Welcome to Drop 7lbs in 7 Days

The only guide that enables you to follow this EASY and DOABLE simple menu – that allows you to eat the foods you love and still drop 7lbs in 7 Days.

With F. Robertson

This could be the next best thing to me standing over your shoulder in your kitchen showing you exactly what to eat, and leading you through the most effective fat burning transformations right there by your side.

I’ve created a clear and simple menu plan— just for YOU — because I see you struggling, just as I did. and 5 Videos to keep you on track.

Just follow this clear and simple menu plan with no stress, no hassle, no decision making. I provide a menu of the foods to eat, so you can eat well and enjoy your food and give you the next steps all planned out and done for you over 7 days.

This very plan saw Valerie, Marie, Tamsin and Jenny get to where they wanted to be and each of them being able to easily keep up their new good habits after their initial success, and have all gone on to drop a further 2 more dress sizes and get into clothes they love. And as for Zoe well she is now down a whopping 10 belt holes on her jeans. All without starving or feeling the need to cheat.

If you have not been able to stick to diets in the past, it’s likely because you were hungry and miserable and because you didn’t know how to do this….. Don’t worry.
It is not your fault.
Absolutely not your fault!

So please take a few minutes to read through the plan and go ahead and get started.

After 15 years of running retreats here in France and resetting the metabolism, hormones and chemical culprits that cause women to gain those extra pounds and go up and up in dress sizes. You are in good hands. I have a solution that works that you will not only find easy, but that you will absolutely love, and will see you drop 7lbs in 7 days

Your body is incredible and you deserve to feel ALIVE and filled with so much energy, so that you can have MOST AMOUNT OF FUN in a body that feels fabulous. Your body is, after all, the most valuable place you will ever live. So let’s get you to Feeling Fabulous in 7 Days.

Watch a video each day and I will be with you to assist and motivate you.

You are going to love the food and what happens in 7 Days.

Day 1 of 7lbs in 7 Days

Day 2 of 7lbs in 7 Days

Day 3 of 7lbs in 7 days

Day 4 of 7lbs in 7 Days

Day 5 7lbs in 7 days

Once you have finished the 5 days of the Challenge finish off the last few day and let me know where you are up to and let us all know in the face book group. Women Winning With Weight and have a look at the Challenge How to create your body Out of Thin Air. 5 videos of a Master Class getting you beyond the Food and eating habits. Remember Food and nutrition is only 10% of the whole picture of what makes you up cellularly.

I enjoy hearing from you and I am here to support you.

So much love