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Hello and welcome I am Fiona Robertson a Dragon Channel and Reader, an intuitive, psychic medium that hears the whispers of your soul and your conscious business talking to me.

I teach you how to receive guidance for your self with the Dragons as your spirit guides.  And until you can get your own trusted guidance I will feed back to you what I am given, with what I see, hear and feel in energetic frequency. The Silent Language I am given and guided by. 


Dragons reading into your business and feeding back the blocks resistances they see.

What if in 5 minutes you could hear what your business was telling you, discover your resistance and where you hold yourself back?  Are you ready to claim the Dragons power to create your business in the way you know it is meant to be, and be guided towards the outcomes you dream of?

Meditation to meet your Dragon

You have no idea how powerful you are as a dragon led soul.

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Living the Guided Life as directed by the Dragons as your best Ally and friend

Dragon Messages & Way Shower Cards

64 Cards to show you the process and how to navigate your daily life in silpmple steps to reach higher frequencies.

Exclusive training: Manifest With The Dragons 

12 week on line training and weekly mentoring for your business

Business reading of your bigger purpose and why you are here