How this secret CLAY formula saw me lose 5kg of body fat in 7 days


Whilst I was travelling in 2003 I experienced my first ever detox in Thailand at a renowned detox and healing centre on a tiny island you can only reach by boat. After my wonderful experience, I went on to train in the ancient art of detoxing the tissues and cleansing of the digestive tract that had seen me drop an astonishing 5kg in just a few days.

As I was getting my head around all the facts of my training on what a detox actually does for you, which was all new and so interesting to me I learned a very interesting and remarkable fact.

Along with this training I learned about the power of taking daily enemas to help the toxins being released by the detox and remove the putrid waste as quickly as possible, so as to not get it lodged somewhere else in the body on its exit route via the intestines which would prove dangerous to keep hold of something that should be ejected.

I learned about the true power of fasting and how to conduct that in the best way for each person, to give the body a well earned rest and time to really and fully give your house a spring clean of decades of waste By taking specific ingredients mixed into a shake these act to speed up the detox process by expanding the and sweeping through the digestive track effectively removing old waste from hiding places that would not normally be accessed.

I learned so much and then I discovered something strange that was not advertised, within the shake mixture they were giving us in a big glass 5 times a day was a large amount of non-digestible fiber which was perfect firstly so that body felt full and still not actually getting any fuel to digest and secondly that it provided the fibrous brush that swept through so effectively and thirdly as it acted like a porous sponge for the toxins to be soaked up in and held there until they could exit the body.

The other super powerful ingredient in this shake that I found out did the most work in the detox was a big spoon of CLAY.

For goodness sake really?

I remember thinking and being shocked that I would clog up my entire system by taking clay.

But it was a very well measured amount of clay and a specific sort of very fine volcanic clay called Bentonite Clay that acted like a magnet to make the detox super effective and efficient.

As I continued my studies into detoxing I found that it was not only an ancient healing method using clay, but had been successfully used by a leading healer of his time and he wrote about this and his extensive findings in his educational pages on deep tissue cleansing. Bernard Jenson healed many people for incurable health issues with a detox and the facts and procedures he shared got me to be passionate about cleansing the body and it has stayed as a foundation of much of the work that I do, even as I moved onto the mental aspects of cleaning up the body and mind and re coding them into more effective programming re wiring thoughts when they got stuck in beliefs that damaged no longer served the person.

I continue to educated myself in all aspects of cleansing teachings, bowel and tissue and use clay for many other things around the house too.

Clay has so many benefits yet it is overlooked as it is not just alternative but unknown and for many a bit too WAY OUT there.

Did you know when a person uses it on the skin, it easily removed the grease and grime and has a magical way of cleaning that I still see as remarkable, Bentonite clay has the power to adsorb oils and bacteria. I make a hand soup with clay especially for the boys who get covered in Bike oil and my partner who is often black with car or motor bike oil and petrol. It works like a dream

If clothing gets oil it has the charm to lift off the grease here too.

Why then would we use toxic cleaning products when we could use a natural substance like Clay.

Secondly It can safely be digested.

When Clay ( not just any clay but specifically Bentonite Clay which is best for these purposes ) is Digested the clay attracts to itself large quantities of grease and toxins. It’s working with a magnetic force field as it has the opposing Ions to that of toxic materials so they attract to each other remarkable well and easily.

After all my education and experimenting with myself and friends on the art of detoxing I wrote and put together the Home Detox Box so this kit could be readily available to use at home with a guide and takes you into the detox phase and how to exit the detox phase safely and with the most health benefits.

I myself and my friend s and clients have experienced losing 5kg (10lbs) in 7 days following the detox procedure as it is laid out with precise instructions.

The Home Detox Box has been such a wonderful gift to many over the last 15 years since I produced it and it still helps many because of its simplicity and magic ingredients.

Your body will thank you for years to come once you start to clean away the debris.

Wishing you a clean & healthy body and one that feels lighter and brighter.

Fiona Robertson

The Silent Weight You Carry

What on earth could be causing me to feel this way and react as I do?

I boil it all down to being stressed and I know I turn to food and I know I overeat, but I can’t stop it no matter what diet I have tried I never feel satisfied.

There is a big gaping hole I can’t fill and I keep filling it.

I have willpower sometimes then it goes and gets lost in the stress and living my every day life with family and kids and work Etc..

You know the story, you’ve been there.

So why can’t I do what I say I want to do and just drop a few?

I have dieted for what seems a lifetime since my teens I’ve watched what I ate. I dieted on and off and it felt like it was great for having a break and adding in a few better foods and reducing the so-called bad ones. I like to see a diet as a breakaway and take a holiday from my current reality, but eventually, we all have to go back home and resume the daily grind. And well food is an easy way to fill the emotional gap and push down what we don’t want to deal with. I know for my younger years I was not capable or felt mature enough to see the situation for what it is.

I have also detoxed and stopped all solid food entering my body with a fast for a few days or up to a week to clean the digestion and cells. It felt great to have such a clean body I must say, but I could not live like that although I tried. The call to detox I now see for most of us is to get off the merry-go-round for a while and enable us to see clearly what else around us is toxic and that could be put in the bin or have flushed down the toilet. Including toxic relationships and certain ways of thinking which play havoc on your body, mind, and energy.

It’s a long time now I’ve known it’s not just about the food, that food is only 10% of the whole story when it comes to renewing and creating a new body. The real story is how are you feeling, and coping with past situations, what remains in your cellular memory and how to recognise it when it sneaks back up and in silently because it is always there in the background in the subconscious patiently waiting to be paid attention to.

Any time I altered my food and could not get past the first day, it was purely because the diet or detox was going to bring up an emotional episode I was not ready to deal with. The restriction and withholding of food was only going to take off the lid from the problem I had been pushing down.

I have changed what I ate numerous times, as have you I bet. But I never changed that story that was silently running around in my head and bringing up the need for me to be overly alert, vigilant, attentive, and just waiting for an attack or confrontation. I was living on my nerves. Reading situations, the room, and the people in it all the time, That’s what it is to be vigilant. Unbeknown to me I was reading it all rather accurately due to my ultra-sensitive nature having lived a life around bullies and violence verbal and physical I could read when the atmosphere changed and when to run, or hide. My reptile brain was functioning on high alert. Most of the time I never brought it up into my consciousness to see it clearly in my mind and finally be free of how it was affecting me as I was too young and did not have the specific skills needed at the time.

The book review I was asked to do recently on a friends abusive relationship opened up a can of worms for me.  It is never a coincidence that these things come about when they do. That’s my soul intervening saying now is the time to let go of another level of that old worn out toxic story.

I knew it was there silently stalking me but I was pushing it down and away. I did not give myself time to go there, to pay it respects and hear what that situation had been all about, for me to learn so that I could finally let it go.

A retreat and a time for a detox is a perfect way to bring up the stories from the past as you can’t cover them over any more with the food, drink, keeping super busy, taking pills or whatever your particular addiction is. You get to see them and learn the lesson once and for all. A detox is a perfect way to let that all go too. But doing it alone could be difficult to handle the roller coaster ride and know you are safe to have this experience and know-how to deal with it finally. Better to have an experienced person to guide you through the rising emotions and stories and safely out the other side.

Opening up an old wound or situation that hurt you takes guts, this is not to wallow in self pity or navel gaze for too long or we have just given it more strength to affect us.

If you are ready to accept help and need to create a new reality of your dreams join my next training. This will be one of the most honest impactful experiences you can have and will challenge your current thinking.

This is only for those who are ready. I cannot do this for you or help you unless you are ready and willing to help yourself and have this as a done deal. Move into the body you want and do all the things you long to do as a fit and healthy energetic woman.

Are there any gifts from abusive relationships?


I have changed, I do not recognise this version of myself at all now, thankfully from the timid, abused girl and those 10 years of torment in my life which acted like a wrecking ball on everything I cherished.

I have never until now shared this part of me, or how it developed and made me stronger and yet still has the ability to haunt me.

This week I was gifted when I was asked to give my review on a friend’s new book about the abusive relationship that she has just managed to extract herself from since lockdown.

She is in her mid 50’s like me now, but I was in my early 30’s when I went through this and broke free from a physical, mental and emotional abuser.

I had no way out as all my bridges had been systematically stripped away and burnt down. Carefully calculated and set up to keep me isolated and dependant. I had to lose contact with my family who were 100’s of miles away, and I was so watched over that I was not allowed friends of my own. I was trapped and it had been orchestrated that I had no one to turn to.

Back in the 90’s all I had was the number of a random safe house hidden in the back of my blood donation book just in case it ever got that bad.

It took me years to conger up the courage to leave. I was made to feel extraordinarily small and worthless, allowed no friends of my own, and made to eat so little, called fat and humiliated before we ever went out, I would end up in tears just before any party we went into. I was told to not eat, so that I would be small and sexy like Kylie Monogue. I was not allowed to wear lipstick or the colour pink or anything girly or attractive or ever waste money and shop for clothes. I was constantly accused of having affairs, threatened if I had an affair or left him, I would end up wearing ‘concrete boots’ and end up on the bottom of a canal somewhere and told “anyway who would know, you have no contact with your family and no friends”.

I got a massive 1-carat diamond ring when we got engaged, only to find out later it came into his possession and had been stolen. It was like his symbol of don’t touch this woman, she belongs to me.

He caused endless trouble whenever we visited family and it was just easier in the end not to go, than for me to be the buffer between them. It was exhausting.

I have been pushed downstairs, hit, slapped and kicked and yet still I stayed, maybe because he was so remorseful for a day or so, and I for a moment believed he was going to be as fun and loving as he was when we first met. He always said nobody would ever love me as he did. But then revert to violence, threatening language, real meanness, and controlling emotional blackmail within a few days.

I have strange memories that come up every so often for example of being made to retrieve my jewellery that I had put his safe care, as I lived in a flat and the front door lock was broken. I had to drive at 3 am to retrieve it from the busy street on a very rainy night when I got that call. All just so he could prove a point that he was in control. And yet still, bizarrely I married this man. Why?

These days I cannot imagine who I was or what I felt like I am so different. I just knew walking down the aisle at 22 years old I would divorce him and make him pay, but right now I am too tired and worn down and don’t feel strong enough to undo the shambles I have got myself into or how to stand my ground. The master manipulator had won.

I resorted to food as my only friend, a small token of how I can treat myself in those stolen moments in my car alone after doing the weekly shop with a big bag of salt and vinegar crisps

How did I conger up the courage to leave? 

I remember I prayed for an out, Maybe, he would disappear, or hopefully have an accident and die. But in fact, my prayers were answered when I got a new job. One he could not control or see how strong it would make me, I believe my soul intervened. A job where I started as a PA and grew into one that took me to drive and visit clients all over the UK and I got to meet a lot more people and made real trusted friends, by doing that I found a sense of freedom and even although I was told “You’ll be rubbish! You in sales how ridiculous”. I found the confidence to do this job and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I became extra strong (with fake it until you make it, bravado at first) I was I believe quite frightening, as I took a no prisoners and developed an attitude of not suffering egomaniacs or fools gladly. I turned up the scary don’t mess with me energy to full volume and only as the years went on I have managed to drop the draw bridge and let people I truly feel safe with anywhere near the real me.

I left him by staging a final argument and immediately found a flat and left with the bare essentials. I was stalked and my bank account spied on via his brother. The divorce proceedings were a joke. I fired one lawyer as her letters just made things far worse for me. He and his solicitor were laughed out of court. I was divorced and got my share out of the house, we jointly owned but that I had put the most towards as I was the one working. I cut my losses knowing I was free and could build a new and far better life for myself.

Through this experience, I discovered I could read people and felt what they needed intuitively. I believe I was super sensitive and empathic because of this encounter I had had from living with this man. I had a developed 6th sense about situations, people and places, as do so many women who experience these violent and dangerous situations.

Our senses just have to wake up for us to survive. All of the walking on eggshells and knowing what mood someone was in from their first breath in the morning, meant I reacted to situations in my ultra sensitive ways. I knew better than most when to stay quiet and what people wanted and needed and if they were hiding.

I could feel into people from anywhere and if they would be safe to invite into my space. I used this many times to feel into people I invited into my house when I was a single mother with 2 young boys.

However for decades after I had broken free, I still felt the need to be over vigilant and on high alert in my environment, just in case this person or another similar was in my vicinity and I was vulnerable.

Once, maybe 10 years ago I saw ‘him’ in a supermarket when I was back in the UK. I felt my heart race and catch my breath, with the full shopping basket I had on my left arm as I was on the way to the checkout, found its way quietly to the floor and I turned and pulled up my collar and walked purposefully out if the shop. Sorry for whoever had to replace all that shopping back on the shelves. I could not stay. So I ran. I turned the corner ran to my car, stumbled in, locked the doors and drove as fast as I could away and have never gone back to that area again. I know where he is, he still lives in the same house we bought together in 1987.

Reading an account of another who had broken free from an abusive relationship was so healing and enlightening on so may levels.

For the first time by doing this review I allowed myself to go into detail about things I had never uttered a word to anybody about before. I had kept it all safely hidden under lock and key. Yet it smoldered and stank and became putrid as it wanted to be released. It caused me no end of problems in my relationships with mistrust and over-eating in times of stress.

This opportunity was not a coincidence but another soul intervention to clearly have me let go of what no longer served me, but that I had buried under years of avoidance and overeating.

I have come to believe that abuser and or perpetrator is in fact attracted to the qualities in you that they lack, the confidence you possess and is drawn like a magnet to your inner strength but at the same time frightened because of it, they feel how strong you actually are and could be. It is a far greater strength than theirs and it oozes and radiates out of you.

I believe having had my own as well as assisted women with these same stories, that these abusers feed off the strength of others, like a vampire. Your confidence has to by any means possible be crushed, your will diminished, your ability to be independent and flourish in life removed, and this is what they seek to make themselves feel better and stronger about themselves. They are the weak ones.

There is a great and astonishing gift to read of such a relationship of another having had a similar experience and see it through and unfold as a real gift allowing that woman to have arising out of the ashes like a phoenix from an abusive relationship. It is an opportunity to stand up for yourself. Being in a relationship that is abusive allows you to develop a rare sensitivity to the subtle signs and your senses develop faster than somebody who was not tormented this way, just because of what you experienced in that relationship. That can seem an odd gift but in my experience, it is one that leads to incredible intuition and of trusting your gut instinct, because your body never lies. Your mind will try and keep you safe, and want to make you give in, compliant and small, but your feelings never lie. That very subtle or those not so subtle uncomfortable feelings that are telling you something very important indeed.

This ended up with me being able to be an intuitive body coach. I could hear what people’s souls and bodies were calling for, and why they struggled with conditions that doctor, dietician and other people helping with these strange persistent symptoms could not detect, resolve or dissolve.

Would I change my experience if I could? Hell Yes, of course, but maybe then I would not be so intuitive and sensitive as I am today. My senses would not be so acute without this experience. Maybe then it was a necessary evil that will take us forward into a different sensitive world where our intuition will be of great importance. The intuitive age.

How Do I Get My Appetite Under Control?


My appetite, like a few other things I could mention and for what seems to be the longest time, had been off the rails and seriously out of control.

However, you could find me out at a party or social function and you could be fooled as I would insist and could kid a fair few, that I was happy and pretended everything was just fine.

You would find me spending the whole time however tucking into a bowl of potato chips avoiding any possible confrontation or any uncomfortable chitter-chatter from the other party goers. So who was I kidding?

And then look who seemed to spend more time trying to pull me together and feel more in control before I went out anywhere. …… Duh Me

There is nothing that responds faster than the body to the thoughts and feelings you have.

Your body literally molds itself depending on the energy coming from your thoughts and feelings.

I seem to have spent an extraordinary long time ignoring certain thoughts and especially my feelings.

Trying to catch that string of words that rapidly crossed my mind, that were a mishmash of so many subjects, all rushing across all at once it was like experiencing a storm in my head. I was surprised not to see lightning or hear thunder crashing around me, because inside that was just what it felt like, a frantic storm.

Catching these thoughts then would be a true feet of remarkable genius as well as having to be faster than speedy Gonzales to hear what these thoughts were. Just when I got close enough to feel into those words and give them some a semblance of meaning, or perhaps what it was that I was actually saying to myself. It would slip away.

All I did catch was I felt a strong urge and sense that I would want to run far, far away.

It was a game I had played for some considerable time now with myself, It was my habit of self-sabotage, that insisted I would avoid looking at any of the issues that I was carrying around inside my head. My fears, my concerns, worries or my disbelief that I could have it a different way. I avoided rather well I thought, as well as I became competent at rejecting help and resist all of what could have made me, more conscious of what it was that exactly made me feel so uncomfortable,

If I am completely honest I would never know what I was supposed to do with these thoughts even if I did catch any of them.

Where do I file them?

How do I let them go?

How can I get to be at peace with them?

How much time would It take?

I’m far too busy and so I avoided.

What I did know was that whenever I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings I would frequently turn to food to numb out the pain, to dumb down the noise and frantic overwhelm of these feelings I was experiencing, that made me feel irritated, disjointed, and kind of unhinged.

My food choices were poor as if to match the low quality of my thoughts and I ate too much as if to match the quantity and quality of the thoughts I was having.

I started to carry more than I should, I experienced a heaviness and gained weight even although I was eating the healthiest food on the planet. I was a raw foodie, detox diva, and still put too much on my plate, and as I chomped through it all and tried to break it down, I knew It was still all too much for one girl to handle in a day. I wanted a simpler life.

I had heard “Never eat when you are emotional” But that was far easier said than done.

Then with one serendipitous encounter, I was given a gift of how to have silence and peace in my mind. I learned how to recode my over mental activity and find more peace and quiet. It was an animal communicator who introduced me to a deeper safe and peaceful place in my mind. I had been asking how I could possibly do this and asking for help, then this showed up and slowed me down to be at a safe pace and then and only then I caught sight of my stories, and habitual one-liners I had never noticed before. And I felt able to explore these statements that had become my normal chatter and created my current limited identity and truths and I saw what it was that I was eating at me.

I chose to release whatever I discovered by doing some mind reframing and recoding exercises as well as energy-releasing rituals and took the time to pay attention to what I noticed were my limiting beliefs, and one by one I changed and recoded that story I had been stuck in, and the next and the next and so on in the gentlest ways I knew.  

I could feel where each one had been sitting in my body, sometimes in my heart, other times in my gut and solar plexus, and then other times in my chest or throat and the effect and influence it was having on me physically, the weight of each story and the tangle of twisted netting it was all caught up in.

One by one I released, each one bringing space and a new peace within me. It was a profound and an experience of deep stillness and I confess I had fewer worries about things and people I could not control or change.   My body relaxed and rested, I was exhausted from carrying all that around with me for so long. I noticed the changes on my body at first, I dropped a dress size, then I noticed I was un-phased by other peoples judgment and drama and soon I could easily be more conscious of what I was feeling in my environment and knew if that feeling belonged to me or if it came from another person and I was just feeling their unease. And let that go too.

The feelings came and went flowing in and out as they should without me feeling I needed to hold onto them or own them. I experienced a fuller spectrum of feelings, deeper wider and a higher elated mood for longer and longer. It felt like I was having a love affair with life its self. I was in awe of every experience.

My body was responding better to the thoughts I was having and the mood I was in.

My body reflected my easier going approach to life and as my thinking slowed down from the busy frantic fill my day with nonsense, I had time to be who I always wanted to be. I noticed my shape changed and size altered then the numbers on the scale changed and went down and kept going down. The notches on my belt dropped and I got into clothes at the back of the wardrobe and threw away the ones that I knew I would never ever wear again.

Join in on my recode sessions every week in Women Winning The World with Weight and Self Worth, where we can see clearly and clear one by one which limiting beliefs and resistance you can still have in the background, and that has you overeating because you are being triggered by your thoughts and feelings that make you feel uncomfortable and you feel out of control.

What are you hungry for?


Is that real or fake hunger your’e feeding?

Have you like me battled with food obsessions, diets and then binging and overeating for what seems like your whole life?

From the moment you woke up in your less than heavenly body, food became the thought at the forefront of your mind. Constant questions of what you should eat, what should you avoid, what were you allowed to eat on this or that new diet that you were on.

Over the years food has no doubt become the Bain of your life. It’s taken over so much of your waking day you can feel somewhat like an addict wanting your next fix. Food rules and controls you and it’s not the other way around even although you’ve tried to control food many times it always seems to get the upper hand and hits you slap back right square in the face.

Have you experienced that you have succumbed to foods advances and before you knew it were diving into a bag on rapid movement automatic pilot until the bag was empty. Especially if that food choice was not on your latest diet sheet.

You know what you should be doing or so you thought, but just can’t do it.

When hunger rises up so fast and is so insatiable that nothing seems to satisfy it, that is when you know that there is a deeper meaning to this form of hunger.

Your heavenly body is sending you a message, Rising up from your insides, the soul comes up with a feeling that is impossible to resist the desire that you have to eat something and NOW.

Discovering that I was not actually hungry in the real sense of hunger helped me initially as I began to understand what real hunger felt like and how to distinguish it from other sensations in my gut. The body needs real hunger to release certain specific hormones like Leptin that are only triggered by hunger this hormone then activates the cells to go and seek out and use up the stored energy that the body has put to one side from when we overate. Accessing this was a great discovery and felt very different to the fake hunger I was frequently getting.

The biggest gift was unravelling what I was hungry for behind this fake feeling of hunger, in the sense of learning to listen to my body and not always head to the fridge to cover over that uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing.

You have been taught to avoid pain at all costs and even the slightly uncomfortable feelings such as being sad that you were not picked for the team, or were not invited to the party, got called names, lost the job or even didn’t get the boyfriend or girlfriend you wanted, will leave you feeling something you can’t fathom out or get over quickly, It leaves a mark and affects you and your reaction for years to come.

It’s not your fault that you did not know this, your caregivers were even worse at expressing feelings and so were unable to teach you about the true nature of your feelings and their sensations, and how they showed up in your body. They were a very different generation, one locked into the primary need for survival and raising a family.

This resulted in a gaping hole in your education and in your emotional centre, which has its home in your belly, this is where you have your gut instincts that are basically your feelings, that you can learn to know as your soul and your intuition talking to you.

Your heavenly body and especially your belly area is where you will first experience the sense your emotions as feelings, from the world and people around you. You are no doubt very sensitive and empathic as you know that you are a spirit having a human experience. These feelings that you detect will spiral in and out causing sensations that can feel for the unaware like being out of control. The gnawing deep empty feeling that you thought was hunger can be an uncomfortable jittery sensation. The only way you knew how to quell this rising nauseous feeling was to eat something.

Every time you feel even slightly jittery or don’t know what to do, the only thing that seemed plausible was filling up that vast empty space, so you get to feel something else instead, and numb that unpleasant feeling before it gots any worse.

The hunger you feel deep down in your belly is not for food, you’ve had more than enough already. But it has brilliantly shown you with that churning, gnawing, empty, unstable, wobbly feeling what you really need, want and what you are lacking the most. Your intuition and soul are guiding gently for you to listen to what you need more than food, and I bet you will not be surprised when you discover what it is exactly you were hungry for.

The magic is when you fulfil this need food becomes a non issue and less and less important taking up lass of the mental obsessive space it did.

Are you curious what you are really hungry for?

EXERCISE – The next time you get an attack of the jitters and feel uncomfortable in your body and belly feels empty ask yourself this :-

What would be more fulfilling that food right now?

What is it that would really fulfil me?

Who or what would make me feel safe?

What support do I need right now?

Think back and see what situation made you feel really jittery and uncomfortable? and if you can locate that feeling in your body.

I hope this was helpful and that you can start to distinguish the real from the fake hunger.

Remember you are spirit having a human experience

Spirit having a human experience

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This is most likely why you are battling with feeling heavenly in your earthly body, and it feels like it is misbehaving.

When every day is a struggle and an uphill effort living an earthly physical body that will not comply with your wishes.

You can experience feeling heavy, tired and aging faster than you would like, with aches and pains and persistent symptoms as well as maybe carrying too much heavy weight?

I bet you can remember being excited about becoming a grown up. I personally could not wait to be all grown up and living a full life, doing exciting things, having great experiences, be in tremendous loving romantic relationships, going to a great job that I love and having fun, playing and enjoying all of what life had to offer.

One day I remember I caught sight of myself and could hear myself saying “Who is that?”

I know it’s not the real me I see from the inside. Seriously it is not the body I see or want to feel or who I know I am deep down. I can’t seem to match them all up.

You will know and have heard no doubt that you came here as a spirit to have a human experience.

All beautifully wrapped up in human form, as a reflection of God in flesh and bones with chemicals, hormones and with the needs of a human body, now add in the element of gravity and life’s daily grind.

Being weighed down and dragged back into earthly living with the inbuilt program for survival is what we all experience, thats being human.

How is that working out for you exactly?

There is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and feelings.

You see your heavenly body is reflecting back to you all the seriousness, pain, effort and the heaviness of your perceptions and feelings of your everyday living situations. The daily grind wears us out faster than anything else ever will.  

When did you lose the feeling of ease and joy in your body that spirit wants you to experience?

I was about 12 years old when I felt I needed to change my body as it was not good enough, this divine heavenly creation.

Forgetting entirely that I was soul until a lot later on in my life ( fast forward to about 36 years old when my soul actually rather loudly said “Hello” ) Forgetting that I had chosen to be here at this specific time, to experience being a creator and ascend during this life whilst in a physical body, to simultaneously be divine and human at the same time.

The miracle happens as your soul comes through more and more, the more you trust her the more she trusts you to intuitively guide you. That is a sacred journey to become a spirit in a human body that can heal, feel light and agile and heavenly to be in.

All diets, exercise, healing and bodywork that you’ve done so far are to help you see and remember that you are in a heavenly body experiencing the choice of being a soul first. It’s an inner journey that needs your utmost attention not these external temporary quick fixes. The only way your spirit can communicate with you is via your heavenly body with symptoms that affect you and grab your attention. Your worst fears will be realized just to call you home to be a spirit in a human form.

Take a pause right now and to ask your soul what those physical symptoms could be telling you and drawing your attention to?

Go quiet and sit for 10 minutes daily, listening to just the noise in your ears and watch your breathing all the way in and all the way out.

Breathe all the way down to the core of the earth and through you back up to heaven and back down again, in a never-ending circuit including you in the middle of that connection like a tree standing still receiving the breeze through her branches.

Just watch and notice what you notice. In the quiet, you can ask your question and see what comes in that moment or in the days that follow. Just notice and ask one thing you want to discover.

Messages from your soul are for you to come home and remember you are spirit having a human experience. Your soul is waiting for you to say ‘Hello’ so she can guide you home to experience a beautiful heavenly light agile body.

Fiona Robertson

Soul partnering into your divine human body

Why is my body doing this to me?


Soul messages in physical symptoms

What does your soul really want to say to you?

In 2012 My body felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like I was made of lead, I arranged myself slowly and reached up grabbing my hair into a pony tail, and then pulled my head off the pillow using my hair and rolled over onto my side. I slowly put my feet square on the floor and rose up still lifting my head by my hair. Getting dressed was a challenge as I stood swaying on one leg to put my pants on.

I had been going to the osteopath, then someone else and someone else. They all clicked, stretched and massaged, put electrodes on the muscles but nothing shifted the shooting pains of sciatica in my back or from my neck.

I knew that there is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and feelings. So I had begun to ask myself why I was still struggling and somehow just knew that this symptom was for me to understand the lesson and stop doing or thinking what ever it was that had caused this pain to be created in my body. I made myself a promise to take time to investigate this however long it took. I was a Reiki Master, healer and a coach for 20 years for women with physical symptoms from weight to hormones. I stared with describing the pain to myself, where it was, how it felt in my body and writing it all out as to how it and what ever else restricted my day.

I heard my story of blame I had running in my head about my EX not supporting our 2 boys. I was a single mother, financially struggling and felt compromised. At the same time deep down I knew I was capable to support the boys in every aspect. Yet I held onto old resentment that the father should support them too. And wow did it hurt inside and out.

I took my pen and my journal and wrote out a whole new story. It started ‘How easy our life was. We had a thriving business and lots of fun adventures together.” I never did receive money for their up bringing. I chose not to need it. It had not been possible in a past lifetime to raise my children so I had chosen to be alone this time round and have the best gift ever.

That afternoon after my writing my sciatica eased off. I carried on telling myself the new story and re-coded my mind and body until my personality and my soul believed it too.

If I ever get a twinge of sciatica again, I see where I have complained and ask my soul, “Is this because of the story I was telling?” I get a strong sign that says ‘YES’ and I turn any complaining around fast.

Your soul intervenes and sends messages via your body, she has the power to alter your body in any way she wants until you get the message.

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and YouTube I will be giving tips how to live a lighter spirit life in your physical body.

Why is it so difficult to eat healthily?


“I know what to eat but can’t do it”. I hear her sigh out load.

Why oh why was it so difficult to eat healthily, I have heard myself say all too often.

You see, I’ve replaced my food and junkie habits numerous times over the years, so I know the pain of embarrassment and disappointment when I fail yet again and choose foods that are not on my diet sheet.

To be honest, though, it should be fairly straight-forward to follow a diet sheet or menu card, to eat what’s shown and suggested as the healthy options. To keep to that has been the hardest part ever for me.

I know what to eat but It’s difficult to eat healthily and I just can’t do it, is a cry of so many in my clinic.

Diets are just not enough for some.

In 2-3 cases recently, I would ask my clients to replace this for that, only to have them on a call a few days later and hear them say ‘ It did not work, or I’m just not seeing any results”.

I would think to myself, “Oh, I must have missed something, not explained it well enough or I didn’t tell my client the same things or in the same way.” But, time and time again, that wasn’t it.

I searched for clues, I meditated and looking for an idea and reason for each client as I had with myself as to why it was not working as I know it should and does for 100’S of ladies dropping dress sizes.

It’s like I can ask Alexa or bring in Google to the rescue when I go into Meditation and tune into their bodies and see what code they have running, this is when I see the body recode that needs to take place and how to reset it for each client to get the success they desire and why nothing so far is working as it should.

I have found many people with the same and one particular problem.

They have become heavily invested in FOOD to fix their problems. Food seems to be a way to fix numerous external problems, that should not be food related but keep getting entangled in the mix. This is an eating disorder and recognized now and is very easy to untangle actually.

At the same time, I have just as many who would say to me  “this worked for me perfectly” thanks, or “You hit the nail on the head and saw through my bad habits and triggers to overeat and gave me another clearer solution”

No two people are the same and some need a quick reset and others need an entire new blue print and run a new upgraded program.

It’s not complicated or difficult, it is however different from anything you’ve ever tried before. That I guarantee – Its radical!

Fiona has changed my life already and I love the way she showed me how to start seeing it.

Ingrid. Holland

For the ones that struggle and have tried every solution under the sun to get the results they wanted of dropping dress sizes, I have learned one very important piece of information

When these people can’t follow what I suggest in their own kitchen and the kitchen has become a minefield I see and feel that they are confused and overwhelmed with their beliefs and understanding of nutrition, diets for health, and food has become a huge investment of their time that they seldom have to spare.

Now I have to up the anti.

This is the part I love as I see fast change and old attitudes disappear, but still, this is only part of the bigger solution, they require a different and very specific experience with food. They have their knickers well and truly in a twisted knot and are desperately in need and want to experience Peace With Food.

Fiona pulled it all together for me. What I didn’t realize was she was integrating all of the facets of me.

Only Fiona got to the core of me and unraveled what no one could ever reach in me. That takes love and devotion and patience, such patience.

Elaine L. Canada

Letting go of everything you have ever learned about nutrition for someone who is heavily invested in food can and will turn into such a peaceful experience.

The mind is quiet for the first time in years. The judgments, blame and anger of self and on what and how you eat are a thing of the past and are a big part of what has ruined all of your good work and hard efforts.

You have been marching in the opposite direction of what you wanted for too long now.

I am well on the way to reach the 3rd of my 4 goals.

But whats really marvelous is that I am finally happy with who I am?

That’s a huge success for me. Even If I had not lost these 50lbs already I see that my mind is at peace and all the shitty, snippy negative bits have left the building. I finally have so much less to think and worry about.

Sally. Cambridge

There is a way to fast track this back by discovering Peace with Food and dropping 2 dress sizes in 2 months with a Body Recode.

This is setting into play a brand new blueprint for your cells to follow, the chemicals being released and hard wire the synapse of your mind to respond differently from now on around food. This is Peace with Food in action.

And it is beautiful to watch.

What I thought was unattainable has come home to stay.

I attained Peace with Food and in my Body

Mel. London

When you are ready to experience 2 months of doing things 180° in a different direction do 1 thing….

Take a step in the right direction and ask yourself: who do you want to be in the next phase of your life? How does she walk, talk, dress, and what kind of relationships does she have?

You get to create your New Reality right here and now.

Head over to “Women Winning the World” on Face book and get invited to group experience for a Body Recode session in your first month.

Fiona Robertson

Peace with Food

Body Renewer

Feeding your Soul, Not your Face


If your ‘weighty’ thinking does not change, even if you do lighten up considerably on the flesh. You will sadly retain an overwhelming urge to gain it all back.

It is far less important how or what you eat or how quickly you lose it, and immensely more important how holistically you lose the weight from your mind, emotions, and soul. ALL OF YOU NEEDS TO LOSE THE SAME WEIGHT

Any weight or persistent physical symptom is a clear reflection of your inner state, your vibration and where you are holding onto stuff that is not really you, but you have adopted points of view, beliefs about food, finances and what is possible. This limited thinking will be washed away and so the real you can come through all the way.

Weight that disappears from your body but not from your soul is simply going to return in a month or so.

You know it and I know it.

It is far far more important to lose weight off your mind, emotions and holistically and then your body will join in with the new sleeker streamlined expression of your self-worth. Showing up as a body you can love completely from head to toe.

You cannot look closely at one thing without affecting everything around you. So weight is often a symptom, a message from the soul that it’s time to clear up your way of perceiving situations and the stories you tell.

It can be a deep sacred journey. One step at a time to shift your relationship with yourself in respect of your body, finances, friends and family and see all of this through the eyes of your soul.

Or this can be a shallow one step diet that sees you alter your weight for a month for an occasion only to regain the same weight back and some extra.

Your mind is set at a certain weight and sees you safer at that weight for whatever reason. Are you ready to re wire your mind and see yourself as your soul sees you?

This is conscious weight loss and an intuitive journey to self discovery, A sacred Journey

There will be lessons on a holistic level regarding your weight and body as a divine representative of who you are.

To take the spiritual sacred Journey and FEED YOUR SOUL:

There will be ceremonies and rituals to be part of

There will be emotional needs that need addessing

There will be spiritual elements that have gone ignored

If you are obsessed about healthy food, a binge or compulsive eater these will cease to be important

If you know what to do but cant seem to do it, you will manage with ease

If you see food as the enemy you will perceive food to be your healer

This Sacred Journey sees you surrender the battle with food and find ‘Peace with Yourself and Food’. That’s a deep loving sacred experience to be taken gently just one step at a time.

There is a deep spiritual link between spirituality and your weight loss. and its a beautiful one I guarantee

Weight goes easily and simply allowing you to become more of your soul personality and with a true purpose week after week after week.


Soul Partnering

Diets, detox and deprivation to a sacred divine journey


Since I was a skinny12 years old I was dieting and depriving myself of food, judging food as bad and preparing myself not to get fat, just like I was told to do. Following the examples of other women struggling with their bodies.

Progressing then into my 30’s and 40’s onto detoxing, raw food and veganism I was righteous in my choices and waited for the really joyous healthy me to emerge.  

What I did not know at the time, was that this was all leading me down a path onto a divine sacred journey, to know myself, really, really know myself and allow the real me to shine through, despite some educated and entrenched beliefs and extraordinary judgements about life,

Was it easy? No not always am I happy it turned out this way most certainly Yes.

It’s not your fault.

I too have dieted and detoxed all my days away, obsessing about healthy food and my body image, hating and blaming her for not conforming to my desire to become a body that I could really experience loving living in.

I missed events and experiences and shied away from any real connection in relationships, holding myself on guard just in case I was judged for how I looked and got hurt in the process.

Who was I hurting?

Who was judging?

Who was craving connection?


I was starving my body and soul and did not see at the time that as I was losing weight – from time to time, with all of this doing without and depravation from my body, but I never lost the weighty thoughts from my mind. The idea that I was judged and unloved just built a barrier around myself for protection.

Nor did I lose it from my emotions, who were too immature in the early years to fathom and navigate their depths. My emotions and mind needed to lose their weight before my body could. They needed and wanted attention of the deepest loving kind.

I did not clearly see my soul in all of this until 40 years on, way after I had started dieting in my delicate teenage years when I was using diets as a way to connect with women who I actually wanted care, attention and love from.

I now know that weight that disappears from the body but not from the soul is simply recycling outwardly for a little while and will almost certainly return as it has not been heard as the message it is there to convey.

This self defeating need to diet and drop significant dress sizes will remain a struggle to the end, unless you are willing to drop your thoughts that initially produced the heavy energy you carry around with you everywhere you go in the first place.

There is a powerful lesson with what ever we struggle with, ultimately it will be a sacred journey that saves us that brings us right back to who we really are and meant to be. A beautiful spirit having a human existence. Weather or not you have issues of the Mind, Emotions, Body, Finances or Relationships. It’s all about You.

Everything around you, that you see and experience you have to know is what you have created and is there because of you. Only You.

What you think you create. What you feel attracts more of that to you.

You get to choose now if you want to create a new version of yourself in the mirror reflection of how you think and feel or stay in the struggle for the next 6 months, year or lifetime.

That’s a big ‘Ah Ha’ I hope. And your route now is to chip away at everything that is not the real you, until you can be seen for who you really are, if that’s slim, healthy, rich and in great loving relationships. Divinely loved is a sacred journey.

You get to sculpt yourself from your thoughts and polish away any emotions that are not relevant to the real you and who you can Identity with.

“If your weighty thinking does not change, then even if you lose weight you’ll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back” Marianne Williamson

Taking one step at a time you can learn to shift your relationship with yourself, your body from one of struggle, fear, hate and anger to one of love.

To integrate various parts of yourself in mind, body and spirit to become united and work as a strong team all together again.

That’s the journey a divine sacred journey to resolve the need to use food, reach for pills or booze to numb you out from a potentially wondrous world.

To have peace with food, in your body and to be a peaceful loving person that you were created to be.

Its what we came here for to experience life in a body with exuberance, joy and to love all of the experiences available to us on this beautiful planet with all of its dense cluttered chaotic ridged forces at play on the planets atmosphere, all of the energetic influences that are so hard to cope with and resist but have helped us avoid life as we know it.

The Sacred Journey begins when you say I commit to ‘Ditch The Diet’ and start Living From Your Soul.

To think better thoughts, to feel free with your emotions and discover real love for yourself.

You deserve to live in a body you love, and your body deserves to be treated like a goddess and then you can feed your soul.

Until you see and treat yourself with love your body will reflect the heavy thoughts and feelings that exist inside of you. A perfect mirror to what is going on on the inside of you.

Once you clear the decks and heal the self hate, anger and blame your body will naturally follow. The first step is releasing the heavy weighty thoughts that currently in prison you.

Your soul is asking for a very ‘sacred relationship’ to happen with you. With you being the home and in the chosen vehicle of your soul, to meet her and join together on a very sacred journey.  


Soul Partnering