Use the power of Radiant Energy to align your mind with your body, and watch your body become a body you love in as little as 2 weeks

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Welcome, I am so excited to see you experience this Master Training and be Radiant too.

What an IMPACT you will have when you feel radiant.

Nothing can or will hold you back ever again when you feel that glow of invincibility and you know and feel that you are happy and confident to be fully seen and heard for what you stand for.

In 3 Days Master Training you are about to master the mind of the woman who has it ALL and attract for yourself the Body that matches your outside to your insides.

You are a leader, in business and an expert in your field and YOU want to be on the front page, interviewed and on stage seen and heard in public and even on TED Talks.

But currently YOU hold yourself back, hide yourself away from being fully seen, and all these opportunities slip away again and again.

Maybe you detest that you look somewhat unqualified and nothing like the professional, brilliant, on point woman you know that you are on the inside and you are frustrated because YOU deserve the lime light – so that you can finally attract all that you fantasize about in business as well as in relationships.


Perhaps you have tried and even attempted to change your body and even your mind to feel that level of confidence in your body, so that you could be seen and heard in public in the past – only to meet with the disappointment of NOT achieving your goals.

(hint: feeling that confident does not come when you just lose weight, it comes from knowing that feeling of knowing radiance first… then the weight and body fall into place without the big effort, the big battles and struggles.

It’s not your fault

Absolutely not your fault. You didn’t know about this energetic meraculous way to alter the cellular structure in your body before.

Well, that’s all about to change
– thanks to this game-changing ‘Becoming RADIANT First’ training!

Becoming Radiant First – Unlocking the body’s intelligence to transform you energetically. It’s like getting dressed on the inside before you get dressed on the outside in the most alluring outfit you can imagine wearing.

Radiant ENERGY is VERY DIFFERENT FROM the TRADITIONAL ways to transform how you feel in your body and get the changes in your body and mind that you long to experience.

Somehow you missed the final piece of the puzzle to feeling and being that alluring and an attractive woman in every sense.
This starts and finishes with feeling good and fully Radiant from the inside.

But how can you? when your not happy with looking like you are under qualified to represent being that woman who has all her shit together.

– bent out of shape and don’t have what you deserve yet…….
– stopping yourself from your full potential because you don’t feel that you look the part and your outsides dont match up with your brilliant insides.
– NOT aligned in Mind, Body and Spirit

that is exactly what this 3 day Master training will see you do – match up your outsides with your fabulous insides.

I am going to teach you how to align and match the mindset of the Radiant woman.

What an incredibly different IMPACT you will have when you willing to BE RADIANT FIRST
Your body will align with – your mastered mind and your spirit will flow through you and your cells will change as do the chemicals flowing in your body and bring to you what you now deserve.

You are about to get the inside story and master the mind and energy of the woman who attracts what she radiates to her with ease.
Your body transforms so that you feel confident and are happy to be seen for what you stand for, right up on stage and in the brightest spot light, your business flourishes as a result and you attract exactly what you radiate from inside.

You’ve seen these women – they hold a presence that attracts and glows and impact those who see and hear her. Her radiance makes you want to be by her side, have her look at you, and you feel PRICELESS in her company.

This is ALL yours for the taking.

I’ve been using the power of ‘Becoming Radiant’ to consistently transform my body and mind for the last 5 years with ease, and have seen excellent results using this approach with my clients too. Ladies Dropping 5 Stone, 10 Belt holes easily, and never re gaining the lost weight.


Its NOT all about Food and exercise…. That’s not it….

And now, I’m ready to share these – extremely powerful strategies – with you, and help you make an impact on your self and with your desire to be seen and heard for who you are, attract the audience, opportunities and connections so that you can feel radiant, ooze confidence and be a phenomenal HUGE SUCCESS! 

By the end of this FREE 3-day online training you will be ready to launch yourself into becoming the Radiant woman with so much to offer, and confidently put yourself where you belong on the front page, on stage, in the boardroom and in the bedroom

Become Radiant First’ and let life and opportunities come to you with incredible Ease!

“With a full time business to run, 2 girls under five and being 3 stone heavier that I was when I met my husband. I felt a failure and repulsed at my own body. My love and business were all slipping away fast. I had tried all number of diets to feel good in my body again. I tried many tricks to over come the internal dialogue of self loathing but none of them worked until I felt differently about myself. This was priceless and gave me my life back. I feel sexy, alluring and my body has radically changed in 5 months. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.” Helen M. London


“Doing this training has affected every aspect of my life, not just my ability to stand on stage and present my self and my books, being happy to be seen in my entirety, but my love life and my relationships with my co workers as well as with my family have all changed because I have become the woman I always wanted to be. I feel extraordinarily different on the inside, I no longer criticize myself and I am taller and stronger for it, all in one neat bundle of 5 foot 4 inches who I now love being” Mandy K.


The best bit?

From Monday 4th , Tuesday 5th, and Wednesday 6th November … 12.00 NOON.

You will never be the same again.

Sign in here to get the down loadable first radiant bonus meditation that go with the training. 

I wrapped up all of the goodness and radiance vibe into 3 life-changing video modules. I will deliver them LIVE in my Fiona Robertson Body Renewer Facebook group, so you can ask me any questions as we go along (Please note: the replays will be available until evening of 7th November only!):

This training is for you to make life long energy changes with your mind and your body and can be yours to watch over and over again to get into the radiant energy state for £27.00 available here

INTRODUCING the 3 Energy Training days.



* Step off stage unrecognizable from her previous years leadership conference – not only having dropped 5 dress sizes but feeling priceless inside and out

* Have a photo shoot go far better than she ever imagined to give here the shots needed to promote her business – wearing outfits fit for a cat walk model

* Delivering her latest book tour from stage in front of thousands of her fans in a dress that looked a million dollars but only cost $5.00

* Walk the room with sheer confidence in the exact fitted designer dress that she had visualized all within 2 months

* Speak up on stage and holding her own – as she receives questions for the first time on her award winning invention with the greatest of ease

* Delivering her TED talk oozing confidence and drawing in the crowd with her calm and poise

This, and more can happen when you use the power

of Becoming RADIANT First


Who Is Fiona : The leading body transformation mentor and influencer, looking at you, your body and your mind and your spirit.

I’ve turned around the lives of countless women who wanted to be seen and heard in their area of expertise and all other areas of life.
Like you, these women want to be recognized as the leader in their field.
Like you, these women held back from so many opportunities: presenting your TED Talk, avoided the front page, held back from getting that choice interview. Shying away from appearing on stage, in the spotlight: where you know you belong.

Are you finally, fed up wasting time and money on the things that don’t work?

These women, like you now, chose to transform into the radiant women they, like you, were always meant to be ..
Commanding the attention you deserve and exuding magnetic confidence.

If you believe you deserve better than you’ve got so far, I can help you get it.

Ready to be ‘Radiant’ and see your Body alter and your luck change and attract to you what you seek?

Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer with So Much Love