30 minutes to just let out how you feel onto a clean page really helps.


  1. Only hang out with friends who uplift you. Take a break from any negative people in your life.


  1. Write your goals down. Imagine your best life and write down what you really want your life to be like. Many of us have created no clear vision of the kind of life we want to create, and therefore and as a result it never happens. I can guide you with the right questions to ask yourself.


  1. When you start to have anxiety, sadness or any “negative” emotion, instead of reaching for the pills, the sugar or the drink, just let yourself feel your feelings. Where do you feel it? What does the feeling and the energy of it feel like. What are the symptoms?


  1. Visit places of high vibrations – sacred spaces, yoga studios, nature, be with awesome friends, etc. Go where the LOVE is.


I hope these tips help you break through. These are some of the most powerful tools I know to connect back to who you really are, to be able to hear The Universe and feel balanced and stay as sane as possible in the process.

Let me know how it goes.

As always, I am here in complete dedication to your experience for a happy vibrant life.

I am passionate about helping you reach your place where food and your other distractions are no longer ruling your life. And you can be aware of your feelings and responses, making balanced decisions from a relaxed and safe place.


Fiona Robertson

[email protected]

I have learnt that this type of life is not just a PIPE dream

What I learnt again on the last detox retreat that I ran!


Last week I opened my doors again to run my Autumn detox weeks with the added bonus of Raw and Fermented food classes, with the introduction to knowing yourself via your style of Emotional Eating.


We had a fabulous week of experiencing a detox and learning about ourselves which is always such a pleasure, and especially to see people warm up to the idea that there is SO MUCH MORE to life.

What I found out again confirms all my suspicions and excites me beyond measure, That I am dedicated to continue with my special detox and inner knowing discovery weeks.


The week was laid out with an initial 3 day fast and raw food plan, this forms the foundations of the program that I offer, clearing away the old stuck and stagnated waste and energy and then filling you up with vibrant high vibration foods and energy, that allows life force to enter and flood through you so you can transform at a cellular level. Added to that I introduce you to a way to understand yourself on a deeper more profound level, by opening the doors to your Emotional Eating awareness. Everyone has a style of eating and uses something to hide behind, distract ourselves from living a FULL LIFE, and stay hidden from our true potential ( this is what Emotional Eating awareness can give you clarity on). I guide you in my particular style of meditation, which gets you out of your head and safely down into your heart and body, where you can start to communicate with the very essence of what your body needs. I encourage you to discover a place of silence as we walk and sit by the clear mountain rivers along our many walks during the week.

Yoga also helps to clear the meridians and massages the internal organs, enhancing the elimination of the old stagnant waste that has been blocking our ability to function on full power.

Our bodies have all the means to heal themselves, they just need to know how to access it.


Last week as we followed this unique detox program that I have laid out, we went step by step, into the realms beyond a traditional physical detox and into the state of allowing ourselves to discover our truest desires and needs.


It is always such a pleasure for me to see and experience my clients who come as clients and leave as friends who go through these simple steps. I find it works better to have smaller intimate groups so there is time and space for us all to take our personal route to self discovery, rather than follow a group energy that can so easily end up being just another place to hide. After these weeks you will never be the same again, as you pass through the doorway of transformation and start to see your true potential blossom right in front of your eyes.


So last week as I guided my wonderful evolving detox week, these detox weeks that I have done now for the past 10 years. I discovered again the hidden secret, that strongly confirms that my foundations for these weeks NEED to continue. My finding’s and beliefs are this, no matter for whatever reason people come to me to experience their first detox or their tenth detox, it’s a time, your unique time to go deeper and discover your true joy for life and reason for living. Raise your vibration to experience the true essence of what I mean by “Joie de Vivre”. Living this type of life that I advocate and encourage is not a pipe dream, its real, attainable and worth every second that you spend creating a life that you truly desire.

When we have lifted your personal vibration via clearing away the old, by detoxing the body, its literally impossible to stop the flow of life force energy into the body, mind and spirit. Everything just starts to look fabulous, colourful and music enters the ears again, and a smile develops on the lips and its so infectious as laughter comes so easily and movement and dance finds its way back into the every day step.


Discovering your new love for life and developing it as a way to enjoy every day and every moment of your day is a must.


When every cell is buoyant with vitality you will find a way no matter what by hook or by crook to keep it going. You will always remember how it feels to have a light step and understand that life is a joy, a beautiful life, and when you know how it feels to feel buoyant it will haunt you until you cant live without it any more.

Life lived like this attracts people, love, situations, jobs, health, wellbeing and so many things to you that you will want to scream it from the roof tops that you have found your calling and your Joie de Vivre!


So if your ready to experience this feeling there are three ways to experience a detox and with me.

The Retreat week starts from 980.00 for an all inclusive week here in SW France,

The Home Detox Box is 87.00 a 7 day kit that you can use to do a DIY Detox at home.

The third and most beneficial option is that I can coach you through a profound detox and tune you in on an entirely deeper level, and lead you step by step to give you the feeling of daily Joie De Vivre, and help you to appreciate and be aware of all the wonderful possibilities lined up for you. I will help you to tune in and feel all your cells begin to buzz. You will be receiving, absorbing and be in love with life. You will be in a state where you can allow the things you have been asking for to actually manifest, your body will be co operating with your mind, your health and happiness will immediately improve, your blood pressure, your cell counts, your vitality will all improve as a result,



Thanks you Fiona, for your wealth of knowledge and the non judgmental way in which you have guided us through the highs and lows of this detox week.  I have lots of new information and knowledge to continue the good work that I have done when I return home, so that I can experience the vitality and renewed vigor that I feel now. It has been a cleansing emotionally as well as physically that has given me my MoJo back. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful location and being with this family this week. You have shown me that a Life to be Lived like this is not a pipe dream.

Much love Maria, April 2015




What does “Joie de Vivre” look like for you?

In my yoga and meditation this morning, It came to me again that, at any given moment you can change and live life with “Joie de vivre” You have the choice to have a life you love in every single moment.
When I was traveling in 2003 & 2004 I experienced fully the philosophy of “what you think is what you get” so profoundly so, that I really understood this principle so much so that my life just flowed along with ease. It has been my aim over the last few years to get to that place once again, so that every day is lived from a place where life force fills me up and flows through me with ease.

So that people places and circumstances conspire to be at their very the best for me at that moment. When I am flying high everything slots into place like a beautiful happy jigsaw puzzle. From how I feel to what I eat, to who I am with and all the experiences I have, and any problems on the horizon fade out and get sorted with ease. Joie de Vivre can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do…
And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung. Robert’s Dictionnaire says joie is sentiment exaltant ressenti par toute la conscience, that is it, involves one’s whole being.”[1]

Today I received a call from a dear friend needing a boost, and asked me to help her to get back on her high flying disk and back into her ability to manifest her best day ever. Sometimes even the best of us get caught in our old fears and sabotaging behavior. And all of these if we allow them to will just bring us crashing and burning down, and down and deeper down into the world that is dark, problematic and not working out as we wanted. So my friend and I talked and I asked her to tell me everything that was working well for her, what she was grateful for and soon enough she was laughing again and could see a way out of her dark hole.

Sometimes we need a friend at the end of the phone at a moments notice to guide us out, and someone who we can trust to know us in every detail and hold the space for us so that we can be our very own best person.

Its totally infectious too, when we are happy, others around us get happier too, they want to bask in our warm rays of sun shine, when we are in love with life the people that we attract are lovely people, and so are all the situations and circumstances that we touch. Its like the Midas touch that we can spread a little more happiness for everyone.

I often laugh and say that if a shop is empty I will fill it. I will go in and sooner rather than later I have to leave as its just crowed out and I cant move in there any more so I have to leave.

Here is what one lady said after she had been guided by me into her special place of awareness that everything just works……

Testimonial. Pamela Steves.

When I contacted Fiona I had no idea other than I wanted to feel different, I wanted to lose weight and feel better in myself. During our first session I came to the conclusion that I wanted more than anything to feel “lighter and brighter” and that life just seemed heavy and rather dull and a constant struggle.

In our sessions Fiona gave me a whole new perspective slowly allowing me to experience my days as I liked, and experience my days, my food and each situation just the way I liked, she opened up a whole new world for me and I began to feel much, much lighter mentally and physically. I remarked that I felt brighter than ever. These feelings expanded and got better than I could have ever imagined they could. I am a whole new person, I feel different and I view my wonderful life in an entirely different way. (thankfully) ………

When I visited my family which is normally such a drudge, it was with the help of the sessions I had experienced, that meant that I could ride them out and still feel lighter and not reach for comfort in the from of food, which had been an unconscious habit. As a result I have lost the weight but not just from food addiction but all the heavy things I had adopted.

I now know myself so much better and know how to gauge my stress and re boot my energy

myself, so that I was not effected by all the negativity which now thankful having far less effect on me.

That alone was well worth my time over these last 3 months, in these wonderfully funny and uplifting hours with Fiona

Pamela Steves 2015.

A lot of people are talking to me of their struggles and want to understand why they feel trapped in the same old habits, and the consequences of these habits. Try as they might to change them themselves and maintain a better balance and have more joy in their lives, they get stuck and cant find the way out of the labyrinth.

It’s a shame, because the solution is actually right at your very fingertips, you just don’t see it yet. Maybe you can relate to this, too.

We all have everything we need to be healthy and live a joyful life, but we need to know how to trigger them and find our missing life nutrients. Which got me to thinking, how could I get you started quickly, with exactly what you need to solve this everyday problem?

Well, just now I had a blinding idea? I want you to have the start that I never had, and I want to show you how to tune in today, I want you to start to get really clear on what you most need to do right now to move on into your very own Joie de Vivre experience.

I will guide you, so gently so that you can start to feel the difference it can make to really know yourself and find that love for yourself, and explode into the joy of life and your very own experience of “Joie de Vivre”

Join me as I teach you how to get to your best place ever and live with JOIE DE VIVRE every day.

I am offering a sessions for the next week to tune you into your Joie de Vivre. contact me on [email protected]

It’s my “Joie de Vie” clarity session

The only thing is that spaces are limited this time, so these consultations are going to be snapped up fast. And to be considered you’ll need to apply right away.

In this Joie de vie Session you will:

* Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from actually reaching your own Joy of life picture

* Create a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to reach the next level of Joy in your life that lasts and lasts and lasts

*Identify the one simple step you can take immediately to get into action

******************** Here’s how it works: ********************
1. in 2 days time I’ll send you the special invitation titled “Joie de Vivre”. All you need to do is open the email, hit reply and answer a few simple questions. That’s it!
2. There is a deadline for applying so best to hit reply right away, when you see the invitation from me.
3. I’ll let you know by this time next week if you get your spot. I hope you do! There’s only one way to find out for sure and that’s to apply right away when the email arrives from me to you.
So watch for my special invitation and I’ll talk to you soon!

How to follow your feelings, and get out of your emotional cage

Do you know how you are feeling right now? or are you locked up in your cage away from any feelings?

A few years ago now I was close to a healer who became a strong influence in my life and the decisions I made as a result from speaking to her. She was a strong character and I thought I was not so strong or so well versed in the ways of the world. She was talented but I did not see my own talents when I was in her light.

This story is intended to show us all that we have inner strength and intuition to know how we feel about something and that we can become aware of how to follow our feelings.

When I was going through rough times I would default into listening to others and in particular this college of mine, and I never got to know my own inner guidance system. When this relationship came to an end I was hurt and devastated, as most of us are when a strong influence disappears and any relationship ends that we have come to count on.

However I was asked a very wise question at that time which was, “Do you feel stronger or weaker from not having her in your life?” I pondered and felt for the first time in a long time actually that I have felt stronger, I DO know what to do for myself? I have made decisions and as a result I have come to trust myself. Yes I am stronger.

This week I was coaching a lady who has taken advise from many outsiders about her situation, and she did not realize that she was not taking responsibility of her own life. She was facing some larger decisions and felt unsure of herself.

We tuned into her body and felt what it was like now in her current situation and then we tuned into the future version of events, if she made the decision to move to this new apartment. And we oscillated between the two and she got a real sense of how it felt for herself to move. There was not a list, a strategy or rationalizing, or weighing up others opinions or concerns to come to the decision. It came from her and her alone. It was a great feeling that fulfilled her and expanded her chest and she felt secure, relaxed and confident.

We make all our decisions based on feelings, ultimately we know what feels good for us and what does not. I have been coaching for some time around this subject, It usually starts with someone wanting to change their relationship to food as the relationship is not working for them with what they have been told to follow and what to do, and the results are not coming through. Then the coaching evolves into how we relate to everything, all of our relationships, finances, partners, family and our environment. I have seen that how we relate to one thing we relate to everything, and that certainly goes for how we relate to ourselves concerning food and how we eat and the consequences it has on us physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually when we choose foods or diets that do not work for us personally.

I really love what I do and especially the beyond detox and diets program. The subtle messages that we can tune into for and about ourselves come from and are all about our feelings? knowing how to follow our feelings is an invaluable gift. And thinking back I have made many, many decisions based on my feelings alone, but I did not fully know it at the time.

I tell many people that this subtle direction that comes from inside, is available to everyone and is now more necessary than ever, to follow our own guidance system, as we can be and are overwhelmed with more and more information, and people in positions of importance to us telling us what we should and should not do, work, health and environment wise as well concerning our families education, wellbeing and so the list goes on and on. We have hundreds of e-mails to answer, people to keep a connection with, and decisions to make every day. There is no fixed strategy, plan or formula to get us through any more that worked in previous generations. Imagine you are blindfolded and cannot see the path to take or which direction to go, you would have to feel your way forward and that is a subtle feeling that grows and grows the more you get used to using it. Not too dissimilar to our every day challenges when we feel blindfolded and try and try to get though the day making hundreds of decisions that are important to us.

When I decided not to live in England anymore, after traveling for 1 year around the world, it was based on a feeling. The world is a bigger place and it’s an adventure to live elsewhere that ticks my personal boxes, sea, mountains, climate, tropical plants, wild untamed nature on the doorstep. I knew when I had found my place, It felt right. It felt like coming home.

When I got separated and needed to find a new home, many people said go or come back to England, but that was a feeling that felt like I was being suffocated, and was so sad that told me that was not for me. I knew that I would find a home that would suits my families and work purposes. It happened and when i entered the home it felt right, easy and like coming home.

When I was looking to have help in my new home in the garden and with some building work, and I had people coming to stay in my home, It was a feeling that told me it was either OK or not to have them in my home, and that was before I met them in person, I tuned into them and could feel if it would be easy, a struggle or not to go there at all. It was an experiment that worked every time.

It is so normal to get lost in others opinions, when we are searching for answers, what worked for them, to do with health, weight loss, moving home, relationships. I know as I have still some trouble remembering and lifting myself away from the regular path where I learnt how to deal with my problems, Knuckle down and work hard, Don’t get emotional, don’t feel just do more…. I am the queen of hard work and beating myself up. But then I remember there is an easier way, we have a sixth sense that works just as well as any psychic’s eventually. If we can just be guided how to find it, tune in and use it for ourselves. It will be our best friend and guide us well through life.

Do you have decisions to make? Changes you need to make with your lifestyle, eating habits, career or relationships, and the old path is not working out for you? Do you want to experience what it is like to feel your way forward for yourself?

Try This; Bring your attention to your chest area, first notice all the thoughts and their energy inside your head, bashing up against the space of your head. Start to bring all of this consciousness down to it’s final resting place in your heart space. Bring it down through your face, past your eyes and jaw line and neck and past your shoulders. Feel the energy draining down in what ever shape you can imagine that energy has. Feel the relaxation come into your face, your eyes relax, your nose, ears, jaw and tongue and begin to feel as if you can look out at the world from the level of your heart, your head is above you and your awareness is in your chest. Vibrating with its busy, busy energy in your chest. Now merge that energy with the beating of the heart.

Rest here and relax as much as you can, notice your breath and your heart beat.

Notice the air turning and coming back in and turning again and going out.

Become aware of the subtle decision to start breathing in, and then the decision to breath out, where is that place in your body?

Now notice the moment you decide to change the direction of your breath.

Rest here and just notice the simple act of breathing, the air turning and your heart beating.

Stay here as long as you can and gauge for yourself how relaxed you are in this place 1 being really relaxed and 10 being still stressed.

This is stage one to get you homed into your bodies subtle energy.

If you want to experience a session with me to find and develop your safe and sweet spot, a place where you just are totally you and totally aware and relaxed, Then please take me up on my offer

Contact me for a SWEET SPOT EXPERIENCE call, where as part of that call I will start to guide you into your very own unique safe place.

You will also discover one invaluable and immediate step you can take whenever you feel stressed, for example; about making a decision, before you give a presentation, before a date, or any situation that brings up a feeling of discomfort and pain.

E mail me here; [email protected] and mention the word “FEELING” and I will arrange a sweet spot call for you in the next 10 days. August 2015

I look forward to hearing from you


Detox Diva, your beyond detox queen. It is an inside job, physical, mental and feeling into your emotional and the spiritual awareness that lies behind everything you do..

How to feel your way forward and out of the cage you have placed yourself in.

Moringa Oleifera

You may like to know that this week I am launching something new, I have teamed up with a company who cultivate and harvest a range of products, two of which I have tried and tested and I am now thrilled to endorse. I am excited to be working with ZiJa as the manufacturers of a range of products based on the Moringa tree, a Miracle tree set to redefine nutrition. I tried it, I more than liked the results, so I am sticking with it…...

Moringa leaves with paste
Moringa leaves with paste

Introduction to Moringa Oleifera 

I have been dedicated for years to bring you the best detox and cleanse products, So I created the Home Detox Box, then I promoted raw food, and now I support you with my education, coaching and support programs concerning Emotional and addictive eating. So I was so happy to find a product that enhances what I promote.  I want to share with you that I am thrilled to have a new discovery, a miracle tree called the Moringa Oleifera.

Not only a miracle but the company I am aligned with takes very good care, to keep the leaves and seed pods dried by raw standards, so all the natural goodness is still intact, they are as pure as you can get.

I say miracle quite happily as I have witnessed my wild cravings vanish after a few weeks, hormones balance, and watched as vital energy returns to a tired and overburdened burdened body. Bringing light relief and the bounce back that we all seem to desire but seem to lack.

The Moringa tree has many amazing nutritional properties and has been used as an ancient source of food in many countries, like India, Africa, Hawaii and many others.

It is not just amazing for its nutritional capacity but it seems to have the ability to lift and release what ever is being searched for in the person using it.

These are not able to be listed as they are so vast or able to be scientifically proved, but I will tell you my story with Moringa. 

My personal Testimonial and comments

I’ll have you know that I am a skeptical of powders and super foods claiming an ability to provide missing nutrients, and I need to personally experience the effects myself before I ever promote them. Just like the detox, fast and cleanse and raw food experiences that I began with over 10 years ago, and then to support many happy clients with coaching for detoxing and food issues. So I decided to do a personal 2 week trial, which turned into a month on Moringa and I can confess I am impressed and I am very pleased with my results.

I took the Moringa in the morning on an empty stomach mixed just with water, and drank the tea in the afternoon. I first noticed that I felt calmer and happier. My hormones shifted gear and balanced themselves out and I had no more of the mix of hormonal symptoms common for women of my age.

I felt far less hungry and seemed to be more satisfied with my meals, and did not succumb as I sometimes do to grazing and picking in between meals.

One day I was arranging a bike ride with my boys, I noticed something strange, we live on a rather steep hill and normally we push our bikes up the drive way to the road. I admit I usually ask the boys to do it for me while I arrange water etc. I found myself with my bike ready to push up the hill, I was full of energy and challenged them to race up the hill.

I also noticed that I felt the craving to take exercise and move more. My body was asking me to feel the rush of wind as I ride my bike or even up the tempo of my daily walks and jog a bit. Now I’ll have you know I am reasonably active, but I have never really liked exercise or the feeling of getting tired out, I go red easily and just don’t like sweating, so this is a happy and surprising new revelation for me. One evening I felt drawn to ride my bike in to a nearby village that is 15 k away, driving was my usual form of transport however with tourist traffic I wanted to avoid the crowded roads. So I took a long and slow at first ride out, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have done it again and again.

I sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and full for zest ready to get on with my day.

This has become a wonderful addition to my detoxes and addition to my raw food enthusiasm, and I am happy to recommend this as a product to go along side my Home Detox Box, particularly as you can take it while you fast, and after as you reintroduce food. It’s a natural supplement to the greens you need and is renowned for a whole host of nutritional benefits.


Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera is nature’s “miracle tree”. It’s packed with 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

To ensure the highest quality possible, all of Zija’s Moringa trees are grown on proprietary farms in hot, dry climates. They are raised without chemicals, harvested carefully by hand, and then shade dried, ensuring that essential nutrients remain intact. We use all of the most beneficial parts of the tree – the leaves, the seeds and the fruit – in our unique line of products


  • Delivers anti-inflammatory support
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Increases energy
  • Provides natural anti-aging benefits
  • Nourishes body’s immune system
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Helps maintain healthy circulation


Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine, Arginine


Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, Tyrosine


Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, Cytokinins, Flavonoids, Omega (3, 6, 9) oils, Plant Sterols, Polyphenols, Lutein, Xanthins, Rutin, and more


Vitamin A (Alpha and Beta-Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folate (Folic Acid), Biotin, and more


Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Sulfur, Zinc


By Dr. Joshua Plant

Over the last 50 years we have observed the widespread commoditization of food. While it is cheaper and more readily available than ever before, the low-cost manufacturing and harvesting practices used to produce food have compromised its nutritional value. For example, 100 years ago the average person consumed around 200 grams of fiber daily; today that number is closer to 15 grams. The result is a worldwide nutritional famine.

The beneficial properties of Moringa are unparalleled and highly unique. Moringa is enriched with both water and fat-soluble vitamins, it is an excellent source of the amino acids that our body craves, and it has rare phytocompounds that aid in promoting a healthier body.

Recognizing that the nutrition in Moringa is not immune to harsh harvesting and manufacturing practices, Zija has gone above and beyond industry standards to deliver the most nutritious Moringa possible. From tree to mouth, Zija scrutinizes each step to ensure that nutrition is at the forefront of all decisions in the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. I will address just a few of the steps that Zija takes to ensure that the nutrition of our products is never compromised; after all, Moringa without its nutrition becomes just another plant.


Not all Moringa is created equal. In fact, depending on where Moringa trees are grown, their nutritional content can vary significantly. Knowing this, Zija has vetted several different locations and farms where our Moringa trees will have the highest nutrient content available, even if it comes at a premium cost.


We work tirelessly to ensure that Moringa’s nutritional properties are conserved as much as possible during its harvesting and preparation. While shade drying is a much longer and more costly process than drying in the sun, it also prevents harmful UV rays from crosslinking vitamins and minerals, which would render them inert. This once again demonstrates Zija’s commitment to delivering the most nutritious Moringa possible.


Zija has created a proprietary blend that incorporates several different efficacious parts of the Moringa tree. This blend has allowed us to achieve a complementary nutritional profile. For example, even though Moringa leaves contain a lot of Vitamin C, the pods contain even more. By combining Moringa leaves, seeds, and fruit, we can maximize Moringa nutrition in products such as Smart mix.


As a leader in manufacturing technology, Zija uses state of the art machinery for each and every one of our products. Understanding that nutrition can be compromised by exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and time, we quickly blend and assemble our products into airtight sachets that meet the highest standards of manufacturing.

Here at Zija, we are unwilling to compromise the nutritional value of Moringa. In doing so we are able to deliver a highly valuable product that helps address the nutritional void that is so prevalent in today’s diet.


Additional note from me:

I have 2 products so far that I am willing to support from this company, that give you all the vital nutrition you need in one day, conveniently in a sachet to be added to water first thing in the morning.

They taste mild and satisfying, slightly sweet and as I said before have reduced my cravings as I am supporting my body with everything it needs to thrive;

I still eat as healthy as I can and have a good intake of fibre, from vegetables as well as my flax crackers or psyllium. And voila that’s my day sorted, I have the energy I need and enthusiasm for life.

The tea I take every day and it has a smooth flavour and is great hot or cold.

I have included a sachet to try, please let me know how you feel about it. The convenience is in knowing and feeling I have given my body a whole lot of what it needs is very satisfying and I really feel the benefits.

These products are now in my shop. I keep a small supply with my Home Detox Boxes. Please contact me for further information. and I am happy to talk to you.


Smart Mix, Euros 125.00 for one months supply


Premium tea, 30 tea bags. Euros 52.00 for one months supply

Smart Wo/men and the BIGGEST mistake you make

I am so happy to see my summer vegetables take shape in the garden and later decorate my plate.

This summer I’ve planted lettuce, courgette, tomatoes and herbs, it’s a busy time to feed, water and care for my future nourishment
I’ve also been busy talking to and compiling, from all my ongoing conversations, around beyond detox, nutrition and your diets to establish the major target areas, for those of you wanting to shape shift on a permanent basis, and get a handle on how you view your own body.

Do you know the most common truth I come across every time, from all these stories of balancing weight.

It’s not all about the food, Which I am so happy to hear as it is right where I am and have been for a while now.

The food itself is usually only around 20{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the story and the remaining 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} is made up from emotional and spiritual beliefs. Your mindset has a lot to do with how you see the bigger picture, as well as how to see and feel things from a different perspective.

Let me explain and give you an personalised example.

When I am with you, I can hear it with your words and feel it through your energy on the call ”I have rejected my body, I am disappointed and hate my body.”

The women who contact me are certainly nutrition savvy. They are intelligent, and smart. They are busy and have deadlines to meet. They are executives, professionals, and hard working stay at home moms. However they all have one thing in common, they believe the problem is with their bodies and their food intake…and sadly they are all looking in the WRONG direction, lining up their eye and arrow onto the wrong target.

Certainly, I see smart women and men, and see the biggest mistake they make, is not actually knowing what their true target would be for permanent weight balance and getting the energy they need on a daily basis.

The target your missing is actually a tiny bit more challenging, and in a different direction than you thought, but very easily reached, in fact it requires some serious re-direction, care and support to shift your target.

The target is in many ways comes from stress and negative beliefs which create a chain of habitual reactions in the body, these set off our very own set habitual and addictive patterns, overeating and binging, which were set in place very early on in our past and are now run along totally independently of our control. We are unconscious of the reaction unless we choose to see and feel it.

This is what I offer you a chance to see and feel the reaction as it takes place, and re direct it to the new more accurate target, one you can aim for and hit and see results.

These are totally OK and once you see and feel them for yourself, you can decide what to do with these experiences and move on.

Here is a brief example from a client, that I have called Susanne and she has admittedly used food as her drug of choice when she has situations that up set her.

When there is a wobble and she feels the discomfort in her body, even if it is hour later after the instance, she knows she needs and deserves a reward for dealing with this situation and so dives into her fridge and cupboards when she gets home and devoirs what ever is in there. This binging is her delayed gratification and addictive behaviour that she wanted to resolve, when she came to me.

One thing I always do is introduce you to, is where you can find your most relaxed place and we call this your safe place or home. It has a feeling of being totally safe, which is something many of us have never felt, ever in our lives and when we find this place it is essential to go there often. I have used this place with my son recently as he was being bullied at school, so it has many uses.

Susanne was open to the experience and what could be done to unlock the need for the need for the binging spell she had herself under. We did my guided meditation to start her off to uncover her hidden habits.

During the Body Wisdom inner meditation, which had the unique purpose of finding the precise feeling she had when she needed to binge eat, and then what it would be like not to actually binge eat at those times.

When we arrived where we needed to be, we discovered together that the feeling was one of a real pain she could now identify in the belly, a long twisted, shaking, chaotic pain that was all screwed up inside her.

We felt the actual pain as if she had been in a situation of being out of control, and got her really familiar with it, so she would recognize it again. We went below the pain and asked it what was beneath it, and we got fear, then rejection, then alone, then finally it disappeared and she felt peaceful. The pain was gone. Leaving a clean, airy and expansive feeling. Her posture changed and she was serene and there was no desire for food to full, numb out or kill the pain.

I get images sometimes and saw her Emotional Eater personality scratching her head, and at a loss of what to do.

This was of no concern as she will soon vanish, leaving my client with the knowledge of how emotions and feeling your bodies language through pain, and seeing it as an indicator and reminder and a warning in your body. Then there is no fear and anxiety or need to suppress the feeling of pain any longer. You can feel the pain rise and fall, as well as fully experience the joy and gratitude as it expands within you, all without the need to attach food to the experience.

She could not believe how simple it had been to do this journey, to find this place that had transformed her perceptions of what she was feeling. We cannot plan, strategize, or use a formula that works for someone else this is a personal journey and the doorway to really seeing yourself for the first time.

Solutions are easier with a guide and someone who has been there and experienced the same path.

So if you know what to do but can’t stay in the action, and those late night extra meals, snacks and binges get in the way.

Or if you obsess and want weight loss but cant stop thinking about food and labelling it as good or bad

Or if you have a dream to look and feel better than you are today, yet the focus is on food and how it is keeping you stuck

I have something for you. If you are ready to dive into a deeper intensive program and commit to change for the long term, and stop using food as being your long standing excuse for not being the person you can be, NOW IS THE TIME!

I will ask you to contact me before the close business on Friday 31st July to sign up to a revolutionary program with me.

I will get back to you and offer you an initial clarity call to gauge your level of commitment.

Here is to your discovering your peaceful place and feeling happy and unstoppable in your own body.


Fiona Robertson.

Your relationship to food and our bodies is the doorway and is reflected in your relationship to EVERYTHING.